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Your 2024 Venus in Gemini Horoscope: What’s in Store for You From May 23 to June 17

Discover what this planetary shift means for your sign.

When it comes to matters of the heart, your creative impulses and your self-care routine, the mood has been truly mellow as of late. You’ve likely been eager to slow down, be more present, indulge and connect with friends and loved ones in a more deliberate way. And for that, you can thank Venus’ time in one of its home signs, fixed earth sign Taurus. (The other sign it’s at home in is Libra, the cardinal air sign.) However, the energy is about to shift in a much more energized, bubbly, communicative direction as a result of the planet of romance, pleasure and values moving into Gemini, the buzzy, curious mutable air sign on Thursday, May 23 at 4:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. PT. As a result, artistic self-expression, perception of beauty, how you earn money, how you experience pleasure and how you show affection will all take on a lighthearted, sociable and witty tone. Here, all you need to know in order to make the most of Venus’ 2024 trip through Gemini.

What does Venus in Gemini mean?

Venus, the planet that oversees relationships, beauty, pleasure, values and money, visits Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac symbolized by the Twins every year in May and/or June. To understand how Gemini expresses itself, take note of the fact that it is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet that oversees communication, transportation and technology. In turn, Gemini’s nature is cerebral, social, eager, adaptable and quick-witted. Flitting from one thing to the next is one of the Twins’ greatest joys in life. In fact, people born with strong Gemini influence need to have the freedom to always be exploring a wide variety of topics and diving into a diverse mix of projects throughout their life. Not only are they fired up to cast a wide net in order to soak up as much interesting, different info as they can, they want to share what they’ve learned with others. Truly people-oriented and enthusiastic about making and building connections, Gemini excels at both speaking and listening, gathering information and then disseminating it into the world.     

That said, when Venus is in Gemini, we’re more likely to be interested in meeting new people, spending more time investing in existing relationships. We might also find even more pleasure in checking out a range of thought-provoking media (from hot new summer books to shows on your favorite streaming platform) and then trading notes with others about what we’ve just read or seen. Because Gemini is one of the mutable signs, known for being adaptable as well as, at times, indecisive, you could find Venusian matters — relationships and earning income, for example — will take on a lighthearted and less committal vibe. For instance, brainstorms could lead to creative ideas that you discuss and briefly look into but that aren’t necessarily meant to stick. And proposed plans with friends could change several times — or maybe even fall apart because everyone gets scattered dealing with different to-dos. While this could be a bit frustrating if you’re a fan of follow through at all costs, adopting as breezy a perspective as possible can make for smoother sailing. 

What can you expect during Venus’s 2024 trip through Gemini

Although Venus moves through Gemini every year, all of the planets move at different rates through the zodiac, so the romance planet’s link-ups with other celestial bodies change annually. In 2024, soon after moving into the sign of the Twins, on Saturday, May 25, Venus will form a harmonizing angle to Pluto, the planet of transformation, power and regeneration, intensifying your bonds. You may feel even closer to your loved ones and passionate about enjoying a jovial Memorial Day weekend together. 

On Tuesday, June 4, Venus meets up with the confident sun to host one of the most fortunate days of the month for love and romance. When these two sunny power players join forces, you’ll feel more self-assured about relationships, expressing yourself creatively and bolstering your income. 

However, on Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 16 (which also happens to be Father’s Day), Venus will form tense — albeit potentially activating — angles to taskmaster Saturn and then, spiritual Neptune. Both of these planetary meetings are a case for prioritizing self-work and nurturing self-love in order to preempt fears and insecurities from taking a toll on relationships. 

Here, how Venus in Gemini 2024 will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)


Aries zodiac sign

After spending time in your money zone, encouraging you to connect with friends and loved ones about financial matters and pursue new avenues for earning, Venus now moves into your communication sector. This transit lights up your ability to connect and learn more with your social circle. You’ll find you can bolster your bonds through lively, intellectual conversation and soak up new information, perhaps even enjoy short-distance travel together.  

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Venus in Gemini: Taurus

Venus in Gemini: Taurus zodiac sign

Following its visit to your sign, which bolstered your ability to attract your desires, Venus, your ruling planet, is now moving through your income sector, boosting your ability to work with others to achieve your moneymaking goals. You’ll also find that it’s easier to bond with your nearest and dearest, and nurturing your relationship with yourself now can serve to strengthen your self-worth. 

