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Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility: Are They a Good Match in Love and Friendship?

No one understands Capricorn’s ambition­ — or fear of failure — better than a fellow Cap.


When the time comes to make the next big decision in love and life, it’s a smart move to turn to the stars. Your innate personality and traits can often be explained by your placement in the zodiac calendar, and finding compatible friends and partners is one of the best ways you can use the zodiac to your advantage. The more we learn about astrology and the more frequently we read our daily horoscopes, the more easily we can create deeper connections, communicate efficiently, and build lives that meet our needs. It can even be useful to look at the romantic or platonic dynamic between a sign and itself. Today, we’ll delve into Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility. 

Capricorn at a Glance (December 22 to January 19)

Many factors go into a consideration of your birth chart. Understanding how these different features go together to create a unique person can be incredibly helpful in developing soulmate relationships that really last. Of course, it all starts with taking a closer look at an individual zodiac sign, especially when you’re exploring the zodiac compatibility of a sign with itself. Here’s what you can expect to find when you get to know a Capricorn. 

Traits and Characteristics

With Capricorn, it’s all about time. They’re ruled by the planet of Saturn, which is known as the task-enforcing planet, and most associated with rules, responsibility, and, of course, time. That’s because Capricorn is ambitious in a way you’ve never seen before, and they value hard work. They’ve got a plan for how their life will turn out, and they’re going to meet the goals they’ve set out for themselves every step of the way. If you notice a Capricorn gets nervous around their birthday, or if a project or step gets delayed, there’s a reason for it. They don’t like getting set back from achieving their plans, and they’re definitely not the type to slow down or back off when the going gets tough. For Capricorn, there’s a lot of life to live and many things to accomplish — and truthfully, if anyone could beat the universe’s clock, it’s this ambitious and capable sign.

Capricorns can be a little intense, there’s no doubt about that, but they tend to mellow out and release a little of their ever-present tension as they get older. In fact, it’s said that the Capricorn zodiac sign actually ages backward, becoming more fun and youthful with each new decade. In part, this has to do with the achievement of the goals they set out for themselves earlier on. When they feel like their life is on track, they tend to release some of the tension in their jaw. It’s partially because Capricorn is represented by the Sea Goat symbol and the Devil card in Tarot: They may not show this side of themselves to everyone, but Capricorns can be a little mischievous. They like to get into some shenanigans when things are going well. You’ll never quite know what a Capricorn is up to next. 


One of the reasons that Capricorn is so determined to see things through is because it’s an earth sign, along with Taurus and Virgo. In fact, Capricorn is the last earth sign in the zodiac calendar, and it fully embraces this element throughout its life. Earth signs are closely associated with the material world. Sure, they have both feet on solid ground, but they also have a deeper need for financial stability and security than some other signs. They also embrace and appreciate the senses and what the world around them has to offer when it comes to scents, tastes, and sensations. You always want to ask a Capricorn for a restaurant recommendation. 

One of the personality traits that earth signs are particularly known for is their reliability. They make for great friends because they don’t just accept a challenge; they embrace it. Because of that, they’re always the ones you can call when you’re in need of a helping hand. Of course, it’s important to balance out some of the intensity and stability of the earth signs with fun and spontaneity, but there’s no doubt that Capricorn and the others are guaranteed friends for life. 


One feature that sets Capricorn apart from the other earth signs is modality. There are three different modalities, each with one sign from every element in the calendar. The cardinal signs, which include Capricorn and Aries, are found at the beginning of each new season. Fixed signs, including Leo and Aquarius, are found in the middle of the seasons, and mutable signs, like Gemini and Pisces, are at the end of the seasons. Cardinal signs are at the beginning for a reason: They’re leaders. Capricorn may be a hard worker (and, at times, a workaholic), but much of that has to do with this sign realizing its creative vision and bringing its ideas to life. In fact, like the other signs with a cardinal modality, Capricorn loves coming up with new ideas. After all, for a Capricorn, life is about possibilities, and they just want to achieve absolutely everything they can in the time that has been allotted to them.

