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Magical Time-Lapse Video Shows Plants Dancing While We’re Away


Have you ever seen a time-lapse video of plants growing? It’s truly fascinating, and a transformation we rarely get to see up close. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, you don’t often notice your kids growing little by little or your garden gradually blooming — until one day, you take a minute to catch your breath and are astounded by all the changes you see. Nature’s pretty amazing like that, isn’t it? Taking time to stop and appreciate the tiny changes as they happen can be eye-opening — and if you’re ready to go down a rabbit hole, there are tons of time-lapse videos that will simultaneously soothe you and mesmerize you, strange as it may seem.

Time-Lapse Video of Plants Moving

Plants are constantly moving toward the sun in a process called phototropism. Sunlight provides plants with the energy they need to carry out the crucial chemical reactions that keep them alive — so it totally makes sense that these little green guys would twist, turn, stretch, and bend toward a light source. 

A plant’s movements are so small that you likely won’t be able to notice them unless you sit and stare for a long time — a very, very, very long time. Of course, not many of us have time to sit and watch plants dance. Thankfully, there are time-lapse videos of plants moving that show flowers shimmying and shaking to some imperceptible beat. 

Time-Lapse Video of a Plant Growing 

If watching sped-up footage of plants growing is your thing, the YouTube channel GPhase is for you. Though whoever is running the channel has only uploaded 11 videos so far, it’s nearly impossible to tear your eyes away from the clips that are available. The most popular video GPhase has posted so far is the one above showing a cross-section of soil with a little kidney bean. At first, the bean spouts tiny roots before slowly emerging through the soil. As leaves being to grow, it looks like the kidney bean plant is dancing. “HOLY FRIJOLES!!  [Holy beans]” a user commented on the video. After 25 days, the kidney bean seed has mutated into a towering stalk with bright green leaves — nothing like the small oblong bean from which it came — but you get to watch it all unfold in under five minutes.

Time-Lapse Video of a Flower Blooming 

There’s also footage of beautiful flowers blooming, which is just the pick-me-up you might need on tough days. You won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling while watching.

Time-Lapse Video of Insects 

If you don’t have a weak stomach, GPhase also uploaded a 20-minute video of ants clearing sand from a hole, a spellbinding process that’s been set to peaceful music. (It almost feels like a clip from Planet Earth.) There’s also a video that shows what happens when you leave a piece of bread in water for 16 days. Not surprisingly, it starts to mold — which is impossible to look away from.

The next time you have a minute to browse on YouTube, we seriously recommend watching one of these time-lapse videos. They’re mysteriously soothing, and we’re sure you won’t be able to get enough of them.

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