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Cute and Creepy Decorations to Jazz Up Your Halloween Candy Bowl – All for Under $20


As we creep closer to October 31, we’re looking for Halloween candy bowl ideas (preferably for under $20) to delight trick-or-treaters. While fun-sized chocolate bars are obviously the big lure for any costumed kid, it’s nice to add a little something extra when you’re giving out goodies. So stop wondering what to put in a bowl for decoration — we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re repurposing an old, boring bowl this year or just want to pick up something big from the thrift store, there are still ways to get creative. If you’re looking for fun ways to give out candy on Halloween, these creepy, cute Halloween accessories are absolute must-haves! Here are a few spooky items you can add to your candy bowls on the cheap.

Halloween Candy Bowl Hand

zombie hand

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

Imagine the screams of surprise as trick-or-treaters dig into your scary candy bowl only to realize there’s something grabbing them. Halloween is basically zombie season, and speaking of the undead, you could definitely have one of these fake zombie hands popping out from the middle of your Halloween hand bowl, trying to escape from its sugary grave.

Where to Buy It: $9.76, Amazon

Fake Brain

fake brain

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

The Halloween season is all about scares and surprises — and a fistful of brain is certainly all of the above! Cover it with candy and the neighborhood kids will get the shock of a lifetime when they go to grab something sweet. And if you use it outside the candy bowl, it can become the perfect centerpiece for any Halloween feast. 

Where to Buy It: $14.98, Amazon


cobwebs amazon

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

Stocking up on faux spiderwebs is always a smart idea. The Halloween decoration staple can be used throughout the whole house. Throw it over the candy bowl and add a few fake spiders, and your guests just might be too scared to dig in — just maybe!

Where to Buy It: $3.99, Amazon

5. Giant Spider


(Photo Credit: Amazon)

Of course, if you’re going to go the web route, you definitely need an fuzzy arachnid for extra emphasis. This bad boy is a little too big to go inside the candy bowl, but he’s a great prop to lean against the bowl if you plan on leaving candy out for Halloween to save yourself the hassle of running to the door every time someone rings.

Where to Buy It: $7.29, Amazon

6. Glow-in-the-Dark Eye Decals

halloween candy bowls glow in the dark eyes

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

These will stick to glass surfaces, and are good if you’re leaving a candy bowl outside and want to keep an eye (or several) on trick-or-treaters. You can also stick these to the outside of any old bowl you already have and make it Halloween ready in just a few seconds. Now that’s a scary good idea!

Where to Buy It: $6.99, Amazon

7. Googly Eyes

googly eyes

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

Looking for another DIY Halloween craft? Try this: If you have a bowl on the smaller side (and a whole lot of patience), then you can cover it bottom to top with a bunch of googlies. Plus, these also work great if you’re looking for no-carve pumpkin ideas. Who doesn’t love saving money on all types of Halloween decorations?

Where to Buy It: $7.99, Amazon

Creepy Cloth Fabric

halloween candy bowls creepy cloth amazon

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

The thing with cobwebs is that come November 1, you’re going to find yourself with one big Halloween mess. A large piece of creepy fabric can still give all the spooky vibes of a cobweb without the clean-up — and it’s a solid alternative to webs if you feel like mummifying your bowl.

Where to Buy It: $4.51, Amazon

10. Black Crow

crow halloween decorations

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

It just wouldn’t feel right without Halloween crow decorations this time of year. Perch this creepy crow (or is it a raven?) over your scary candy bowl to warn greedy trick-or-treaters to stick to one piece per person. This Halloween bird comes with bendable wires attached to the feet, meaning you can hang it literally anywhere.

Where to Buy It: $9.99, Amazon


halloween decorations fake skull

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

Alternatively, you could have a black bird setting up shop on top of a skull (with the help of a little hot glue). Forgoing that, we’re sure Mr. Bones could stand center stage on his own — no other appendages required. 

Where to Buy It: $12.95, Amazon

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