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Gemini zodiac sign

Beauty-loving Venus’ annual trip to your sign is a chance to experiment with a makeover, exploring a new take on your personal style. You could also find that you’re interested in hitting pause on everyday to-dos in order to lean into the more pleasurable, fun-loving side of life — and doing so comes more readily than it would at other times. Sharing what’s in your heart with your loved ones and prioritizing stimulating conversation with friends can bring you a great deal of joy and satisfaction. 

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Venus in Gemini: Cancer

Venus in Gemini: Cancer zodiac sign

While romantic Venus moves through your spirituality zone, you’ll be more apt to embrace a low-key approach to bonding, exploring your artistic impulses and earning. Meditative self-care practices like restorative yoga might be more appealing than usual. You’ll also do well to invest in self-work to explore how you’re showing up in your relationships — including the one you have with yourself. The healing you do now can set the stage for heartfelt growth. 

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Leo zodiac sign

Venus moves through your networking zone now, emphasizing your platonic bonds and sense of community and connection. This transit could encourage you to sign up for a club, network with friends or colleagues, or even initiate a collaborative creative endeavor. And because this is also the sector of long-term wishes, you’ll find that sharing your dreams with others helps to make the more concrete — and may even lead to an intriguing game plan. 

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Venus in Gemini: Virgo

Venus in Gemini: Virgo zodiac sign

Thanks to Venus moving through your career zone, you’ll not only be feeling more ambitious and eager to make your mark but feeling more confident about your ability to do so! You’re more magnetic on the job and can engage colleagues and higher-ups with your big picture vision. You’ll do well to call a meeting, plan a brainstorm, present your ideas and assert yourself in a more visible way, as any of these moves could lead to a well-deserved round of applause. 

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Libra zodiac sign

With Venus, your ruling planet, in your adventure sector, you could be feeling particularly restless and ready to ditch your usual day-to-day routine and expand your horizons. You want to meet people outside of your social circle and soak up beautiful spaces that you don’t typically frequent. Planning a vacation could be in order, but if that’s not in the cards, consider a short-distance trip or staycation full of pleasurable, eye-opening moments (like visiting an art exhibit you’ve been wanting to check out). Sharing these experiences with friends or loved ones can bring you even closer.  

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Venus in Gemini: Scorpio

Venus in Gemini: Scorpio zodiac sign

With the planet of romance in your emotional bonds zone, you’ll find you can more readily pursue deeper connections with your nearest and dearest — something you’re sure to be craving now more than usual. And if there’s been an emotional issue haunting any of your relationships, this can be a wonderful moment for initiating a heart-to-heart and striving for mutual understanding and harmony. Because this sector also oversees joint resources, consider putting your head together with a loved one to further your financial aspirations. 

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Sagittarius zodiac sign

Venus is now in your partnership sector, highlighting your ability to pair up with others in order to move the ball forward on like minded goals. Whether you’ve been wanting to come up with a creative vision for a new business endeavor with a co-worker or take a romantic bond to the next level, you’ll have the wind in your sails. This is also a lovely transit for smoothing over any friction that might exist with a friend, co-worker or loved one, as you can channel greater diplomacy than usual now.  

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Venus in Gemini: Capricorn

Venus in Gemini: Capricorn zodiac sign

The planet of relationships is moving through your wellness and daily routine sector, which means you can lean on friends and loved ones more as you manage everyday to-dos. And if you’ve been wanting to rework or streamline your schedule in order to bolster your sense of calm, you can lean on your social circle and relatives to help you think through your action plan. You’ll also do well to invite a friend along to a mind-body class you’ve been wanting to check out. The combination of being able to bond and care for your well-being together is a win-win. 

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Aquarius zodiac sign

As Venus makes its way through your self-expression zone, you’ll be feeling a surge of creative, romantic energy that spikes your playfulness and desire to make sweet memories with your loved ones. At the same time, you can attract just about anything you set your mind on, so you’ll do well to get clear on what exactly you’d like to manifest, especially in regard to your relationships and artistic pursuits. This is also an ideal moment to carve out plenty of time to tune into your creative impulses, and channel your emotions into imaginative endeavors. 

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Venus in Gemini: Pisces

Venus in Gemini: Pisces zodiac sign

With Venus in your home sector, tranquil, heartwarming downtime with loved ones is easier to come by. You could find that simple pleasures, like cooking up a beloved family recipe, tending your garden or taking a walk down memory lane by paging through a family photo album, especially alongside your family, brings you even more joy than usual. You’ll also be eager to make your domestic space even more harmonious and beautiful. Consider investing time into a decoration project you’ve been musing about.

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