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I’m a Tarot Reader: Here Is Your Tarotscope Reading and What’s in the Cards for You This June

Tarotscopes for every astrological sign!


Want some insight into what your month will look like? This tarotscope is a one-card intuitive tarot reading I’ve written specifically for each sign of the zodiac. In it, you’ll find advice, insights and a forecast for the month ahead based on a combination of the card, your sign’s qualities and the current astrological energy. Be sure to read the June 2024 tarotscope for your sun sign and your rising sign!

What is a tarotscope?

A tarotscope is a combination of “tarot” and “horoscope.” My reading or forecast is based on the combination of tarot cards and astrology. Much like a horoscope, a tarotscope provides insights and guidance for a specific period, typically based on the zodiac sign or astrological position at the time. Tarot cards are drawn to represent different aspects of your life or the energies surrounding them, providing symbolic interpretations that are then related to the your astrological sign or current astrological influences. Tarotscopes are often used as a tool for self-reflection, decision-making or simply for entertainment.

Taken together, the twelve cards drawn for each sign make up a spread I’ve read for all of us on the energy of the month ahead. Here are some things to note about this month’s spread:

You’ll want to embrace intuition and nature

The appearance of the High Priestess, two of the tarot’s Queens plus the 9 of Pentacles (an honorary queen) suggests that powerful, mysterious feminine energy will suffuse the atmosphere this month. The cards are urging us to embrace intuition and nature. It’s a time to be receptive to signs from the universe and attentive to our relationships.

You’ll be closing chapters and moving on

Another major theme emerged from this month’s cards — cycles are drawing to a close. We see several cards numbered 9 and 10 (and an absence of Aces), which indicates the closing chapters of kinds of life journeys and lessons. The Death card, drawn specifically for Pieces, is another sure sign that something is over. This card doesn’t predict literal death. It shows the transformation that’s ready to happen when we can let go of parts of ourselves and our lives and move on. We’ll all benefit from meditating on Death’s message to Pieces this month and releasing anything that no longer serves us so we can enjoy the pure magic of early summer.

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June 2024 tarotscope for Aries card drawn: The Magician reversed

Aries: The Magician reversed

Bold and energetic, Aries are born knowing how to make things happen. You’re a natural manifester, able to bring vacations, love interests and opportunities into your life with little more than your imagination, a pile of magazines, a poster board and a glue stick. This month, instead of dreaming about what you could materialize out of thin air, look around you. You already have the building blocks at your fingertips to create something you’ve long desired. This month, the magic is hiding in plain sight.

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June 2024 tarotscope for Taurus card drawn: The Queen of Wands

June 2024 tarotscope for Taurus: The Queen of Wands

Is that Justin Timberlake we hear playing through your earbuds? That makes sense — this is definitely your month for bringing sexy back. You’re always attuned to pleasure and comfort, Taurus, but now is the time to embrace your natural inclination toward doing what feels good. Pay close attention to your sensual side. It doesn’t have to be romantic. Revel in being barefoot on the beach. Soak up summer’s sun on your face. Get the ice cream cone. Summer won’t last forever.

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June 2024 tarotscope for Gemini card drawn: 9 of Pentacles

Gemini: 9 of Pentacles

Take a step back, Gemini, and just look at all you’ve accomplished up until this point. Whether it’s a beautiful home, an impressive career, creative masterpieces or something else, you have a lot to be proud of this month. You could unlock a new achievement in life or observe a major milestone such as a child graduating, a move or retirement. But no matter what, it’s high time to acknowledge what you’ve done and appreciate what you’ve earned.

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June 2024 tarotscope for Cancer card drawn: Seven of Wands, reversed

June 2024 tarotscope for Cancer: Seven of Wands, reversed

You seem to be having some doubts about how you’ve invested your time, effort or money up until this point. Don’t fall victim to the sunk costs fallacy — the tendency to continue investing in an endeavor because of everything you’ve already invested despite evidence that the endeavor is no longer worthwhile. If your intuition — always reliable — is telling you it’s time to move on, trust your gut. 

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June 2024 tarotscope for Leo card drawn: Queen of Pentacles

Leo: Queen of Pentacles

Get out your calendar and choose at least three days during the month of June that you will commit to spending time outside. Garden, hike, go camping, pick strawberries. Walk barefoot on the grass and touch the tree trunks you pass in your neighborhood. As often as possible this month, buy yourself flowers and put them where you will see a lot of them. Nature of any kind promises to be extremely healing for you this month.

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June 2024 tarotscope for Virgo card drawn: Ten of Swords

June 2024 tarotscope for Virgo: Ten of Swords

Bad news first: You’ve got challenges ahead this month. But know there’s a strong chance you’re suffering more than you need to because of the way you’re thinking about your situation. Remember: thoughts are not facts. Is there any other way to see the world right now? Could you extend someone the benefit of the doubt? Now the good news: Whatever has been causing your stress, sadness or frustration is coming to an end soon.

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June 2024 tarotscope for Libra card drawn: The High Priestess

Libra: The High Priestess

Your June tarot prescription is meditation. If you’re not currently a meditator, it’s simple to start: Sit quietly and still and focus on your breath for a set time. Start with five minutes. It’s very tempting to fill your calendar with social events and activities, but you need to create time, free from those distractions, to make contact with your inner wisdom. Your higher self has a message for you this month and you want to make sure you can hear it.

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June 2024 tarotscope for Scorpio card drawn: Nine of Wands, reversed

June 2024 tarotscope for Scorpio: Nine of Wands

This month, ask yourself, “What can I quit?” Is your book club actually a drag? Have you been volunteering with the same organization for 20 years without asking yourself if you still want to be involved? What about that social media platform you thought would be fun but just … isn’t? Nine of wands reversed is the closest thing in tarot to a get-out-of-jail-free card. You’re invited to drop something that’s run its course. 

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June 2024 tarotscope for Sagittarius card drawn: Seven of Cups, reversed

Sagittarius: Seven of Cups, reversed

Do your homework before committing to something or someone new. Any decision you make this month, large or small, has the potential to bring unpleasant or annoying surprises. If you’re shopping for anything major, like a home or car, take a long test drive or don’t skimp on inspection. Don’t let your natural excitement and optimism overpower your better judgment this month. Do whatever you can to know what you’re getting into before you sign any dotted lines.

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June 2024 tarotscope for Capricorn card drawn: 9 of Swords, reversed

June 2024 tarotscope for Capricorn: 9 of Swords, reversed

Take a deep breath and relax! That thing you’ve been so worried about is nowhere near as bad as you feared. Talking to a friend or, better yet, a therapist about what is bothering you will help you find ease more quickly. In the coming days and weeks, you’ll be able to sleep more soundly as deal with your anxieties and start to put them behind you.

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June 2024 tarotscope for Aquarius card drawn: Six of cups

Aquarius: Six of cups

Someone from your past will be making an appearance this month, Aquarius. If you run into an old friend and one of you says, “We should get together!” take the initiative and make a date. But it also may be an appearance in your heart. The next time someone you haven’t connected with in a while crosses your mind, reach out to them. Feel a wave of nostalgia for someone? Text them to tell them you’re thinking of them. Something positive can come from reconnecting with this person.

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June 2024 tarotscope for June 2024 tarotscope for Pisces card drawn: Death

June 2024 tarotscope for Pisces: Death

You know that list of ideas and projects you’ve had in your head for years? All those novels and artworks and business plans you just never got started on? Let them die. It’s time. Only by clearing away these expired ideas can you make way for the new creative inspirations that are now trying to come through you, Pisces. Give those old ideas a little imaginary funeral and open yourself to something brand new.

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