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All About Taurus: The Ultimate Guide on the Fixed Earth Sign, According to an Astrologer

Here are all the details on the dependable, pleasure-seeking earth sign.  


Mid-to-late springtime, marked by sunnier days and the world blooming and coming back to life, can’t help but inspire you to be more present, soaking up each moment at a leisurely pace. This perspective isn’t only due to the more temperate weather. It is also reflective of the fact that between April 20 to May 20, the sun moves through Taurus, the fixed earth sign. People whose sun sign and/or other birth chart placements (like their moon sign or rising sign) are in Taurus tend to prefer to move through life at their own, unhurried pace, basking in the beauty of nature through all five senses. The Bull’s sensual, harmony-and pleasure-seeking M.O. is rooted in the fact that the second sign of the zodiac is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and beauty. So, it’s no surprise that, annually, during Taurus season, we’re all more prone to adopt a more mindful perspective. Whether you’re interested in learning more about yourself or a loved one as a person born with a Taurus sun or other natal placements, or want to know all about Taurus, read on for an in-depth guide to the loyal, resolute, down-to-earth sign.

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Taurus personality explained   

Because the sun’s trip through all 12 signs doesn’t look exactly the same from year to year, you’ll notice that sun sign dates do vary annually. However, if you or someone in your life was born between April 20 to May 20, you can guess that they were born with their sun — which oversees identity, self-image, confidence and purpose — in Taurus. 

It does bear noting that the sun sign is just one piece of a complex, multi-faceted puzzle that is your astrological birth chart. All the celestial bodies move at different paces through the zodiac, so it’s possible to have been born when the sun is in, say, Sagittarius (which falls from approximately November 22 to December 21) and still have a Taurus moon or rising. (To find out where Taurus falls in your chart, you’ll do well to run your birth chart.)

They’re stubborn, but not all of the time

That said, people born with their sun in the sign of the Bull tend to be loyal, dependable, tenacious, grounded, steady and yes, at times, apt to dig their heels in. At best, they’re committed and determined to follow through on whatever they’ve set out to do. At worst, they can be obstinate and closed-minded, hell-bent on sticking to one perspective or pattern.

This is the result of the sign being fixed, just like Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Although all of the fixed signs express this trait in a slightly different way, they’re all inherently resolute while also running the risk of being hard-headed. For example, switching up a game plan on a Taurus at the spur of the moment could absolutely aggravate a Bull. But, generally, they can be very patient and have a long fuse, so you may be initially met with frustration versus a full-on blow-up. 

all about Taurus: Taurus astrological sign
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All about Taurus: They appreciate the finer things

At the same time, Taureans are quite relationship-oriented, appreciate and may even pursue art, and have a perpetually strong desire to make life more luxurious, comfortable and pleasurable. These characteristics stem from the fact that the Bull is ruled by Venus, the planet named for the Goddess of Love. Given this trait, you can safely assume a person born with their sun in Taurus would adore tickets to a theater or dance show, a day of pampering at a spa, an afternoon spent exploring a perfumery or a sumptuous meal at their favorite restaurant.

They use all of their senses

Taureans are also known for their ability to engage with the world through all five senses, so they’re especially drawn to the finer and more harmonious, aesthetically pleasing details of life. Think: clothes made of soft fabrics, like cashmere (touch), heartfelt music (sound), sweet flavors (taste) and the familiar, comforting fragrance of their favorite blooms (smell — and sight!). 

All about Taurus: They love the outdoors

As an earth sign, Taureans are also particularly in touch with and grounded by time in nature, so they’re likely to revel in any opportunity to be out in the world — especially if it involves a beloved art form, like seeing a concert at an outdoor venue or checking out local artisans at a farmer’s market. And the best wellness routines for a Taurus will involve slower-paced activities that can, ideally, be done outside — or at least with a pretty view — like tai chi, hiking, or yoga.

The fixed earth sign is also associated with the Second House of Income and Self-Worth, which underlines Taurus’ need for security (often reflected by a desire to acquire concrete, material possessions), appreciation for comfort and luxury and ability to persevere to land whatever it is they know they deserve. 

Zodiac signs Taurus is most compatible with

all about Taurus: Love and care concept: holding female and male hands

When considering compatibility, it’s a must to remember that sun signs cannot tell you everything about how you’ll connect or clash. To get the most accurate, detailed, nuanced sense of compatibility, you’ll want to consider your own and another person’s birth chart. Bearing that in mind, in general, Taurus is most compatible with their fellow earth signs: serviceable, detail-loving Virgo and pragmatic, goal-oriented Capricorn, as well as two of the three water signs: sentimental, homebody Cancer and artistic, empathic Pisces.

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Zodiac signs Taurus is least compatible with

Those born under the sign of the Bull might be most apt to butt heads with people who share Taurus’ fixed quality: at-times domineering Leo, emotionally intense Scorpio and rebellious, contrarian Aquarius. 

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What to know if you have other Taurus placements

Taurus Zodiac Sign. Night sky Abstract background

If you’ve learned that planets other than the sun happened to be moving through the fixed earth sign when you were born or your rising sign/ascendant is in Taurus, here’s what that means.

What Taurus moon means

If you were born when the moon — which oversees intuition, emotions and how you want to be nurtured — was in the sign of the Bull, you find comfort and security in material aspects of life, whether that’s owning a house or working with your hands crafting or decorating your space. You take your time building your emotional attachments to others, but once you’ve committed to a bond, you’re all in.

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What Taurus rising sign means

Your rising sign or ascendant informs how people perceive you, at first blush, out in the world. If your rising is in Taurus, you come off as someone who is salt of the earth, deliberate, practical and pleasure-seeking. You appreciate creature comforts and tend to get attached to places, people, a job path or anything that you’ve invested quite a bit of time and energy in. 

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What Mercury in Taurus Means

Mercury, the planet of communication, rules how we communicate and think, so with your Mercury in Taurus, you express yourself in a way that’s composed, grounded and pragmatic. You take your time reaching conclusions and presenting your ideas, and you often win people over with your dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit.   

What Venus in Taurus means

Your Venus sign speaks to how you relate to others and to earning money, experience pleasure and express yourself artistically. With the planet of beauty in the sign it rules, you value creativity and quality time building your bonds with loved ones and are known for being deeply loyal.

What Mars in Taurus means

If Mars — which oversees action, energy and aggression — was moving through Taurus when you were born, you’re perfectly happy to put your nose to the grindstone day after day to achieve whatever goal you’ve zeroed in on. You prefer to make even your boldest moves in a slow, steady, deliberate way, and it also takes quite a bit for you to lose your cool. 

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