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What’s Your Moon Sign? Here’s How To Find Out (And What It Means)

Your moon sign represents your inner-life and emotions.


Many beginning astrologists look to their sun sign as the key component of their birth chart. But when it comes to horoscopes, zodiac signs, and astrology, in general, the sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg. Numerous factors are considered when reading a natal chart, from the houses each planet falls within to the signs that make up one’s Big Three: the sun sign, the moon sign, and the rising sign. Understanding how these different signs work together and interact provides insight into our personalities, how we communicate, and what our futures hold. 

Read on for a moon sign explainer — including what they mean and how to read them. 

Moon Signs at a Glance

The more you understand your birth chart, the better sense you’ll be able to make of yourself and the world around you. Here’s a closer look at moon signs and how to figure yours out for a more accurate astrology reading. 

How do I find my moon sign?

Each planet in your chart is ruled by one of the twelve zodiac signs. (Typically, sun signs are the aspect of astrology with which people are most familiar.) But while sun signs are determined by birthdays (the literal date), moon signs are more specific. Your moon sign is related to the moon’s location at the exact time of your birth, right down to the minute. The best way to determine your moon sign is to look at your natal chart and use a calculator or app to determine the moon sign that aligns with your birth time (if you know it!).

What does my moon sign mean?

People think of sun signs when referring to horoscopes because they tend to be the boldest representation of your outward identity and recognizable features. But moon signs are just as important. The moon controls feelings and emotions, and changes in moon sign behavior are often associated with your emotional and softer sides — the parts of yourself you don’t always show the world. Beyond emotions, the moon sign also represents the things you long for and the things you fear. As such, it provides essential information about what drives your search for fulfillment.

Moon Signs Explained

As with sun signs, each moon sign has unique traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Taken together, these provide insights on the self — including dreams, desires, and how others perceive you. Here’s a closer look at individual moon signs and their meaning.

Aries Moon Sign (Fire Sign)

Aries is a fire sign for a reason. Those with Aries in their moon are driven by the promise of excitement, and they aren’t afraid of a challenge. They tend to be impulsive, self-reliant, and responsive, and often like to jump into things with both feet before determining if it’s worth the plunge. People with an Aries moon are warriors and fiercely protective of those they love. 

Taurus Moon Sign (Earth Sign)

Individuals with a Taurus moon appreciate stability and comfort — this sign loves the finer things in life. They respond to changes in routine by searching for structure, and they tend to reject anything that might challenge the soft and lovely life they’ve built for themselves — and have earned! One of the best ways to appeal to a Taurus is to share gifts and goodies with them and avoid pushing them toward things they don’t want. It’s important for Tauruses to embrace calm rather than worrying about what might come next.

Gemini Moon Sign (Air Sign)

Gemini is represented by the twins, which is why those with Gemini moon signs often feel as though they live double lives. It’s also why it’s difficult for friends and family to get to know them. Adaptable, communicative, and always the life of the party, they love seeking the next adventure, whether that’s a flirty stranger or a last-minute flight. However, a closer examination of their emotions reveals tumult behind the fun. Those with a Gemini moon sign require a solid  partner and a clear forward path.

Cancer Moon Sign (Water Sign)

By contrast, individuals with their moon in Cancer are all too aware of their emotions. Cancers like to be cared for — which is why they love to care for others — and they thrive when their emotions are heard and understood. Cancers can be very sensitive, sometimes too sensitive, which can lead to misunderstandings or even self-pity. But when a Cancer finds the perfect balance, they make for a wonderful caretaker, partner, or friend.

Leo Moon Sign (Fire Sign)

Like their fellow fire signs, those with their moon in Leo attack problems head-on. They’re bold, direct, and fearless, and they gravitate toward strength and self-confidence. Leos like to be the center of all things, and they want to see the open expression of their affection returned, which isn’t always possible. While Leos have natural charm and confidence that draws people in, they must find a way to let others shine without feeling their star is diminished.

Virgo Moon Sign (Earth Sign)

Those with their moon in Virgo operate best when everything is in order. They appreciate perfection and structure, which can sometimes come across as demanding or critical. This, however, is the most comfortable way for Virgos to walk through the world. They feel failure personally, as if it’s a reflection of who they are, and to avoid it, they adhere to stringent regimens of self-discipline. Virgo’s high expectations extend to themselves, which is why they so often succeed in life. Balance and calm is what helps Virgo moons thrive.

Libra Moon Sign (Air Sign)

If your moon is in Libra, you tend toward logic and rationality — and that includes where your feelings are concerned. You may put distance between yourself and your emotions as a form of self-protection, but this can lead to distance between you and those who care about you. Libras make excellent negotiators, mediators, and peacemakers, but they can also forget to take care of themselves. Allowing their emotions in and standing up for themselves are vital efforts. 

Scorpio Moon Sign (Water Sign)

Scorpios are slow to trust, but when they do, it comes from the gut. They have a strong sense of intuition — and the high self-reliance that comes with it — and they pride themselves on their ability to read the true desires, motivations, and intentions of others. Scorpios go far in life thanks to this intuition and innate sense of competition. If left unchecked, however, they can cause those around them to run for the hills. Use your superpowers for good, Scorpio. .

Sagittarius Moon Sign (Fire Sign)

A Sagittarius moon sign is represented by spontaneity, split-second judgment, and quick reactions. Nothing stops a Sagittarius from seeing the great wide world, and there are many lessons to glean from the ways in which they adventure and follow freedom. Sagittarius loves to think about the big picture and where they fit in the universe. However, they tend to be blunt and could occasionally benefit from taking a pause before speaking their mind. 

Capricorn Moon Sign (Earth Sign)

Capricorns have a tough exterior that’s a little hard to break through at times. Those who do manage to break down their defenses, though, will be greatly rewarded. Capricorns keep their emotions and feelings close to their chest and tend to outwardly express calm and order — no matter how they might feel inside. They’re ambitious and extremely structured, which typically serves them well. However, they could stand to put a little of their famous focus on finding love and letting others in.

Aquarius Moon Sign (Air Sign)

Those with an Aquarius moon sign are always searching for a home. They like being surrounded by new people, cultures, and opportunities, but they can struggle to find a place to put down roots and really be themselves. They like to build, learn, and explore, which may leave some rubble in their rearview mirror, so it’s important for Aquarians to take care with special relationships.

Pisces Moon Sign (Water Sign)

If you have a Pisces moon sign, you’re likely very in touch with your emotions. Pisces tend to feel strongly and aren’t afraid to express it; their moon placement takes that to the next level. This means that the world can feel like too much at times. When that happens, they retreat to home or safety. The upside of all this is that they forge strong relationships without fear. 

What Your Moon Sign Means

Good news: You no longer have to ask, “What does my moon sign mean?” You’re one step closer to extending beyond your sun sign of the zodiac and getting a precise reading of your birth chart. By understanding both your sun and moon signs, you’re better equipped to find compatibility and appreciate your inner self. 

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