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5 Grocery Store Flowers That Last the Longest


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, tis the season for adorning your home with the most beautiful flowers. However, there’s nothing worse than surprising your family with a colorful bouquet, only to see it wilted and brown just days after buying it. If you follow this guide, though, you’ll get the most bang for your buck the next time you swing by your grocery store’s flower section.

1. Alstroemeria

Better known as the Peruvian lily, these colorful flowers come in a range of hues including white, red, orange, purple, and green. They’re identifiable by the dark flecks and streaks on their petals.

Alstroemeria in a vase

Getty Images

If you keep them watered (and they’re thirsty little blooms), they’ll last you up to 14 days. Another helpful hint: Alstroemeria leaves will yellow and wilt before the flower fully blooms, so just pluck brown leaves if they bother you. There’s no need to throw away the entire bouquet.

2. Lilies 

A vase full of white lilies looks so clean and elegant, so how do you keep them looking like that? The first step is to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle before placing them in water. Once you’ve settled on a vase and have trimmed the stems, make sure you place them out of direct sunlight.

Lilies in a vase

Getty Images

Pro tip: Make sure you remove pollen buds before they dirty your house and cause annoying allergies. If you follow these simple tricks, then you can expect your lilies to last you at least two weeks.

3. Carnations 

Traditionally worn on Mother’s Day, carnations have a rich history. So whether you like your flowers pink, red, white, or even blue, there’s a carnation for you. And get this — they can last up to three weeks!

Pink Carnations

Getty Images

All you have to do is throw away any leaves or petals that touch the water in the vase. Make sure you also swap in fresh water fairly often.

4. Allium 

These adorable blooms look like colorful dandelions without all the mess. Alliums are drought-tolerant, so don’t feel too guilty if you forget to water them.

Purple Alliums

Getty Images

That said, alliums belong to the same family as garlic, shallots, and onions, so if you’re not sure whether it’s time to change the water, just give it a quick sniff. If it’s smelling a bit ripe like an onion, it’s time to clean out the bowl. With proper care, alliums can last for about three weeks.

5. Chrysanthemums 

The name might be a mouthful, but these distinctive plants will surely get your money’s worth. Look for nice long stems at the grocery store, and be sure to trim a small section every couple of days. 

White Chrysanthemums

Getty Images

How long do these babies last? With proper care, you can enjoy your blossoms for up to four whole weeks! You can’t ask for much more when it comes to the best grocery store flowers.

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