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Aries and Cancer: Are They a Good Match in Love and Friendship?

Cancer is warm and nurturing, while Aries is bold and independent.


Romance and friendship are two of the most important things in life — so in looking for someone to spend time with, you’ll want to find a person who can match, challenge, and keep up with you. An Aries and a Cancer have the potential to build a long-lasting bond if they keep their astrological compatibility and any potential roadblocks in mind. Whether dating or just friends, keep reading to learn what you need to know to make your bond with a Ram or Crab stronger than ever before. (Click through to read your horoscope for this week.)

All About Aries

Aries, ruled by the planet Mars and represented by the Ram, is the first sign in the zodiac — and one of the most energetic, which makes this individual perfect for those who want to live life on the edge. It’s been said that Aries people — born between March 21st and April 19th — are always looking for a new adventure, which is why they’re often dissatisfied with what they already have. This sign has a good sense of humor and likes to be in charge, both in their love life and elsewhere.

Aries often can’t help but let their emotions run wild, which is difficult for some people to handle. They also hate being bored or stagnant, and prefer to feel constantly busy or like they’re doing something forward-moving and exciting. If an Aries thinks you’re not living your best life, they’ll probably try to help you find your way. These traits can lead to relationships where both parties feel like their needs are taken care of — or they can lead to a relationship in which one person feels bossed or pushed around. Just be assured that if you have an Aries as your friend or partner, you’re going to experience a lot of laughs and passion. (Click through for more on Aries Zodiac Sign Personality Traits and Characteristics and Aries Women: Personality Traits and Characteristics.)

All About Cancer

The astrological sign of Cancer, ruled by the moon, is represented by the Crab, and people born under this sign — between June 21st and July 22nd — are known for their kind-hearted personalities mixed with a tendency to be moody or “crabby” at times. They are loyal and compassionate to those they love, but it takes some time for them to open up and come out of their shell; they have a lot of deep emotions, but will often have trouble expressing them. In relationships, Cancers are usually monogamous and reliable partners. It is important that they have trust in their significant other before committing to anything long-term. Once they do find someone who has earned their trust, however, they make excellent spouses who always put family first. 

In friendships, these gentle souls are very reliable and will help anyone in need without hesitation. Their sensitivity makes them great listeners, too — so if you ever want to vent about your problems to someone who will try their best to understand your perspective, Cancers make an excellent choice. When you’re feeling down or having a tough day, a Cancer will make sure to show up and spend time with you, no matter how busy their schedule might be. (Click through for more on Cancer Zodiac Sign Personality Traits and Characteristics and Cancer Women: Personality Traits & Characteristics.)

Aries and Cancer Compatibility

The Aries-Cancer love match is one of the most intense and endearing of the zodiac sign combos. An Aries man or woman will always be protective of their Cancer partner, while Cancer will lavish their Ram lover with gentle affection. This love match can definitely be hard to navigate at times, for both parties — but if you’re willing to work through the issues that arise, this bond has the potential to last a lifetime.

The Pros of Aries and Cancer

When it comes to romance or friendship, there’s nothing better than having an Aries on your side. This fire sign will cheer you up whenever life gets tough, whether that means taking you out for a much-needed drink or patting your back while you cry. Plus, they’ll never judge you or tell other people about your secrets — Aries understands how sensitive Cancer can be, because they are secretly, deep down, incredibly sensitive themselves. Even if you simply need to go shopping and don’t want to walk around on your own, Aries will be happy to keep you company — just make sure you confirm they have time in advance.

Likewise, Cancer men and women are intuitive, introverted, and emotional water signs who will always come to their friends’ aid when needed. Cancer is extra empathetic and nurturing, making them a great listener for Aries; and, in return, Aries loves to offer encouragement to Cancers who need it. These two signs have very different strengths, but that can enhance their connection. They complement one another by balancing out any shortcomings.

Yin and Yang

Aries are naturally passionate people. They love being in charge of their own life, making their own choices, and living for themselves. Cancers, in turn, make a great partner for an Aries because they are willing to let them take charge as much as they want; and when it comes time to show affection or be vulnerable, Cancers are there with open arms. That’s their forte!

Aries is a lot more outspoken than Cancer, and can often provide a healthy dose of logic to Cancer’s dramatic moods; Cancer, for their part, provide a more thoughtful approach to Aries’ reckless way of thinking. These two are both cardinal signs — the four cardinal signs mark the beginning of each season, and are often referred to as the leaders or trendsetters of the zodiac (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). Because Aries and Cancer are both content to lead, they are likely to have significant passion for each other, as well as sexual compatibility. Cancer’s sensitivity to touch is a perfect match for Aries’ love of all things physical. Plus, Cancers are turned on by adventure, and no one loves adventure like an Aries.

Aries and Cancer: Problem Areas

Aries and Cancer are an unlikely match in some senses. They can be soulmates, of course — any signs can — but they will have to wade through a lot of differences in order to make a romantic relationship work seamlessly. Here are a few problem areas between the two to look out for. 


Aries and Cancer may have very different ways of expressing themselves. Aries is a direct communicator who will tell you how they feel in a blunt and honest way. On the other hand, Cancer is more on the nuanced emotional side, often conveying their feelings through subtleties like body language or tone of voice. However, if an Aries gets to know them well enough, Cancer should be comfortable enough to share their thoughts.

Core values

Aries is all about independence, while Cancer is all about family and the comforts of home. These two values may butt heads, at times. Aries are impulsive and action-oriented, which can be fun for those Cancers who are willing to partake in spontaneous adventures… but not so much for those who value stability and calm (and most Cancers do).

Written in the Stars

Cancerians are the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs, which means the temperamental Aries will have to learn how to be gentle with this tender soul. But when things are working well and the communication between these two is kind and clear, there can be a lot of love and spark. Cancer is warm and nurturing, whereas Aries is bold and independent. These traits can complement each other perfectly and make them one of the best combinations out there. Whether you’re looking for love or friendship, Aries and Cancer make a dynamic duo.

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