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Drink Coffee Without Worrying About Irritating Your Bladder With This Easy Trick


Few things are better than enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Many of us rely on it to wake up, and we crave that boost it gives us to start the day. It’s a guilty pleasure, even if it can have some pretty uncomfortable side effects. One of them is an irritated bladder, which can make the day harder with nonstop trips to the bathroom. But following this easy trick could be the way to relieve bladder irritation from your daily cup of Joe.

Coffee is one of the most common bladder irritants most of us consume every day. Studies show the caffeine can lead to a stronger feeling of needing to pee. On top of that, coffee is also highly acidic, which is a major cause of irritation. That’s why some doctors will recommend giving up coffee if you suffer from bladder pain or frequent urinary tract infections as a means of prevention.

But like we said, coffee is often a non-negotiable when it comes to our morning routines. Instead of giving it up, try drinking water before your cup of coffee to help relieve bladder irritation. You can also continue to drink H20 while you sip your brew, or make sure to get more after you’re done.

This will dilute the effects of the acidity and caffeine in coffee with a substance that’s much less irritating. In fact, water is first on the list of foods that soothe overactive bladders put together by the Urology Specialists of Georgia. It’s no surprise coffee happens to be first on the irritating foods list, either.

How else can you calm an irritated bladder?

If drinking water doesn’t work, there are other ways to help.

Sometimes used as a substitute for coffee, Chamomile tea in particular has anti-inflammatory qualities that could offer relief, particularly for people struggling with UTIs. The urology specialists even list it as a food that actively soothes bladder pain. Peppermint tea can also have the same effect.

For a sweet treat, vanilla ice cream is also on the list of soothing foods, as is honey, oatmeal, and sugar cookies. Staples like corn, quinoa, and oats can also help, according to the specialists.

Fighting an irritated bladder can feel hopeless, as damaging foods are everywhere. But turning to soothing foods could bring you the relief you need — and help you keep your guilty pleasures.

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