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Libra and Aquarius Compatibility: Are They a Good Match in Love and Friendship?

Libra is great at navigating a room of the unknown, and Aquarius is skilled at navigating a world of the unfair.


There are many reasons to consult your daily horoscope and birth chart. They can provide insight into your perspective and the ways that you walk through everyday life, and they’re a useful tool to help you understand what you value most. Astrology and horoscopes can often help us determine if we are in or out of alignment before we recognize so for ourselves. Perhaps most importantly, they can be a tool for strengthening relationships and finding true love or friendship. If you’re a Libra man or woman looking to find true love or friendship with an Aquarius man or woman, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re diving deep into Libra and Aquarius’s love and friendship compatibility. 

Libra and Aquarius: The Signs at a Glance

Your zodiac sign can influence everything from your personality traits to who you naturally click with. Whether you’re a Gemini, Capricorn, or Aries, knowing which other signs fit you best can help you find a relationship that works for you; understanding what makes those platonic and love relationships sustainable and resilient can also help us weather any storms. Still, before we can truly create those dynamic connections, it’s important to know what each of the signs stand for all on their own. 

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Libra is a Venus-ruled air sign, which means those who fall under this sign are capable communicators and deeply curious. That curiosity drives Libra men and women to chase new things, and they’re always learning, growing, and exploring what interests them. They like to get below the surface to see what makes things tick, and are deeply connected to learning and intellectual pursuits.

Air signs are always trying to learn more about the world around them — but they do have the tendency to get wrapped up in fantasy and theory, and it’s important for them to come down to earth every once in a while. While an air sign will never be tethered (nor should they), it’s useful to balance fantasy and curiosity with the here and now for a fulfilled life. Libra women and men, interestingly enough, are more well-accustomed than most to balance. This sign is represented by the Scales, which means that Libra’s needs are primarily harmony and equality; they thrive when their life mirrors the balance of scales in perfect symmetry. This sign loves beauty and is drawn to the finer things in life — but for the sake of learning, more than consumption. They like art, music, history, reading, and anything that will push them to think a little harder. They’re also known for having excellent taste.

That said, this sign often doesn’t trust themselves when it comes to the important things. Libra signs have a cardinal modality, which means they’re associated with the start of the new season. In the case of Libra, it’s the start of fall. Cardinal signs are known for their leadership and initiative, but self-doubt and indecision can sometimes cut Libras off at the knees. Finding a way through is essential for this air sign. While Libras can err on the side of people-pleasing to a fault, they’re also social, comfortable in new situations, and easy to engage in conversation and debate. To achieve their full potential, Libra must remember to stay even-keeled and give themselves as much energy and support as they put out into the world. 

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Aquarius isn’t just an air sign — it’s the last air sign in the zodiac. We’ll agree that it’s a little ironic that this sign has the word “aqua” right there in the name, but the traits and behaviors associated with Aquarius are all air sign-centric.  That’s because this sign really is driven by mind and thought. True to the air sign alignment, Aquarius signs love learning. In part, this may be due to their ruling sign of Uranus, which is associated with innovation and technology. If there’s ever a sign that’s going to find an entirely new way of doing things, it’s Aquarius.

And that’s not the only way that those who fall under this sign really leave their mark. Aquarius men and women are represented by the Water Bearer, who pours water into the dirt to replenish it, just as Aquarius signs do with their community. They are often community leaders, activists, and organizers, dedicated to connection and support, and they’ll do anything to strengthen those bonds and protect their people. They tend to clash with authority, especially when they perceive it as going against their community in some way, and it’s not unusual to see an Aquarius at the head of the next revolution.

Aquarius women and men are fixed signs, which means they’re often associated with stubbornness. In reality, that fixedness is them setting their eyes on their goals and following through on their sense of purpose and intention until they achieve them. 

