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Feel Tired? 6 Ways To Beat Summer Fatigue


Between the stifling heat and the stressful times, it’s no wonder 60 percent of us feel drained of our energy and livelihood. With that in mind, we spoke to a few experts for some advice. Here, they offer easy ways to recharge from head to toe.

Recall happy days.

Most of us experienced a big disconnect between what we expected our summer to be and the reality of what it is, says energy expert Ellen Meredith, explaining that this gulf can leave us drained and disappointed.

To begin recharging, ask yourself, What’s my favorite summer memory? “Focus on how you can give that to yourself in little ways, with five-minute breaks,” she urges. “If you find yourself wishing you were at the beach, watch a video of the ocean or flip through pictures of your last vacation. This gives the emotional part of your brain what it needs in smaller doses, boosting energy.”

Chill your brain.

Mindfulness lifts mental energy by anchoring us in the moment-and taking a cool shower is the summer-friendly way to amplify the benefit.

Turns out, cool water speeds electrical signals in your brain, paving the way for even more blissful mindfulness. Just step out of a refreshing shower, wrap yourself in a soft towel and take a moment to breathe in the scent of, say, your favorite body lotion. As Meredith says, finding simple ways to be present feeds your mind and spirit.

Breathe away fog.

We tend to take shorter, shallower breaths in the summer, owing in large part to heavier, humid air. Not only does this tank our energy, it can also lead to brain fog and irritability.

The soothing fix: “Breathe in for a count of three and exhale for a count of five,” advises Meredith, explaining that the longer breath out soothes our nervous system by “blowing away” energy-sapping stress.

Tap away A/C fatigue.

Going from cold spaces, like the supermarket, into the heat, and vice versa, drains energy as our body struggles to adjust. To rebound fast, “tap the middle of your chest above your breasts, the ‘thymus point,’ for 20 seconds,” says expert Donna Eden.

Stimulating this acupressure point dials up energy, in part, by calming the region of the brain stressed by temperature swings.

Sprinkle on salt.

“Sun and heat drain our batteries,” explains health expert Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. “But mineral-rich sea salt counteracts this effect by calming our nervous system and feeding weary adrenal glands.” Her energy tonic: Add 1⁄4 tsp. of sea salt to four ounces of water, and drink twice a day, to hydrate and restore.

Enjoy an ‘apple bath.’

Soaking in a lukewarm bath before bed preps the body for sleep by triggering a cooling aftereffect. Enhance the aah by adding 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to the water, says Gittleman. “It contains potassium, which soothes muscles, so you fall asleep ache-free.” Another holistic lullaby Rx: “I repeat affirmations, I am peace; I am courage; I am perseverance. You can’t help but wake up hopeful and energized.”

This article originally appeared in our print magazine.

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