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5 Ways to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed and Recharged


Wouldn’t it be great to wake up feeling recharged, sharp, and strong? Luckily, you can with these five ways to feel refreshed, which also might help you age in reverse!

Stay steady on your feet with pool time.

Great news: Simply indulging in a dip in the pool keeps you sure-footed. According to research in the American Journal of Epidemiology, regular swimmers are 33 percent less likely to take a tumble than those who never get in the water. Why? Enjoying a few laps strengthens your core muscles and improves coordination between your arms and legs more so than just walking, and that makes you noticeably steadier on your feet.

Protect your sight with a trip to the market.

Juicy strawberries, crisp bell peppers, sweet corn…simply savoring delicious summer fresh produce from your local farmers market keeps your vision sharp with every bite. Research out of Australia revealed that those who ate more colorful foods were significantly less likely to develop cataracts, the most common cause of age-related visual impairment, than those who ate the least. Vibrantly hued produce is packed with protective antioxidants called carotenoids, plus crucial nutrients like vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene that work together to keep your sight crystal-clear.

Sidestep a menopot by digging into brunch.

To make middle-age spread a thing of the past, make breakfast your biggest meal. Research in Obesity found that folks who did this and ate a lighter dinner shed nearly 18 pounds and three inches from their waists in three months. That’s because metabolism is faster in the morning, helping you torch more calories than you’re able to burn after dinner. Plus, a big breakfast keeps the hunger hormone ghrelin in check so you’re less likely to succumb to snack attacks later on.

Boost memory by singing Jessie’s Girl.

Singing along to your favorite songs keeps your mind sharp. A new study in PLOS ONE found that folks who sang in a choir were better able to switch focus, adapt quickly to new situations and learn from mistakes. Singing requires you to recite lyrics while tuning into the melody as you harmonize, which keeps your mind flexible.

Shield hearing by taking a hike

Stroll through a park or take your beach cruiser for a spin around the block to protect hearing. Moving ups oxygen-rich blood flow to your ears, which helps tiny hair cells in the inner ear translate sounds. And University of Florida scientists say this slows and can even prevent hearing loss that comes with age.

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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