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Your 2024 New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aries Horoscope: What’s in Store for You Come April 8

Learn how to make the most of it! 

As a moment bursting with bright new energy and hopefulness, springtime can’t help but feel like a time of year made for transitions. But if it feels like you’re on the brink of intense change and the pace of life has gotten noticeably frenetic, you’re merely feeling the effect of the first eclipse season of 2024. Following the March 25 full moon and lunar eclipse in Libra, we’re heading into another impactful astrological event: the April 8 new moon and solar eclipse in Aries. 

On Monday, April 8 at 2:21 p.m. ET/11:21 a.m. PT, this independence-fueling, impulsive and passionate new moon and solar eclipse falls in Aries, the cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of action, energy and aggression. As a result, this tide-turning event will empower you to step even more self-assuredly into your sense of self, to courageously go to bat for your goals and ambitions and to fight for whatever fires you up inside. You could also be inspired to make bold, even impulsive moves and to be more straightforward and to the point when asserting yourself. And, as a result of the moon’s connection to Mercury, which is currently retrograde in Aries, self-reflection around the past could be a major focus as you steel yourself for the future. Here, all you need to know about this powerful lunar event so you can make the most of it.

What is a new moon and solar eclipse?

New moons happen once — and rarely, twice — a month when the moon and the sun meet up at the same exact spot in the sky and the zodiac. Because they’re sitting so closely together, the sun’s vibrant light doesn’t reflect off of the moon and we’re greeted with a vast, dark sky. You can think of the night sky at the time of a new moon as a blank canvas on which you can envision whatever reality you’d love to begin to manifest, given that the new moon kicks off a whole new lunar cycle. 

In astrology, the moon helps inform your emotions, intuition and nurturing style as well as how you want to be nurtured. When it’s new, you could feel a magnified sense of possibility, anticipation and self-awareness. In general, new moons invite you to plant seeds that you want to see come to fruition over the following two weeks (up until the next full moon) and the following six months (when we’ll experience the corresponding full moon).

However, during a solar eclipse, the moon passes over the sun, blotting out its light. This only happens twice a year and each time, the typical new moon energy you feel on a monthly basis is stunningly amplified. You could feel restless, inexplicably emotional, confused or unmoored. And while a regular new moon’s effect lasts four days before and after the event, a solar eclipse’s vibe can be felt for longer — about a week before and after with residual effects playing out over the next six months. 

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What is the new moon and solar eclipse in Aries?

One of four breakthrough-bringing eclipses in 2024, the Aries solar eclipse is far from your average new moon. It’s part of a series of lunar events that tells an ongoing story in your life. To get a sense of where you’ve been and where you’re going: The series kicked off back on April 19, 2023, continued to play out on October 14, 2023, and had its most recent hit on March 25. Following April 8, there will be just two more milestones in this narrative occurring on October 2, 2024 and March 29, 2025.  

Around April 8 — and, really, all of the dates in an eclipse series — it can feel like your emotions have never been more intensified and certain situations in your life are either about to — or already have — reached a boiling point. Change, as daunting as it may be, is inevitable. 

Because this lunar event falls in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, it’s associated with the first house of self, which is the section of an astrological chart dedicated to self-image, sense of self, physical being and appearance, identity and how you present yourself in the world. That said, you’ll get to know yourself even better in the days around this eclipse. And you could also connect with your most passionate, assertive, even conflict-seeking side, given that Aries is interested in fighting for whatever fuels their inner drive.

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The new moon and solar eclipse in Aries challenges you to reflect on and share your truth

The new moon occurs at 19 degrees of Aries, while Mercury, the planet of communication, sits at 24 degrees of Aries, meaning that the two are closing in on a conjunction at the time of the eclipse. Mercury will be retrograde, however, which tends to encourage more meditation and inner work versus shouting your beliefs, opinions and desires from the rooftop. Still, the moment might feel like an inspiring one for journaling, having a lively heart-to-heart, or even leaning into a lightbulb moment about previously-held ambitions you realize you’re prepared to revisit. 

Even with Mercury moving backward, potentially clouding our thoughts and confusing our interactions, eclipses can make you feel as though time is moving at a more rapid pace and you’re suddenly on the fast track to launching the next chapter of your life. This can be a jarring juxtaposition of energies, to be sure, so when in doubt, try to take your foot off the gas, rest, reflect and see where the moment takes you. 

The 2024 new moon and solar eclipse in Aries will motivate you

Just after the eclipse, on April 10, go-getter Mars will pair up with challenge-spurring Saturn, which can kind of feel like you’re trying to hit the gas and the brake at the same time. In other words, it can feel pretty frustrating, but channeling your aggravation into a task that’s close to your heart will translate to impressive results. This is a planetary meet-up that supports putting your nose to the grindstone. And with the eclipse in Aries lighting your inner fire, you can tap into the power of Mars and Saturn to begin to build momentum toward the reality of your dreams.