People who fall under this modality are known for their leadership skills, which is why it’s not uncommon to find Capricorn as the head of a company or starting their own. However, if you are taking on that leadership role, it’s important to remember that not everyone wants to work as hard as you do. When Capricorn uses their ambition for good, rather than pushing people away, even they can be surprised by what can be accomplished. 

Capricorn and Capricorn in Friendship 

Capricorns can definitely get tunnel vision at times, and they may be a little hard to connect to when they set their mind to a task — so how well do they get along with others? The truth of the matter is that a Capricorn and Capricorn friendship can be pretty unstoppable. In fact, this is a power duo that is sure to dominate the office from day one and use a little healthy competition to stay inspired and engaged along the journey.

On their best days, these friends can keep each other excited about the possibilities when they get together. No one understands Capricorn’s ambition­ — or fear of failure — better than a fellow Capricorn, and there’s more ability to let loose around someone just like them. In fact, this sign doesn’t need to open its mouth to get through to another Capricorn, since they’re so in sync when they’re together. 

All that said, Capricorn is really competitive. It’s just in their nature. They like to be the leader and the boss, and a little part of them (okay, maybe not so little) wants to be the one to come out ahead. That can spell trouble when competing against another Capricorn who isn’t afraid of a challenge. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, but it’s important for Capricorn to keep it light. A friendship like this one isn’t worth losing, just for a spot on the top. 

Capricorn and Capricorn in Love 

The same qualities that make a two-Cap friendship work will carry over into a romantic Capricorn-Capricorn relationship as well. This love match can really benefit from each other. One thing Capricorns deeply value is stability and security (that’s an earth sign for you!); they spend most of their lives building something that will last, which can be great for starting a family, growing a business, or building a home. There’s no denying that a Capricorn and Capricorn romance is designed for the long haul. 

While these two thrive easily in a friendship, relationships tend to require a little more tenderness — which is not always Cap’s strong suit. Capricorn often comes off as cold or emotionally stingy, even though deep down they’ve got a heart of gold. Therefore, both Sea Goats in a romance with each other will need to learn to be patient and give each other space, time, and plenty of nurturing. While Capricorns are hard workers who often demand instant results, they must learn that this isn’t how things work in a relationship; it’s preferable to give your lover the benefit of the doubt than to rush, push, or criticize them too harshly. 

Potential Problem Areas

In addition to a little competition, there is one thing that this romantic pairing will want to pay close attention to: who is in charge. Capricorn loves being in charge, which can make for hairy situations when they’re in a relationship with another Capricorn. That can lead to some butting of heads, and you might just find yourself tangled in the horns of your fellow Sea Goat. When creating a life in a Capricorn couple, it’s important to set out the rules, boundaries, and expectations early on, so you both feel heard, respected, and supported in the family.

Another possible problem is Capricorn’s sexual compatibility. Capricorn errs on the side of rational, which means the sex life between two Capricorn signs may be too logical and practical to get the job done, even though they’re likely to have strong libidos. In fact, this is the one arena where that take-charge attitude for Capricorn partners might falter. That said, with a little openness, communication, and vulernability — not easy for a Capricorn, but worth it — you might find yourself doing something pretty amazing. That’s true in sex, romance, and the life you build together.

Capricorn-Capricorn: In Conclusion

There are many lessons to be found in our birth charts and horoscopes, from who we were the moment we were born to how we communicate with others in the present day. Each star sign has features, characteristics, and traits that color how that person sees the world and influences how they develop long-lasting friendships and romantic relationships. This can be especially true regarding relationships between two of the same signs — as they tend to bring out the very worst and the very best in one another. Just look at Capricorn-Capricorn compatibility: This duo is ambitious, driven, and innovative, which can lead to some disagreements but also a potentially wonderful, comfortable life they’re sure to love. Just remember that a little self-awareness, patience, and honesty can go a long way toward forging those deeper, life-long connections.

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