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The 2024 Full Moon in Leo Horoscope: What’s in Store for You Come January 25

Heads up: This shift could effect your emotions!

With a whole new year now in full swing, it could feel like you’re finally beginning to build momentum toward an aspiration close to your heart. And if you haven’t, the next big lunar event, the 2024 Wolf Moon (aka the full moon in Leo), is bound to offer a surge of fiery energy that can make it possible to get in touch with what you truly want in your heart of hearts — and make that known. 

On Thursday, January 25 at 12:54 p.m. EST/9:54 a.m. PT, this romantic, self-expressive full moon falls in Leo, the fixed fire sign ruled by the sun, which, in astrology, oversees self-image, confidence and identity. The 2024 full moon in Leo can motivate you to tune into your desires and dreams and pinpoint what sets you apart and own those traits — loudly and proudly. It’s a moment in which you could be compelled to speak your truth and, in turn, feel even comfier and more centered in your own skin. Because the moon forms an activating angle to buoyant Jupiter, the planet of fortune, your optimism could soar!

What is a full moon?

Full moons occur once — less frequently, twice — a month when the moon and the sun sit directly opposite one another in the sky and in the zodiac. That’s why the sun’s vibrant light reflects off of the moon, causing it to be so breathtakingly luminous. The night sky becomes brighter than it is any other time in the lunar cycle. For that reason, astrologically-speaking, it is a time during which our feelings are illuminated and spotlit. And as the sun opposite moon dynamic also mirrors an amplified focus on partnerships, full moons are made for reflecting — and taking action — on relationship matters. You can take advantage of this energy for four days before and after the event occurs.  

In astrology, the moon rules our emotions, intuition, nurturing style and when it’s full, all of those aspects of our inner life are heightened. You could feel extra sensitive, empathic, fired up or even lethargic if an emotional situation has become just plain exhausting. Full moons also present the chance to see how far you’ve come since planting seeds during the new moon that occurred either two weeks or six months prior.

What is the full moon in Leo?

January’s full Wolf Moon in Leo invites you to take the stage to share your most passionate emotions. Associated with the fifth house of romance and self-expression, this is a lunar event that fuels playfulness, creativity, spontaneity and all of the feelings associated with listening to — and following — your heart. It’s a chance to be true to yourself by leaning into and then roaring about whatever is lighting your inner fire. 

The 2024 full moon in Leo benefits your relationships

The full moon occurs at 5 degrees of Leo, while Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, sits at 6 degrees of fellow fixed sign Taurus, meaning that the two connect in an activating square. Because the moon oversees emotions and Jupiter has a magnifying effect, you could be tempted to be a bit over-the-top in terms of how you’re expressing yourself and taking action around this full moon. There could be a tendency to bite off more than you can chew or exaggerate how you feel, but in general, this meet-up activates a huge wave of optimism and upbeat energy that is perfect for connecting with others and making the most of your creative impulses (think hitting pause on work to meet up with loved ones or friends or diving into an artistic endeavor). 

The 2024 full moon in Leo boosts your luck and energy

Just after the moon squares off against Jupiter, so will the sun, which adds even more fuel to that exuberant but perhaps overconfident energy of the moment. You’re more likely to have a glass-half-full perspective, but at the same time, you’ll do well to slow down and make sure all your ducks are in a row before moving full speed ahead. 

At the same time, Mercury, the planet of communication, will be nearing a conjunction with Mars, the planet of action, in industrious Capricorn which is exact on Saturday, January 27. When these two planets come together, we’re all more apt to want to take speedier action on our thoughts and ideas. You may even feel like striking up a feisty conversation or debate. Channel this energy into a brainstorm or productive, fiery conversation with a friend, co-worker or loved one, and you’ll be on your way to blazing thrilling new trails.

