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Don’t Know What to Gift a Mom in Your Life for Mother’s Day? Check Your Horoscope!

All it takes is a little insight into your sign!


You love being able to celebrate all the maternal figures in your life — after all, they are always there for you. But sometimes figuring out just the right thing to gift them on Mother’s Day can be stressful. Well, the answer to your shopping troubles could be written in the stars, says Astrid Bly, a premier astrology expert with California Psychics. Keep reading to learn just what gifts for Mother’s Day Bly recommends based on your Zodiac sign.

Aries: A spa day

Mature woman lying on a massage table.

Aries is passionate and also a bit competitive — you want to give the best gifts, and you’re always trying to outshine yourself from last year. Something that you mother can really enjoy, like a full spa day, might be the best choice, says Bly. For some great at home spa ideas, click here

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Taurus gifts for Mother’s Day: A luxury care kit

Gifts for Mother's Day: Refined Christmas gift basket for romantic holidays with self care products. Corporate or personal present for family and friends, mothers day, thank you gift

Taurus, you’re down-to-earth, but also sensual and indulgent. A luxury care kit, with essential oils, bath bombs and lotions is a great way for you to share that energy with your mother.

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Gemini gifts for Mother’s Day: Dinner and a show

Close up of unrecognizable cashier giving movie tickets to her customer in cinema.

Gemini is communicative and versatile, says Bly. In addition to taking your mother out for a lovely meal, you may want to get her tickets to an event that you can attend together, so you can spend even more bonding time with mom. 

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Cancer: A sentimental vintage item

Gifts for Mother's Day: Close up view of a grandmother sharing memories and stories with her granddaughter while showing her an old family photo album. Memories and family concept.
Israel Sebastian/Getty

Cancer, you may want to get you mother something that reminds her of her childhood. This might be restored photos put together in a personally decorated album, or even some vintage items that she’s referenced liking in the past, explains Bly. This is the perfect match for sweet, emotional and nostalgic Cancer. 

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Leo: A beautiful bouquet of flowers

Top view of beautiful woman with bouquet of spring flowers at home bedroom
Evgeniia Siiankovskaia/Getty

Leo is bright, bold and vivacious. A vibrant and overflowing bouquet of flowers is a beautiful gift that reflects your need to give a striking, noticeable present. 

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Virgo gifts for Mother’s Day: Kitchenware or a special edition of a book

Gifts for Mother's Day: Open recipe book on green wooden table with copy space, Top view

Virgo is hardworking, modest and attentive — you may want to invest in a gift that is somewhat understated while also being very much wanted. Perhaps there’s some pricey kitchenware or a nice edition of a book that your mother hasn’t bought for herself? Virgo is willing to make that leap. 

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Libra: Nice clothes

A woman smiling as she is handing a dress to a clothing store cashier so she can pay for it.
Tom Werner/Getty

Libra is balanced, so you should seek a gift that is both indulgent and practical. Nice clothing is a popular option that fits the bill! 

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Scorpio gifts for Mother’s Day: Beautiful jewelry

Gifts for Mother's Day: Shot of a young woman giving her elderly relative a present on the sofa at home -
Adene Sanchez/Getty

Scorpios are loyal. Though you sometimes get a reputation for being volatile, you are also deeply invested in your loved ones. A beautiful piece of jewelry, whether expensive or simply chosen thoughtfully, is the perfect way to reflect the intensity of your feelings.  

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Sagittarius: A handwritten note

Woman's hand writing with a pen a text in a writer's notebook
Jacques Julien/Getty

Sagittarius, being driven and straightforward, you can express yourself in a lovingly written note. It can accompany a gift of a nice purse or perfume — something that your mother can always have with her.  

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Capricorn gifts for Mother’s Days: A delicious bottle of wine

Gifts for Mother's Day: Woman reading the label of red wine bottle in liquor store or alcohol section of supermarket. Shelf full of alcoholic beverages. Female customer holding and choosing a bottle of merlot or sangiovese.
Tero Vesalainen/Getty

Capricorns often place an emphasis on the material, but aren’t too flashy either. As such, a Capricorn might lean toward something like a higher-end bottle of wine as their gift. Alternatively, if your mother doesn’t drink, a fine blend of tea or a fancy type of coffee could be a good choice! 

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Aquarius: A meaningful handmade gift

Close up on woman's hands knitting

Aquarius is a creative spirit. You’ll lean toward a gift you can make yourself, such as a painting or crocheted present, or you might sign yourself and your mother up for a class — usually related to a skill your mother has always wanted to acquire or practice. 

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Pisces gifts for Mother’s Day: Something cozy

Gifts for Mother's Day: Soy wax candle in amber glass with cotton flower with copy space
Marina Bezzubik/Getty

Pisces is intuitive, and loves to escape into their own little world. Something cozy, like a plush robe or blanket, especially if accompanied by scented candles, can be your way of sharing the dreamy energy. 

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