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Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn 2024 Horoscope: What’s in Store for You From May 2 to October 11

Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of this annual astrological event.

Of all the many astrological events, retrogrades may be the most misunderstood. These regular transits of the planets through the zodiac tend to get blamed for just about any and every conflict in our lives. But the truth is, there’s usually at least one planet moving backward, from our vantage point here on Earth, at any given time, each encouraging us to prioritize introspection around whatever area of life that planet oversees. Case in point: Although the first full Mercury retrograde of 2024 ends on Thursday, April 25, Pluto retrograde kicks off just several days later, moving backward through fixed air sign Aquarius and, later, cardinal earth sign Capricorn from Thursday, May 2 to Friday, October 11. 

But it bears noting that the planet of transformation, rebirth, power, infatuation and control moves so slowly that its retrogrades tend to be felt on a less apparent, more psychological level. Here’s what to know to make the most of this five-month-long astrological event.

What is Pluto retrograde?

To understand Pluto retrograde, you’ll do well to learn how the planet of regeneration and the subconscious functions when it’s moving forward, aka direct. For a little more than half of the year, Pluto works by excavating your hidden truths and nudging you to deal with the shadow side of life  — anything dark, taboo or secretive underlying everyday life. It also tends to bring your attention to power struggles and control issues that might require addressing while slowly but surely burning down anything that’s no longer serving you. Its greater purpose is to encourage you to start anew. The most fitting symbolism for Pluto is a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Planets moving direct affect us in a more external way, whereas their retrogrades tend to challenge us to grapple with their themes and energies in a more internal, emotional way. That said, when Pluto is retrograde, you could find yourself reflecting on ways in which you’ve given away or taken on too much power or control. You could also become more aware and prepared to remedy any self-destructive behaviors or patterns. 

Still, because Pluto moves so slowly, taking anywhere from 12 to 31 years to make its way through each sign, the effects of its retrogrades are definitely felt less acutely than a faster moving planet like Mercury. You’ll feel it the most when it’s hitting your birth chart spot-on, either moving over a planet or luminary (that’s the sun and the moon) or forming a tight angle to it. To get a sense of whether that’s the case this time around, you’ll want to check your chart for any placements sitting at zero to 2 degrees of any sign — but especially a fixed sign, meaning Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. 

What is Pluto retrograde 2024 in Aquarius and Capricorn?

On January 20, 2024, Pluto entered the fixed air sign Aquarius, where it spent a bit of time last year, as well. For a sense of just how rare this is, consider the fact that it hasn’t been in Aquarius since 1778 to 1798. Aquarius’ modern ruler is Uranus, the planet of rebellion, revolution, shocking change, innovation and striking out against convention. It’s also the sign associated with the Eleventh House of Groups. So Pluto’s presence in Aquarius is shedding light on darkness related to teamwork, platonic bonds, the way we take a stand against rules and regulations and how we interact with technology. On a personal level, these themes could mean reassessing your relationship to social media and the communities you consider yourself a part of, asking yourself what dynamics might be psychologically harmful or disempowering and require a change.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of authority, tradition, boundaries and limitations, so as Pluto backs up through the late degrees of Capricorn from Sunday, September 1 to Friday, October 11, you could grapple with the shadow side of your relationship to authority figures or your professional path. 

Here, how Pluto retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn 2024 will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)


Aries zodiac sign

Pluto’s retrograde falls primarily in your networking zone, spurring realizations about your platonic bonds and the teams you consider yourself a part of. You could be reassessing whether or not you truly feel aligned with the mission that you and your colleagues have been moving toward — or if there’s a power dynamic or control issue that’s clouding your collective path. This sector also deals with long-term wishes, so you could be meditating on ways in which you might be holding yourself back from achieving your vision. And once Pluto re-enters your career zone, you could take note of toxic situations holding you back professionally.

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Pluto retrograde 2024: Taurus

Taurus zodiac sign

Pluto mainly moves backward through your career and public image zone, bolstering your awareness of power — and control — related conflicts with authority figures. You’ll do well to be honest with yourself about the part you’ve played and how you can more consistently claim and honor your own power and authority. Then, the planet of regeneration will retrograde into your adventure and higher learning sector, which could encourage you to take a microscope to your belief systems, philosophies and desires to break free of your usual routine. What kind of self-work and personal growth could lead to healing and greater fulfillment? 

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Gemini zodiac sign

This Pluto retrograde mainly falls in your higher learning sector, stirring something inside you to break out of your comfort zone and soak up new knowledge. Your belief system is affected now, as you could be questioning why you’ve adhered to certain perspectives and wondering what else is out there. In short, you’re transforming your outlook on life and new psychological, emotional experiences could contribute to reshaping your view. As Pluto backs up through your emotional bonds zone, you could face challenging emotions stemming from dynamics within your closest relationships and joint financial goals. 