Libra-Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Air signs have a lot to connect over, like a love of life and a range of interests that challenge them intellectually. That said, Libra and Aquarius may have to try a little harder to really make it work. That’s because they tend to move through the world differently. Libras are good communicators that can easily connect with anyone and put strangers at ease in a pinch. Aquarius absolutely can’t stand small talk, and they’re much more focused on the bigger picture. To Aquarius, it’s about achieving freedom, equity, and support for their community and their world. Still, like the Water Bearer, they bestow upon others rather than seeing themselves as part of the group. 

While they may be opposites in some ways, Aquarius and Libra do actually balance each other out when it’s really important. In fact, balance is a big part of why these two signs can actually get along. Libra can help to balance out Aquarius’s need to change the world all at once — and to potentially hurt themselves while doing so — and Aquarius is useful for encouraging and supporting Libra and making sure they don’t burn out trying to please others. Libra can also be a good friend for Aquarius to let their guard down with. Below the sometimes spiky surface, Aquarius can be quite sensitive, and this friendship is a safe and comfortable place for them to explore that.

Possible Challenges

It’s also important to account for the way each sign is seen in the world. Libra signs love — and sometimes need — to be loved. They’re people pleasers to a fault and often don’t watch out for themselves when it comes to making those around them happy. Aquarius, contrastingly, is often bucking the status quo and fighting against the systems of power, which puts this sign at odds with many people and institutions, and that’s not a comfortable place for Libra to be.

Libra-Aquarius Love Compatibility

There’s never a dull moment in a Libra and Aquarius partnership, and these two can certainly be soulmates. These two signs love trying new things, driving all night, and verbally sparring about new topics and ideas until they finally find common ground. They’re sure to support each other’s latest and most exciting new fixations, and to encourage each other to do weird, wonderful, and exciting things.

Libra is represented by the sign of the Scales, and balance is truly what brings this air element duo together. Libra is great at navigating a room of the unknown, and Aquarius is skilled at navigating a world of the unfair. Their skills bring them closer together and help them to build long-lasting relationships with individuals and members of their community. Libra will even help to rein Aquarius in, when they come too close to breaking the law or getting into trouble, and Aquarius provides Libra with the support — and push – they sometimes need to put themselves first.

There’s no doubt about it: This team is sure to have a great time, and to have each other’s back when push comes to shove. Air signs are always up for an adventure, in learning and life, and these two air signs are more than capable of encouraging each other to be the best versions of themselves. Together, Aquarius and Libra can really change the world. 

Possible Challenges and Growth Opportunities 

With Libra and Aquarius, you’ll find a strong connection in friendship and love, and likely good sexual compatibility — though it may take some time to develop. Communication is one area where this duo can break down a little, and they may have to work harder than other couples to really make things stick. Libra will openly share their feelings or opinions, but they have a tendency to tell people what they want to hear instead of the truth. Aquarius won’t like this, as they are honest to a fault. Additionally, Libra is deeply connected to others, and have a desire to be liked. For that reason, this sign’s people pleasing needs to be kept in check. With Libra’s perpetually flirtatious nature, Aquarius may sometimes view their level of intimacy with others as a betrayal. 

That said, if both signs are aware of this potential dynamic, it’s easy to avoid and navigate without anyone’s feelings getting hurt. Aquarius is sensitive below their hard exterior, and only shows that side of themselves to a few people; Libra is one of the few signs they’ll feel comfortable and safe with when it comes to exposing their emotions and who they are below the surface. In turn, Aquarius can help Libra become a little more bold and less indecisive, prompting them to speak their minds and be less impressionable.

Aquarius-Libra Compatibility: Written in the Stars

Whether you’re looking for love or looking for answers, your birth chart and horoscope can help to guide you through the special, challenging, and important moments in life. It can provide important tools to use on your quest for connection and companionship. In this case, the stars say that Aquarius and Libra are an ideal match: Both are intellectuals who are driven by a love for the unknown, and their unique ways of approaching community, self, and learning can help to balance each other out and provide support on the path to greatness. Aquarius leads the revolution that gets them a seat at the table, while Libra leads the negotiation that gets them the lasting change. They both share a deep and abiding love for people and the world, and together the can truly make a difference.

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