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Scorpio and Aries Compatibility: Are They a Good Match in Love and Friendship?

Water and fire make a whole lot of steam, and this team is no exception.


Your daily horoscope can tell you a lot of things, but understanding the full scope of your astrological sign can help you find your soulmate. For a Scorpio, this clarity is important. That’s because, without the tools to navigate it, a Scorpio relationship can be an emotional highwire act. Libra, Taurus, and Aquarius, especially, may find it difficult to connect with Scorpio. But love compatibility is about more than just your sun sign. To really find your Scorpio love match, you’ll need to look to your Venus sign, as this is the ruler of all things love.

There are many ways that zodiac signs help us interpret the world. For everyone from stubborn Capricorns to dreamy Pisces, zodiac signs help us identify and understand our emotional needs, make up, and personality traits. They can even establish common ground between people who would typically clash. 

If you’re a Scorpio woman or an Aries trying to determine whether an Aries-Scorpio relationship is a good idea, read on for insights into the Ram’s compatibility with the mighty Scorpion. (Click through to read your horoscope for this week.)

The Signs at a Glance

Before assessing the compatibility of two different signs, it’s best to understand each sign individually. Knowing what drives them, how they perceive the world, and what long-term hopes and dreams they have for themselves provides a framework for identifying the intersection of traits and features within a relationship — whether that’s sexual compatibility, friendship, or a love-relationship pairing. 

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

What’s better for balancing the intensity of a fire sign (like Aries) than an intuitive and calculating water sign (like Scorpio)? While Scorpios, because of their passion and confidence, are often mistaken for fire signs, they’re much more subtle than brash and bold Aries. After all, water signs are known for being extremely intuitive, emotional, and creative. It’s these qualities that equip them with a deep understanding of those around them. It’s also why many people believe water signs are psychic. Scorpios use this intuition as a tool, and while Aries may be quick to throw a punch, steadfast and patient Scorpio waits for the precise moment to strike and snag their prey. Scorpios are wildly ambitious and strive for control, but are also known for their ability to build long-lasting friendships and communities. 

When it comes to ruling planets, Scorpio is neither in direct opposition nor direct parallel to Aries. The ruling planet of Pluto gives Scorpio their well-known capacity for destruction, but it’s balanced with the ability to transform, grow, and adapt to changing circumstances. (Click through for more on Scorpio Personality Traits and Characteristics and Scorpio Women: Personality Traits & Characteristics.)

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries is a fire sign, and friends and family members of an Aries woman know why. Fire signs are associated with passion and daring, and they never back down from a challenge. At their best, fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are creative, fearless, and inspiring. At their worst, they are short-tempered, impulsive, and overly competitive. That’s why fire signs must strive for balance and grounding in their relationships with others. This sign is ruled by the planet Mars, named after the Roman God of War, which makes sense because Aries is always the first in battle. (They’re first in the zodiac, too!)

Aries signs are a force to be reckoned with, which is why it should come as no surprise that they’re represented by the sign of the ram. Never one to shy away from challenges, they tend to “jump first and ask questions later.” This is why Aries make excellent leaders: they take charge, make things happen, and inspire others to follow suit. Where they can get bogged down, however, is in the details. Aries is bold and exciting, but must be careful when making decisions that affect others. That said, an Aries is sure to bring joy, optimism, and adventure to your life. (Click through for more on Aries Zodiac Sign Personality Traits and Characteristics and Aries Women: Personality Traits and Characteristics.)

What makes Aries and Scorpio great friends?

Both Aries and Scorpio signs can be intense, but their intensity manifests in different ways. While Aries are the first to jump in the deep end, Scorpios analyze and understand their surroundings before making a move. This can make for a very successful partnership, whether personal or professional. It’s also important to note that Scorpios make for incredibly loyal and reliable friends. Their ability to understand and easily empathize with emotions beyond their own allows them to fully connect with others and develop a strong inner circle. Aries signs, for their part, often mask their sensitive side. Scorpio can pierce that surface to connect with Aries on a deeper level. As in all things, it’s about communication. Because both signs are driven by ambition and power, they can sometimes be competitive with each other. But when they work together, they achieve remarkable things.

What makes Aries and Scorpio great partners?

In a love relationship, communication is vitally important for Aries and Scorpio. When an Aries feels like they’re being criticized or not being heard, they can become temperamental and defensive. This can be especially intense for Scorpio partners, who are in tune with peoples’ feelings. By establishing communication expectations and checking in regularly, however, the disconnect between the two signs can be avoided, and harmony and balance can be sustained. It’s also important for this romantic duo to focus on their allyship rather than their competition. Both are competitive, ambitious, and driven — but they pursue their goals in different ways, which makes collaboration effective. That said, a little friendly competition between the two inspires them both to be better and creates even more remarkable outcomes.

Another reason this can be a successful romantic pairing is sex. Aries are fiery and passionate and not afraid to be bold. They can also be playful and creative, which makes sex fun and a little different every time — and this is something Scorpios need. Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios are the ones most associated with sex. Each sign is ruled by a specific body part. In the case of Aries, it’s the head. In the case of Scorpio, it’s the genital area. Between the two, intimacy is sure to be powerful, exciting, and unique — though there will need to be trade-off in who gets to be in charge.

Scorpios aren’t just alluring because they have so much brewing below the surface. They use sexual intimacy and eroticism to further deepen their emotional connections and to better understand their partners. Sex isn’t all about the physical for a Scorpio. Rather, it’s another way to deepen connections and create lifelong relationships where both parties are truly understood. While Scorpio and Aries may both struggle with ceding domination, they’re a true power couple. Both are bold and intense, and their methods for achieving their goals are complementary. Still, making this relationship work requires ground rules, balance, and a willingness to compromise. Challenging for both, certainly — but worth it for the dreams that can be realized when Aries and Scorpio team up in life and in love.

A Match Made in the Heavens

There are so many different ways we can make sense of the world around us, and the zodiac is just one of them. When we interact with our zodiac or birth charts, exploring our sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, ruling planet, and more, we can more intentionally forge relationships and better understand our place in time and space. The zodiac is especially useful for creating and sustaining compatibility within relationships, both with friends and with lovers. And one duo to keep in consideration when it comes to compatibility and intersecting interests and needs is the Scorpio and Aries combination. Water and fire make a whole lot of steam, and this team is no exception. They’re bold, powerful, and incredibly ambitious. When these two come together and work in tandem, there’s just no stopping them.

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