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Taurus And Virgo Compatibility: Are They a Good Match in Love and Friendship?

Tauruses are down to earth and loyal, while Virgos are logical and stubborn. Can they get along?

Study astrology long enough and you’ll realize it’s full of nuance. Far from a set of blanket conditions, the influence of the stars on your compatibility with others depends on a whole slew of factors, all of which mix and mingle to determine just how well (or possibly how poorly) you’ll get along with someone else.  But not all of us have a PhD in star signs, or the time to decipher an entire birth chart. So when it comes to making quick and easy judgments about compatibility, there’s a simple rule: Signs of the same element tend to get along well, while signs of opposing elements…less so. This rule of thumb explains why fellow Earth signs Taurus and Virgo are often so successful in their relationships, whether they be professional, platonic or passionate. Wondering about a Taurus and Virgo compatibility?

If you’re a Taurus hoping to make friends with your new Virgo neighbor, or a Virgo hoping to develop a better relationship with your Taurus son-in-law, good news — your odds of success are high. Keep reading to learn more. 

What’s the scoop on Taurus?

Before we dive into the specifics of a Taurus-Virgo relationship, let’s talk about the signs as individuals, starting with the bull of the zodiac: Taurus. 

Born between April 20 and May 20, Taureans embody almost every Earth sign stereotype. Steadfast and grounded, they can be found with their feet planted firmly on the ground, literally and metaphorically. They luxuriate in the simple pleasures of life — good food, good music and well-designed homes are all hallmarks of a Taurus. Think of the person you know with the softest cashmere throw blankets, the most soothing lavender hand soap, the best restaurant recommendations. Chances are, they’re a Taurus. 

Like all Earth signs, Taureans are loyal and pragmatic. They’re the friend you call when you need help packing up your house for a move, or assessing nursing home options for your aging mom. The bull is the symbol of Wall Street for a reason — bulls are resilient and strong, unafraid of charging forward despite obstacles or a workload that would intimidate lesser animals. The same can be said of a Taurus. Once they’ve set their eyes on a goal, they’ll roll up their sleeves and get to work.

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What’s the deal with Virgo?

As fellow Earth signs, Virgos (those born between August 23 and September 2) are also deeply practical and attuned to the material world around them. However, Virgos tend to be more systematic and detail-oriented than the bull. Put a Virgo in charge of planning an event and they’ll attack it with the diligence and intensity of a general laying siege to enemy territory. It’s no wonder why Virgos make such great supply-chain analysts, logistics coordinators and event planners and Virgos aren’t scared of color-coding.

Despite their shrewd attention to detail (or perhaps because of it), Virgos can also be a total riot. They’re ruled by Mercury, the planet that influences communication and memory, and that influence bubbles up in a penchant for gossip, chitchat and a love for all things salacious. At work they might be all business, but once they clock out for the day, the only business on a Virgo’s mind is pleasure. 

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Virgo and Taurus compatibility in friendship

Knowing a little bit more about Virgo and Taurus as individuals makes it clear why they tend to get on so well as friends. They share so many core values that it’s easy for a Taurus to see right through a Virgo’s choice to the motivation underlying it, and vice versa. For instance, where other signs might see stubbornness or boring consistency in their Taurus friends, Virgos see dedication and commitment to getting the job done. What other signs may interpret as perfectionism or control-freak tendencies in Virgo, Taureans see as diligence and a love for organization. 

Thanks to their mutual Earth-sign love of all things pleasurable, Taurus and Virgo compatibility is clear since they also share many interests and hobbies. Checking out the new Michelin-starred restaurant in town? Yes, please! Sipping Merlot at a Friday-night jazz concert? Sign them up! The more senses they can deluge with high-quality gratification at once, the better — we were given bodies for a reason, after all! At least, that’s how Earth signs see it.

But although their many similarities usually make for a great relationship, they can also tee up potential conflicts. Both Virgo and Taurus can be highly opinionated and stubborn — feet planted in the ground, remember? — which can make compromises difficult to reach. Because they see eye-to-eye so often, disagreements can feel particularly jarring, and fights tend to become more vicious and explosive. 

The solution to this tendency lies back in their ruling planet, Mercury. In other words: It’s all about effective communication. Maybe you invited your Virgo girlfriend over for dinner, and she’s being overly critical of your chosen menu. Rather than telling her to “zip it,” let her know how you feel: I chose this meal because it’s one of my favorite recipes, and I wanted to share it with you. Your comments are making me feel unappreciated. 

Or perhaps your Taurus daughter is digging her heels in on a career choice that you find particularly unreasonable. Let her know where your concern is coming from: I care so much about you, and I’m worried that you’re going to be really unhappy in this new role. Great communication often requires vulnerability, which can be scary. But that vulnerability is the key to a lasting and successful Virgo-Taurus friendship.

Are the two Earth signs compatible in love?

Virgo and Taurus holding hands

The same traits that make friendship so natural between these two Earth signs also provide the basis for a truly mind-blowing romance. Their shared values and interests means that these two often have the same love languages, and just get each other. Whether they’re planning a first date or 10-year wedding anniversary, it’s easy for a Taurus-Virgo couple to agree on the perfect itinerary. 

However, the same potential pitfalls of a Taurus-Virgo friendship also apply to their romantic relationships. Taureans may find Virgos to be nitpicky and overly critical, while Virgo can feel smothered by their Taurus partner’s possessiveness. But don’t fret — if they put in the right effort, this doesn’t have to spell doom for the duo. 

Because they prize consistency so highly, Taureans often balk at deviations in routine, which may feel suffocating to their partner. It’s important for the bull to leave some room for spontaneity and rule-breaking in their relationship, lest the spark fizzle out prematurely.

On the other hand, it’s also important for detail-oriented Virgos to temper their perfectionism with appreciation for their partner. Once a Taurus decides to care about something — whether that be their job, a cause close to their heart or a relationship — they commit to it 100% and aren’t afraid to put in the corresponding amount of work. A little validation and appreciation goes a long way for the bull.

Is a Taurus and Virgo relationship written in the stars?

Whether you’re hoping to get along well with a new coworker or successfully ask out a mutual friend, when it comes to your fellow Earth sign, the odds are good. Each sign might have their unique quirks, but Taurus and Virgo compatibility is strong, and their relationship can weather the differences. So go ahead — leap into that relationship. It just might last for life.

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