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Older Adults Should Take Multivitamins For Immunity, Shorter Time Being Sick, and Less Severe Symptoms

Fight off colds, the flu, and COVID-19.


Right now, we’re all doing our best to stay safe and healthy. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) still sweeping the nation, schools reopening, and flu season just ahead, you may be growing increasingly concerned about your immunity. Luckily, new science tells us that multivitamins for immunity measures to protect yourself and your family.

Recent findings from a new study suggest that for older adults, taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement can not only help you prevent illness, but lessen the severity and duration of illness should you happen to get sick. More specifically, the vitamin C and zinc in these supplements may be the key.

For the study, Oregon State University researchers recruited 42 healthy people aged 55 to 75 and divided them into two groups. One took a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement with zinc and high amounts of vitamin C, the other took a placebo for a total of 12 weeks. The researchers measured the supplement’s effects on specific immune system indicators, like the ability white blood cells have to kill harmful pathogens. Blood levels of zinc and vitamins C and D while taking the supplement were also recorded, since these nutrients are crucial for proper immune function.

Results showed that those taking the multivitamin experienced improved vitamin C and zinc levels in the blood. What’s more, those in the multivitamin group who reported symptoms of illness experienced less severe symptoms than those experienced by the placebo group. Not only that, but their symptoms went away faster!

And perhaps even more impressively, those in the multivitamin group were sick for less time — a lot less. Those taking the supplement averaged around three days of illness, while the placebo group averaged over six. Thats a big difference!

As we get older, many of us become deficient in key vitamins and minerals that help our immune systems function. “Since multiple nutrients support immune function, older adults often benefit from multivitamin and mineral supplements,” said study co-author author Adrian Gombart. “These are readily available, inexpensive, and generally regarded as safe.”

All this being said, you’re probably ready to get your hands on a good multivitamin and mineral supplement. We’ve rounded up a couple of our favorites for you — check them out below!

Vimerson Health Women’s Multivitamin

$19.97, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Supports digestive health
  • Supports heart health and immunity
  • Boosts your brain

This do-it-all multivitamin and mineral supplement from Vimerson Health contains over 100 percent of the daily recommended intake for vitamin C and zinc. Not only that, but it supports good heart and brain function — which are key as we get older!

Alive Once Daily Women’s Ultra-Potency Multivitamin


$13.39, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Made with real food
  • Contains B vitamins that help convert food into energy
  • Low cost

This multi contains a hefty amount of immune-boosting vitamin C and zinc, and it’s also made with real food-based blends of fruits, veggies, and greens! At just under $15 a bottle, can you beat it?

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