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Your 2024 Taurus Season Horoscope: What’s in Store for You, Based on Your Sign

Here’s what the sun’s trip through the fixed earth sign means for love, money and more.

With sunnier days, increasingly temperate breezes and the promise of summer fun right around the corner, the latter half of April and first half of May can’t help but be a moment we often want to hit pause and revel in. And if you’ve been itching to slow down, be more present and soak up all the beauty of springtime, this is precisely the season to do just that — not only because it’s mid-spring, but because it’s Taurus season 2024. Taurus season occurs annually when the sun moves through the second sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Bull.

Because the fixed earth sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, you’ll likely be more inclined to prioritize languorous, pleasurable, harmonious experiences. This season also encourages you to take your time moving through life and to engage with the world around us through all five senses, just like the Bull. It does bear noting, however, that Taurus is one of the fixed signs, known for being resolute as well as stubborn, so you could also be less interested in big change. But this year, thanks to a rare planetary meet-up between Jupiter and Uranus, we’re all being invited to shake things up. Here, all you need to know about Taurus season 2024 so you can make the most of it.

When is Taurus season?

Every year, you can count on Taurus season to occur from approximately April 19-20 to May 20-21. In 2024, Taurus season will be in effect from April 19 to May 20.

What to expect during Taurus season

In general, when the sun makes its annual journey through Taurus, we’re all more inclined to be more deliberate and take our sweet time moving through life. Given how speedy life can feel during fiery, dynamic Aries season and how fast-paced you tend to be in general, Taurean energy can feel like a major switch.

And because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love’s terrain — relationships, beauty, harmony, values and earning — are all themes that are more likely to become a focus during Taurus season. You could be more apt to pursue a romantic connection, experiment with your personal style or dive into self-work to bolster your self-worth, which could influence your bottom line. 

At the same time, Taurus, like fellow fixed signs Leo (fixed fire), Scorpio (fixed water) and Aquarius (fixed air), can struggle with all or nothing or polarized thinking. Going with the flow is more challenging for the Bull, a sign that prefers to stick with what they know and are cozy with. For that reason, you could be less inclined to take chances and get out of your comfort zone and more likely to dig your heels in, even if adopting a more open-minded perspective and pivoting might be in your best interest. That said, Taurus season is an opportunity to become more aware of how and when you may benefit from fostering flexibility. 

In 2024, Taurus season will kick off a thrilling new chapter

On April 20, just one day after Taurus season begins, Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, will pair up with Uranus, the planet of electrifying, out-of-the-blue change and revolution, in Taurus. If that sounds like a major game-changer, that’s because it absolutely is. The last time Jupiter met Uranus was in 2011, and the last time the two were together in Taurus was 1941. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will set the stage for surprises and opportunities that could lead to personal growth, and it’ll also launch new beginnings and a new, 14-year cycle for society related to relationships, bringing in money, and our perception of beauty. 

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Taurus season 2024 will allow you to build momentum toward a vision you’ve been reflecting on

On April 25, Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation and technology, will move forward in Aries after its three-week retrograde. Since April 1, you’ve likely felt stuck in reverse in many ways, unable to move the ball forward despite perhaps simultaneously feeling super-fired up. But as Mercury moves forward, especially in action-oriented Aries, you can finally gain traction, sharing your biggest ideas and hitting the gas in order to push forward on related game plans. Just watch out for impulsivity, feeling overly competitive or moving so quickly that you fail to take note of crucial details. 

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The lunar events of Taurus season 2024 spotlight your self-worth and most intimate relationships

On April 23, the full moon falls in Taurus’ opposite sign, Scorpio, which is co-ruled by Mars, the planet of action and sex, and Pluto, the planet of transformation. Associated with the Eighth House of Intimacy, Scorpio challenges us to go beneath the surface to acknowledge and address topics that might be a bit unnerving to explore but that can only bring us closer to our nearest and dearest. Scorpio also revels in investigating, excavating and swimming in deep emotional waters, so you could be prepared to have a crucial heart-to-heart or make a bold move within a close bond. 

By comparison, the May 7 new moon in Taurus will encourage you to get more clear on the simple, practical things you need to enhance your inner peace. These things could be related to one-on-one relationships or they might originate within you and be tied to your values, given Taurus’ association with the Second House of Income and Self-Worth. Either way, this harmonious moment ushers in a fresh start and chance to set a pragmatic goal.

Here, how Taurus season will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)

Taurus season 2024: Aries

Taurus season 2024: Aries Zodiac Sign

While the vitality-bringing sun is in your money zone, you’ll enjoy a surge of confidence you can apply toward income-related endeavors. Over the course of the past month and your own season, you’ve likely been inspired to put yourself and your big picture ideas out there more, and now, you can make strides toward monetizing those goals. You’ll have the wind in your sails especially once Mercury moves forward in your sign from April 25 to May 15.

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Taurus zodiac sign

Thanks to the sun’s presence in your sign this month, you’re ready to move from backstage to the limelight. Last month, you might have been more inclined to prioritize solo time and rest, but now, you’re feeling pioneering, dynamic, and prepared to take your work, your relationships, and your wellness routine to the next level. A lot of this is owed to the fact that you are especially in tune with your identity and sense of self. And celebrating both proves empowering and success-fueling!