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Pluto retrograde 2024: Cancer

Cancer zodiac sign

Pluto’s retrograde is happening in your intimacy and emotional bonds sector, shedding light on deep-rooted, difficult feelings and dynamics underlying your closest relationships. As a result of this transit, you could better understand ways in which you’re leaning on others and how others are leaning on you — for better or worse — which could lead you to gaining more clarity around what makes you most comfortable and secure within these bonds. As Pluto re-enters your partnership zone, you’ll gain more insight into how you’ve been showing up in your one-on-one relationships — whether platonic, professional or romantic.

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Leo zodiac sign

As Pluto moves back through your partnership zone, you’ll be challenged to think about behaviors or thought processes that could be sabotaging goals you share with a friend, significant other or business partner. You may also be reflecting on ways in which the power dynamic within these bonds is skewed too far in one direction — and brainstorming ways to tip the scale to be more balanced. Pluto will then be retrograde in your wellness and daily routine sector, nudging you to be honest with yourself about transformations that might need to occur in order for you to keep firing on all cylinders and feeling your most vital and centered. 

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Pluto retrograde 2024: Virgo

Virgo zodiac sign (Pluto retrograde 2024)

Pluto’s retrograde falls in your wellness and routine sector, bringing your attention to the shadow side of your industrious approach to your daily hustle. It’s possible putting your nose to the grindstone as you tend to is making it hard for you to have enough time for rest and rejuvenation or a dynamic on the job is taking a toll on you psychologically. Either way, your increased awareness of this situation can be a step toward a healthy transformation. As Pluto moves back into your romance and self-expression zone, you’ll be exploring new ways of thinking and feeling about your creativity and most lighthearted bonds.  

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Libra zodiac sign (Pluto retrograde 2024)

Falling primarily in your romance and self-expression zone, Pluto’s retrograde can make you more aware of ways in which you’ve been deprioritizing what brings you pleasure, joy and artistic fulfillment. You could get more fired up about pouring your emotions into a beloved creative outlet and in turn, defensive of this part of your life, which really does wonders for your spirit. As Pluto moves back into your home zone, you’ll be challenged to examine emotional wounds and challenging issues related to your family life. As tough as this may be, it can be for the greater good of healing and moving forward. 

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Pluto retrograde 2024: Scorpio

Scorpio zodiac sign (Pluto retrograde 2024)

With Pluto retrograde falling in your home zone, it’s time to grapple with some tough realities related to your family dynamics and old wounds. You tend not to shy away from experiencing emotions in a deep, intense way, so you’re certainly prepared to and game for diving right into this challenge, but that doesn’t mean it won’t feel tough at times. You’ll do well to be gentle with yourself as you navigate any choppy psychological waters and lean on loved ones or trusted mentors (like a therapist). When Pluto backs up into your communication zone, you’ll find you can have even more heartfelt interactions with friends or colleagues, which could truly benefit your well-being.

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Sagittarius zodiac sign (Pluto retrograde 2024)

While Pluto moves back through your communication zone, surface-level conversations just won’t cut it as you’ll crave more intimate, heartfelt, meaningful discussions with people in your social circle. You could also be reflecting on your thought patterns, eager to address any unhealthy habits, like obsessive thinking. Once Pluto is retrograde in your money zone, you can reassess how you’ve been sharing your talents and your personal power within the context of generating income. You could find that you want to assert more control over this area of your life and, in turn, it’s time for a transformation.  

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Pluto retrograde 2024: Capricorn

Capricorn zodiac sign (Pluto retrograde 2024)

This Pluto retrograde falls in your money zone, for the most part, turning your attention to any self-destructive behaviors or thought processes related to money making. Whether you’ve been distracting yourself from dealing with hard and fast figures or working with people who aren’t acknowledging what you’re truly worth, it could be time to begin to think about how to turn the tide. As Pluto backs up into your sign, where it has spent most of its time since 2008, do your best not to shy away from doing inner work related to your self-image.

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Aquarius zodiac sign (Pluto retrograde 2024)

Pluto retrograde occurs mainly in your sign, raising questions related to your self-image, identity, confidence and how you’re presenting yourself out in the world. You could be itching for a real transformation around all of these themes, but you’re just not sure what that looks like yet. Thankfully, this period encourages introspection that can provide some answers and have you feeling more certain of how you might want to overhaul your approach to cultivating personal power. As Pluto moves back into your spirituality zone toward the end of its retrograde, you’ll be tending to your psychological well-being and intuition. 

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Pluto retrograde 2024: Pisces

Pisces zodiac sign (Pluto retrograde 2024)

This Pluto retrograde falls primarily in your spirituality sector, nudging you to think about how you’ve healed — or not — following a relationship, experience, job, or any other end of the road. Brushing heartache and disappointment under the rug just won’t cut it anymore, as you’ll be compelled to really listen to your intuition and prioritize caring for your mind, emotions and spirit. As Pluto moves back into your networking and long-term wishes zone for the last part of its retrograde, you’ll spotlight problematic tensions within platonic relationships and perhaps explore what it could look like to stand up for yourself when colleagues are exerting too much control over a team effort.

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