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Your Memorial Day Weekend Horoscope: Discover What’s in Store for Your Zodiac Sign

Learn what your zodiac sign can anticipate over the holiday weekend 


Curious about what Memorial Day weekend 2024 will bring for your zodiac sign? Checking your horoscope is the perfect place to start.

Annually, you can count on Memorial Day falling during Gemini season, or the time of year when the vitality-bringing sun is moving through the mutable air sign Gemini. But because all of the planets and the luminaries (the sun and the moon) move at different paces through the zodiac, interacting with your natal, or birth, chart in different ways, every Memorial Day weekend brings its own unique opportunities and challenges. What better way to know what to do Memorial Day weekend than to check in on your horoscope and decide based on what the stars have in store for you?!

In 2024, Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 27, and in the lead-up to the unofficial launch of summer, Jupiter will enter Gemini on Saturday, May 25, marking a big, bold power move for the planet of luck and abundance. But that’s far from the only astrological highlight to keep in mind as you plan ahead. Here’s what you need to know to in order to decide what to do Memorial Day weekend and make the most of the time off this year.

Your Memorial Day weekend horoscope and zodiac sign forecast

You can continue to take advantage of the full moon in Sagittarius

On Friday, May 24, the day when excitement around a long holiday weekend is sure to start brewing, a sense of joyfulness and buoyancy will be in the air, as well as the desire to go big or go home. This is owed to the moon continuing to move through the sign of the Archer following Thursday, May 23’s full moon in Sagittarius, inspiring you to share and embrace fiery, zealous emotions and take bold action. (Pro tip: You can make the most of full moons for four days before and after they occur.)

Venus trine Pluto heightens your desire to connect  

On Saturday, May 25, relationship-oriented Venus, the planet of romance and pleasure, currently moving through Gemini, will connect with powerful Pluto in fellow air sign Aquarius, which can boost the intensity of your bonding with loved ones. 

Jupiter enters Gemini for a year

Also on Saturday, at 7:15 p.m. ET/4:15 p.m. PT, Jupiter will leave the sensual, down-to-earth terrain of fixed earth sign Taurus for zippy, curious Gemini, where it remains until June 9, 2025. As the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter has a magnifying effect on everything it comes in contact with, and as it begins its trip through Gemini, we’ll all be more inclined to tap into the vibe of the bubbly, communicative and go-go-go air sign. 

Group activities are favored thanks to the moon’s trine to Jupiter 

This will be especially the case on Monday itself, thanks to the moon in fellow air sign Aquarius forming a harmonious angle to Jupiter, amplifying optimism and warm, happy energy — particularly while spending time with others in a group. 

You can feel more centered when messenger Mercury sextiles Saturn 

And the holiday weekend closes on a pragmatic note, as Mercury, the planet of communication, in grounded Taurus, forms a positive sextile to taskmaster Saturn in spiritual Pisces. You can tap into both your senses and your intuition to get organized before diving into the week ahead.

Here, how to make the most of the astrology of Memorial Day weekend based on your sign. Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.

What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re an Aries

Memorial Day weekend horoscope: Aries zodiac sign

On the heels of Thursday’s full moon in your adventure zone, you’ll be eager to spread your wings and rack up new experiences. A road trip or mini vacation could be in the cards. And with lucky Jupiter moving into your communication zone on Saturday, you’re actually embarking on a whole new year-long chapter full of off-the-charts curiosity and accompanying learning opportunities. When relationship-oriented Venus in this same sector harmonizes with powerful Pluto in your networking zone, also on Saturday, you’ll find you’re particularly fired up to connect and spend quality time with your social circle. 

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What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re a Taurus

Taurus zodiac sign

The full moon ahead of the holiday weekend sets a deeply emotional tone, because it falls in your intimacy zone, encouraging you to forgo surface-level conversation for meaningful heart-to-hearts with loved ones. And as Jupiter moves into your values zone on Saturday, you’ll be more aware of your principles and moves you might want to begin to make to care for your self-worth. And on Monday, messenger Mercury in your sign syncs with taskmaster Saturn in your networking zone, making it possible to prep for the week ahead by having a meeting of the minds with friends or colleagues. 

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What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re a Gemini

Memorial Day weekend horoscope: Gemini zodiac sign

Following the full moon’s activation of your partnership zone, one-on-one bonds are sure to be your focus going into the holiday weekend. Key projects that involve pairing up could be at a crucial culmination point, and you’re bound to enjoy a surge of upbeat, positive energy, thanks to expansive Jupiter moving into your sign on Saturday, where it’ll support any efforts to hone your self-image. Saturday also marks relationship-oriented Venus in your sign’s happy trine to transformative Pluto in your adventure zone, and getting out of your comfort zone, perhaps alongside a loved one, could lead to feeling empowered. 

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What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re a Cancer

Cancer zodiac sign

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, the moon, your ruler, will be full in your wellness and routine zone, so your day-to-day hustle could be weighing on you. Although there’s a lesson to be learned from this lunar event, you deserve to wind down and decompress. You’ll find you have even more fuel for doing exactly that on Saturday, thanks to relationship-oriented Venus in your spirituality zone harmonizing with powerful Pluto in your emotional bonds sector. Devoting quality time to self-care and tending to your nearest and dearest relationships could prove truly restorative. 