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Taurus season 2024: Gemini

Taurus season 2024: Gemini zodiac sign

While the confident sun moves through your spirituality zone, you could be less inclined to say “yes” to every invite or engage in all of the conversations, per usual. Instead, it may feel more fulfilling to zero in on your self-care plan, add in more time for rest, and meditate on what you want to achieve in the coming weeks. This could seem out of character, to be sure, but it’ll serve you best, especially because your season — and moment to shine — is right around the corner. 

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Cancer Zodiac Sign

While the vitality-boosting sun moves through your networking zone, you’ll be less of a homebody than usual and more interested in spending extra time with all of the people who you consider part of your community. As a cardinal sign, you are very much an initiator, so tap into that strength by proposing group projects or get-togethers for your larger friend group. You’ll feel more connected. And as Mercury moves forward in your career zone from April 25 to May 15, teamwork could also lead to well-deserved recognition. 

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Taurus season 2024: Leo

Taurus season 2024: Leo zodiac sign

With your ruler, the sun, in Taurus, your career zone is activated, setting the stage for you to earn more recognition for your professional efforts. If you’ve been pursuing a new role, a leadership opportunity, more responsibility or accolades for a job well done, you’ll enjoy a surge of self-assurance and optimism now that can catapult you to the reality you’ve been envisioning. You can especially look forward to Mercury retrograde ending on April 25, because then, you’ll gain more clarity around the skills and directives that can support your advancement. 

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Virgo Zodiac Sign

While the sun moves through your adventure zone during Taurus season, you’ll be eager to shake off the cabin fever that may very well have been building over the last several months. Even if you’re not hopping a flight to a far-away destination, you can get out and prioritize eye-opening moments (like checking out a new art exhibit or taking a specialized yoga workshop). And because your ruling planet, communicator Mercury, will move forward in your intimacy zone from April 25 to May 15, it’s easier to bring someone special along for the ride now.

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Taurus season 2024: Libra

Taurus season 2024: Libra Zodiac sign

While the self-image-oriented sun makes its way through your emotional bonds zone, your deepest, most intimate relationships will be center stage for you. And tending to shared financial goals could also be a main focus. If you feel like you’ve been struggling to get the ball rolling on a shared strategy, take heart that once messenger Mercury is direct in your partnership sector from April 25 to May 15, you’ll have a clear runway to acting on new investment, savings or earning opportunities. 

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Scorpio zodiac sign

Taurus season brings your attention to your one-on-one relationships — whether platonic, romantic or professional, thanks to the fact that the confident sun is in your partnership zone. You’re more prone to pairing up to accomplish your goals now, and talking through shared aspirations can be particularly productive, as well. And know that you’re even more likely to see positive changes in your day-to-day schedule, potentially related to these long-term aspirations, once messenger Mercury is moving forward in your daily routine zone from April 25 to May 15.

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Taurus season 2024: Sagittarius

Taurus season 2024: Sagittarius Zodiac sign

While the confident sun is in your wellness zone during Taurus season, you’ll enjoy a burst of glass-half-full energy you can apply toward getting more organized, checking off all of the to-dos on your list, and even stepping up mind-body practices — or trying something new altogether! If you’ve been wanting to check out a meditation class with a friend or streamline your weekly commitments, this energy will undoubtedly support your success. You may even start to feel a bit more creative and playful from April 25 to May 15, once messenger Mercury moves ahead in your self-expression zone.

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Capricorn zodiac sign

Although you are generally thrilled to put your nose to the grindstone to further your long-term goals, Taurus season presents a chance to put deadlines and challenging work on the backburner in order to be more playful and spontaneous. That’s because the sun is in your romance and self-expression sector, amplifying your creativity, artistic impulses and desire to connect and have fun with loved ones. Now’s your chance to plan that belated spring break trip, weekend picnic or lighthearted date night with the people who you adore.

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Taurus season 2024: Aquarius

Taurus season 2024: Aquarius zodiac sign

Taurus season turns your attention to family matters and your inner emotional world more than anything, thanks to the sun’s trip through your home zone. This could look like prizing catch-ups with loved ones over going out, spending more time tending to domestic to-dos like gardening or experimenting in the kitchen, or initiating an overdue heart-to-heart with a family member. And thanks to messenger Mercury moving forward in your communication zone from April 25 to May 15, you can clarify any misunderstandings that might have resulted from crossed wires with relatives.  

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Pisces zodiac sign

While the confident sun moves through your communication sector during Taurus season, you’ll be feeling more curious and social, which can inspire you to sign up for a class that allows you to hone a new skill set or dive into that pile of books you’ve been meaning to read. And if you can enlist friends to join you, even better! Saying “yes” more often to get-togethers with your social circle brings you even more joy than usual now. And lively conversations could also inspire exciting earning opportunities — especially from April 25 to May 15 once communicator Mercury is direct in your money zone.   

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