Here, how the Leo full moon will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)

Full moon in Leo 2024 for Aries

sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The full moon activates your romance and self-expression zone, which compels you to present passion projects to your nearest and dearest. And with the moon squaring lucky Jupiter in your money sector, what you dream up now could also lead to a new form of cash flow.

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Taurus

sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With the full moon falling in your home zone, you’ll do well to think about — and share — whatever it is you need to feel more centered in relationships with loved ones. With the lunar event highlighting Jupiter in your sign, standing strong in your sense of self as you navigate dynamics with loved ones is even more important than usual now.

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Gemini

sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This full moon illuminates your communication zone, which makes it a time period that’s full of buzzy, social, high mental energy, which you tend to thrive on. Still, it could be a little too much right now — even for you! With Jupiter in your spirituality zone, consider prioritizing solo time and self-care to allow yourself time to recharge.

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Cancer

sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With the full moon in your money zone, you could be crossing the finish line on a moneymaking endeavor while also gaining clarity on how you want your work to better align with your values. With Jupiter in your group sector, voicing your needs to co-workers or friends sets the stage for even more success.

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Leo

sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The full moon falls in your sign, making this one of the most emotionally intense moments of the year for you, Leo. You’ll be feeling even more passionate than usual about chasing your dreams and making your mark. And with Jupiter in your public image zone, others can’t help but take note and applaud your efforts.

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Virgo

sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The full moon highlights your spirituality zone, amplifying your desire to lean into imaginative, meditative pursuits. You might do well to retreat from lots of social interaction, even briefly, in order to spend more time on deep breathing, journaling or spending time in nature. With Jupiter in your higher learning zone now, caring for your mental well-being can lead to personal growth.

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Libra

sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

Falling in your groups sector, this full moon encourages you to reflect on the dynamics within existing team projects and platonic relationships. Though you’re craving connection, you’ll do well to make sure you’re bringing your time, energy and skills to a table where you feel seen and acknowledged. With Jupiter in your joint resources zone, this may also be a valuable moment for reviewing financial goals you share with a loved one.

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Scorpio

Scorpio (full moon in leo 2024)
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With the full moon in your career zone, you could feel prepared to take the reins on a big-picture project or make a presentation that’s sure to earn glowing reviews from higher-ups. With Jupiter in your partnership sector now, your one-on-one relationships come into focus. Consider which bonds are energizing and supporting your aspirations and which might be draining you.

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Sagittarius

Sagittarius (full moon in leo 2024)
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This full moon activates your adventure sector, which can have you feeling even more eager to spread your wings and get out of your usual mundane routine in order to broaden your horizons. This could translate to a literal trip or simply a learning opportunity that satiates your need to soak up knowledge. And with Jupiter in your routine zone, you could have an epiphany around nurturing your wanderlust on a daily basis (think learning a different language via an app). 

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Capricorn

Capricorn (full moon in leo 2024)
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The full moon lights up your emotional bonds sector, making this a moment for sharing deep-seated feelings with someone special. Though being so vulnerable can be intimidating, you’ll find you’re actually quite empowered now by speaking from the heart. And thanks to Jupiter in your self-expression zone, you can easily move from having a heavy emotional chat to enjoying a more lighthearted, magical experience with a loved one.

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Aquarius

Aquarius (full moon in leo 2024)
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With this full moon illuminating your partnership zone, you can’t help but reflect on your one-on-one relationships and goals you share with a dear friend, loved one, or colleague. If something simply isn’t working anymore, it’s time to clear the air. And if you want to make an effort to heal an ongoing emotional issue with a family member, know that with Jupiter in your home zone, you have luck on your side!

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Full moon in Leo 2024 for Pisces

Pisces (full moon in leo 2024)
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The full moon falls in your wellness sector, so you can anticipate potentially having a breakthrough related to how you’re caring for yourself physically as well as mentally and emotionally on a day-to-day basis. If you’re not quite sure how to proceed, bounce ideas off of friends, as Jupiter in your communication zone supports information-gathering and trading notes with others. 

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