Here, how the Aries new moon and solar eclipse will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)


solar eclipse in Aries with the aries sign
Silver Place/Getty

Falling in your sign, this new moon and solar eclipse is supercharged to bring your focus to your purpose, long-term aspirations, sense of self and how you want to be perceived in the world. It could be time for you to make a bold, even shocking move to assert yourself and strike out on your own. The dynamics of your relationships — with yourself and with others — will also become more clear and you may realize it’s time to defend your desires in this area of life, too.

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solar eclipse in Aries with the Taurus sign
Silver Place/Getty

With the new moon and solar eclipse falling in your spirituality zone, your dreams could be more colorful and intense. You could also feel like your inner voice is even louder than usual. Both of these intuitive experiences are worth tuning into more — and trusting. Do what you can to channel intense emotions into a physical practice like meditation or deep breathing and you could find that you feel more at ease, centered and clear on how you want to proceed.

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solar eclipse in Aries with the Gemini sign
Silver Place/Getty

This new moon and solar eclipse impacts your networking and long-term wishes zone, which could spur you to step into working with friends or colleagues outside of your usual social circle. You’re very much immersed now in a desire to connect and make a difference alongside a group of friends or team of co-workers who are all aligned with a mission that’s close to your heart. When you bring your skill set to the table, you could be thrilled to find that you feel even more understood than you even imagined you could be.  

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solar eclipse in Aries with the Cancer sign
Silver Place/Getty

The new moon and solar eclipse activates your career and public image zone, which could mean you’re dealing with some fairly dramatic circumstances right now related to responsibilities on the job, authority figures, and/or your big picture, professional goals. The intensity of the moment can make it tough to zoom out and see the forest for the trees and although you may feel uneasy about the shifting tide, going with it could lead to rewarding personal growth. 

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solar eclipse in Aries with the leo sign
Silver Place/Getty

This new moon and solar eclipse impacts your adventure and higher learning sector, which can have you feeling even more restless than usual. You’ll want to shake up your typical routine and pursue any opportunity you can find to travel, soak up knowledge or explore different philosophies. And doing so could be the key to feeling spiritually satisfied. But don’t worry if it feels like you’re not quite ready to launch into the destiny you’re envisioning. This moment may also be about setting the stage.

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solar eclipse in Aries with the Virgo sign
Silver Place/Getty

This new moon and solar eclipse occurs in your emotional bonds zone, so you’ll be gaining clarity around your closest relationships and what impacts your comfort level within these bonds. This is also the sector of joint resources, so you could be immersed in projects related to investments, savings or budgeting for the future. A fast and ambitious approach might be tempting, but you know in your heart of hearts that adopting a slow, steady, pragmatic strategy will serve you best in the long-haul.

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solar eclipse in Aries with the Libra sign
Silver Place/Getty

The new moon and solar eclipse falls in your partnership zone, encouraging you to get clear on what you want out of your nearest and dearest one-on-one bonds. If it feels like one person is giving more than the other or you’re not feeling as seen and heard as you’d ideally like, it could be time to take a stand. 

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solar eclipse in Aries with the scorpio sign
Silver Place/Getty

With the new moon and solar eclipse falling in your wellness zone, you could have stunning realizations about what you need to change within your day-to-day routine so that you feel more centered, vital and on track. Streamlining your commitments — either work related or other to-dos — could serve you well, as could making a point to revisit mind-body practices you put on hold and previously found revitalizing.

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solar eclipse in Aries with the SAGITTARIUs sign
Silver Place/Getty

This new moon and solar eclipse falls in your romance and self-expression sector, which can be truly enlivening as you realize just how much you want to infuse your life with more fun-loving, playful energy. You could be particularly in tune with your artistic impulses and eager to share your voice in a way that feels creatively fulfilling. Feel free to hit pause on mundane to-dos in order to more fully tap into your imaginative potential now!

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solar eclipse in Aries with the capricorn sign
Silver Place/Getty

This solar eclipse and new moon occurs in your home zone, which brings your attention to any ongoing emotional issues with loved ones or unhealed wounds related to your inner life. While it might feel like the opposite of moving the ball forward in the way you’d ultimately like, slowing down enough to truly invest in self-reflection and self-work now could be exactly what it takes to boost your emotional well-being and, ultimately, sail toward success.

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solar eclipse in Aries with the Aquarius sign
Silver Place/Getty

The full moon and lunar eclipse occurs in your communication zone, which makes this a period in which your mind is going a mile a minute — and your schedule is probably reflective of that high mental energy, too. You might be torn in a bevy of directions and engaging with everyone in your social circle. Cue all the lively conversations and get-togethers. Just be sure you’re taking a step back when necessary to tend to your own needs.

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solar eclipse in Aries with the Pisces sign
Silver Place/Getty

This solar eclipse and new moon activates your money zone. In turn, you could be preparing to shake up how you’re pursuing income. Perhaps it’s time to bring your skills to the table in a whole new way alongside people whose values truly align with your own. Because this sector also deals with self-worth, you might pinpoint a new way to go to bat for the rewards you’ve been striving for — and have most definitely earned. 

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