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What Is the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction + How Will It Affect You

You’ve likely noticed that the last several weeks have felt especially intense, emotional perhaps even a little bit exhausting — and it’s not only because springtime is such a busy time of year. It’s also thanks to the astrology of the moment, which involves a Mercury retrograde, eclipse season, and on April 20, the biggest planetary meet-up of 2024 the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. 

When two planets meet up in the same exact spot in the sky at the same exact degrees of a zodiac sign, we say they’re conjunct or forming a conjunction. Faster-moving planets, like Mercury and Venus, form conjunctions frequently, but it’s much more rare for slower, outer planets, like Jupiter and Uranus, to come together. And on April 20, for the first time since 1941, Jupiter will pair up with Uranus in the fixed earth sign Taurus, which signals a brand new cycle of spiritual, artistic breakthroughs and financial shifts for society as a whole. It will also very likely lead to lucky shake-ups in your own life — and color how you express yourself over the course of the next 14 years. Here, all you need to know about this powerful astrological event so you can make the most of it.

What is the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction?

The total solar eclipse is far from the only rare celestial event we’re being treated to this April. On April 20, two planetary power players will meet up for the first time since 2011 — and in Taurus for the first time in 83 years. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, fortune and philosophy, is considered the “Great Benefic,” or the luckiest planet in the solar system. Meanwhile, Uranus, the planet of innovation, electricity, rebellion and revolution, tends to spur shocking, out of the blue changes. 

When the two come together, you can expect massive tide shifts, surprises, opportunities and chances to move in a new direction that could support personal growth. It also bears noting that the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is happening in Taurus, the fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, values, money, art and beauty. In turn, the new chapter that the conjunction will bring could influence relationships, earning and your perception of what’s aesthetically pleasing.

When will Jupiter conjunct Uranus?

Fortunate Jupiter and game-changing Uranus will meet in Taurus on April 20, 2024 at 10:27 p.m. ET/7:27 p.m. PT. But you’ll feel the effects of this major astrological event from mid-March to mid-May.

What the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction means for you, based on your sign

Here, how the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will affect you based on your sign.

(Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)

2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: Aries

Aries sign, 2024 the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction

Because Jupiter will conjunct Uranus in your income zone, this shocking planetary meet-up could influence how you’re bringing in cash, investing, saving or thinking about how to best bring your skill set to the table on the job. Chances are, you’ve been itching for change in this area of your life for a while now, but now, it’s possible you’ll feel catapulted in a whole new direction. Just be sure to consider whether new opportunities are in line with your values before diving in. 

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Taurus sign. 2024 the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction

Jupiter meets up with Uranus in your sign, which can do wonders for amplifying your confidence, enthusiasm, self-image and “personal brand.” You’ll feel inspired to innovate and switch up how you’re showing up in the world and going to bat for the aspirations that are closest to your heart. You could also be particularly in touch with your intuition and craving personal growth, so carving out time for meditation and self-reflection could also prove truly fruitful. 

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2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: Gemini

Gemini sign, 2024 the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction falls in your spirituality zone, which can magnify your awareness of your dreams and motivate you to nurture your mental well-being through an increased commitment to self-work. You could even have a lightbulb moment related to this area of your life. You’re usually so social and on-the-go that, in this next chapter, you might opt to be even more intentional about slowing down and prioritizing rest and mindfulness, which can keep you firing on all cylinders.

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Cancer sign, 2024 the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction

Your networking and long-term wishes zone is activated by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, so anticipate big, out of the blue changes related to the teams you work with, groups you associate with and community you’re involved in. Friendships that are no longer adding to your life could fade away while platonic bonds that are in line with your vision for the future grow even stronger. And expect to enjoy a surge of energy and enthusiasm to channel into collaborative projects.

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2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: Leo

Leo sign, 2024 the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction

Jupiter’s meet-up with Uranus is happening in your career zone, so buckle up for game-changing shifts around how you’ve been making your mark professionally or in a public way. It’s possible you’ve felt the tide turning for a while now as you’ve been putting your nose to the grindstone to earn recognition, and now, you can confidently step into the spotlight and revel in the accolades you’ve been vying for. At the same time, given Uranus’ rebellious nature, you might find that you can take a more free-spirited approach to your work.

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Virgo sign, 2024 the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction

When Jupiter conjuncts Uranus, it’ll happen in your higher learning and adventure zone, firing you up to shake up your mundane everyday routine in some wild and out-of-the-blue way. Perhaps it’s time to book that long-distance trip you’ve been itching to take or you could dive into a new field of study to advance your skill set. Listening to and following your gut is a huge part of this journey for you.

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Libra sign

Jupiter will conjunct Uranus in your emotional bonds and intimacy zone, which will whip up lucky changes related to your closest relationships and joint finances. With Jupiter in this sector for some time now, you’ve been wanting to cultivate a more meaningful connection and to bolster your sense of security and comfort, and as Jupiter meets Uranus, you could get your wish. Speaking up about your desires and taking a more proactive approach can lead to a truly satisfying result.

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2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: Scorpio

Scorpio sign

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction occurs in your partnership zone, so get ready to be surprised and thrilled by changes happening in your one-on-one relationships — whether romantic, platonic, or professional. If you’ve been wanting to pair up with a colleague to kick off a new venture or start a new chapter with your S.O., this astrological moment could be the fuel that kick starts your path toward wild and wonderful new terrain as a pair.  

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Sagittarius sign

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction falls in your wellness and daily routine sector, supporting your ability to shake up whatever’s not exactly working within your everyday hustle. You could be fired up to adopt a whole new strategy to care for your overall mental and physical well-being, excited to experiment with practices (like meditation or therapy) that boost your personal growth. Your excitement could lead to spreading yourself too thin, so bear in mind that streamlining your efforts can make you feel especially productive and revitalized. 

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2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: Capricorn

Capricorn sign

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction falls in your romance and self-expression zone, spotlighting fun, creativity and sharing your emotions with others in a lighthearted, even artistic way. You’re generally so dedicated to your work that it can be tough to build in time for spontaneity, but this planetary meetup stokes your craving for magic, childlike wonder, and joy. Knowing that you have every right to hit pause on deadlines and to-dos in order to more fully embrace your inner romantic can have you feeling fulfilled and centered.

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Aquarius sign

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction occurs in your home zone, so family life is a major focus now. You might be on the precipice of serious shifts related to where you live, your bonds with loved ones, or even your relationship with your inner emotional self. It’s time to take a progressive, proactive approach to tending to wounds that have gone unhealed for too long or to addressing any ongoing emotional issues with relatives. Your innovative nature kicks into high gear to bolster bonds all around.

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2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: Pisces

Pisces sign

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is happening in your communication zone, which means you’ll notice its effects in terms of your social life, how you connect with others and how you pursue learning opportunities. Chances are, you’ve been itching for lively conversations, spur-of-the-moment get-togethers and extra time tending to your platonic bonds, and this astrological event can make your wish a reality. Friends could support your ability to hone new skills, and short-distance trips could prove eye-opening and curiosity-satiating. 

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