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What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re a Leo

Memorial Day weekend horoscope: Leo zodiac sign

Thursday’s full moon in your romance and self-expression zone sets the stage for you to crave more playfulness, fun, pleasure and creativity this holiday weekend. And thanks to lucky Jupiter moving into your friendships sector on Saturday, you can take advantage of a surge of social energy. You may enjoy more opportunities to connect with new and old connections alike. Also on Saturday, artistic Venus in your networking zone harmonizes with transformative Pluto in your partnership zone, intensifying your desire to fill your weekend with lively conversations and productive, cheerful one-on-one bonding time. Monday’s sweet trine between the intuitive moon and fortunate Jupiter falls in these sectors, too, which only serves to bold and underline this super-social theme. 

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What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re a Virgo

Virgo zodiac sign

Coming off of the full moon in your home zone, you could be feeling a little bit fried by dramatic or emotional ongoings involving loved ones and eager to chill out over the course of the holiday weekend. On Saturday, Jupiter’s move into your public image zone begins to heighten your desire for more recognition, so you could actually be inspired to start writing down big picture goals and dreaming up practical step-by-step plans for making them a reality. And because the intuitive moon spends Saturday morning through Monday afternoon in your romance and self-expression sector, tapping into your artistic impulses can prove truly fulfilling.  

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What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re a Libra

Memorial Day weekend horoscope: Libra zodiac sign

The tone of the holiday weekend will be set by the full moon in your communication zone, which can have you feeling pulled in a bevy of directions, which can feel stimulating — or downright exhausting. But you can expect a boost of daring energy from lucky Jupiter moving into your higher learning zone on Saturday, which could nudge you to seek out eye-opening experiences now and over the course of the next 12 months. Saturday also plays host to sweet Venus, your ruler, in your adventure zone harmonizing with powerful Pluto in your romance zone, setting up thrilling and emotionally gratifying fun when you spend quality time with loved ones and friends. And thanks to the intuitive moon syncing with lucky Jupiter in these same zones on Monday, prepare to enjoy this energy through the weekend. 

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What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re a Scorpio

Scorpio zodiac sign

The full moon falling in your self-worth and money zone has stirred up your determination to go to bat for what you deserve, so that could be on your mind heading into the holiday weekend. And on Saturday, shared financial goals with loved ones could be on your radar more than usual thanks to expansive Jupiter moving through your intimacy and joint resources zone from now until June 2025. Relationship-oriented Venus in your emotional bonds zone harmonizes with powerful Pluto, your co-ruler, in your home zone on Saturday, as well, empowering you to share your deepest-rooted emotions with loved ones. This can only serve to bring you even closer — and amplify feel good vibes on Monday when the moon and fortunate Jupiter sync from the same sectors.

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What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re a Sagittarius

Memorial Day weekend horoscope: Sagittarius zodiac sign

As a result of moving through the emotions that come up during your annual full moon, you’ll want to feel more seen and appreciated by loved ones. You’ll also be thinking even more about how you’re able to nurture your sense of self within your one-on-one bonds once lucky Jupiter makes its big move into your partnership sector on Saturday. With sweet Venus in your partnership zone harmonizing with transformative Pluto in your communication sector on Saturday, lively and important conversations with a dear friend or loved one could send you down a healing path. And Monday’s sync-up between messenger Mercury in your routine zone and taskmaster Saturn in your home zone can lend itself to getting centered for the week ahead alongside your nearest and dearest.

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What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re a Capricorn

Capricorn zodiac sign

Because Thursday’s full moon falls in your spirituality zone, you’ll be feeling a bit more reclusive, private and in need of self-care moving into the weekend. And from Saturday morning through Monday afternoon, the moon will be in your sign, which can also heighten sensitivity. You can work through any challenging emotions by adding in a mind-body practice you adore, which is sure to be fueled by lucky Jupiter kicking off its year-long trip through your wellness and daily routine zone. And on Monday, communicator Mercury in your romance and self-expression zone forms a positive angle to taskmaster Saturn, your ruler, in your communication zone, so consider talking through a creative undertaking with a friend or loved one to set yourself up for concrete results.

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What to do Memorial Day weekend if you’re an Aquarius

Memorial Day weekend horoscope: Aquarius zodiac sign

The holiday weekend kicks off with the full moon in your networking zone, which is amplifying your desire to feel connected to others — your friends or fellow community members — through teamwork and collaboration. Thankfully, there’s lots of planetary action to support your social life. On Saturday, lucky Jupiter moves into your self-expression zone, bringing lots of creativity and pleasure-seeking fun not only this weekend but for the next 12 months. The same day, relationship-oriented Venus in that same zone harmonizes with powerful Pluto in your sign, which could compel you to lean into being more spontaneous and playful. And when the intuitive moon in your sign syncs with expansive Jupiter in your romance zone on Monday, you could feel like you’re on cloud nine. 

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Pisces zodiac sign

You could be buzzing as a result of earning recognition or stepping into the spotlight in the days around this full moon, because it falls in your career zone. At the same time, with lucky Jupiter moving into your home zone on Saturday, you’ll be especially aware of efforts you’d like to make to nurture your inner peace and sense of security. You can begin to embrace this new chapter when sweet Venus, also in your home zone, forms a positive angle to transformative Pluto in your spirituality zone the same day. This planetary meetup can enhance your passion for tending to your emotional well-being. And when the intuitive moon and fortunate Jupiter connect from the same zones on Monday, you’ll enjoy a surge of optimism around the path ahead. 

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