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New Moon in Aquarius 2024 Horoscope: What’s in Store for You Come February 9

Prepare for unpredictability and excitement!

Although February feels very much like the heart of wintertime, it’s hard to ignore that springtime and new beginnings aren’t so far off anymore. And steering toward our dreams for the new year with a full month of lessons and experiences under our belts, we’re more apt to have breakthroughs and to be open to changing course if necessary. For that reason, February’s innovation-spurring, eye-opening new moon in Aquarius 2024 is perfectly timed. 

On Friday, February 9, 2024, at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, this enlivening, rebellious new moon falls in Aquarius, the fixed air sign whose modern ruler is Uranus, the planet of revolution, originality, freedom and electrifying change. The 2024 Aquarius new moon is the starting line for setting a thrilling intention stemming from your unique perspective or talents. Because there’s a surprising, erratic energy around this new moon, epiphanies and goals could occur to you in a way that feels completely out of the blue. And with the moon forming a tense angle to Uranus itself, in fixed earth sign Taurus, it’s best to keep an eye out for impulsivity and stubbornness. But by learning about what this lunar event has to offer, you’ll make the most of it.

What is a new moon?

The new moon occurs once — less frequently, twice — a month when the moon and the sun meet up at the very same spot in the zodiac (for example, this month, they will meet at 20 degrees of Aquarius). Because the two celestial bodies are so close, the sun’s vibrant light doesn’t reflect off of the moon at all, and from our perspective on Earth, the night sky appears to be completely dark. For that reason, you can think of a new moon as a blank canvas on which you can paint your vision for the future. And you can take advantage of new moon energy by getting clear on and setting those goals for four days before and after the event occurs. 

In astrology, the moon speaks to your emotions, intuition, nurturing style, and when it’s new, you could feel a heightened sense of possibility, hopefulness and connection to your feelings. New moons also present a chance to plant seeds that you can watch grow over the following two weeks (up until the next full moon) and the following six months (when we’ll experience the corresponding full moon).

What is the new moon in Aquarius?

February’s new moon in Aquarius asks you to open yourself up to groundbreaking, game-changing realizations — perhaps especially related to how you can better celebrate what makes you unique, connect with a group of friends or colleagues or take action that promotes the greater good for your community. 

That’s because Aquarius is associated with the eleventh house of networking, groups and long-term wishes, so this lunar event fuels humanitarian pursuits and team efforts. It’s a chance to feel more connected, nurture platonic bonds and embrace progressive, future-minded ideas.

The 2024 new moon in Aquarius: Prepare for unpredictability and excitement 

The new moon occurs at 20 degrees of Aquarius, while Uranus, the planet of originality and invention, sits at 19 degrees of fellow fixed sign Taurus, meaning that the two connect in a challenging but also activating square. The moon oversees our intuition and how we process our emotions while Uranus’ job is to shake up anything mundane or stagnant. For that reason, you could be caught off-guard by shocking feelings that pop up out of nowhere and the impulse to act on emotions or a gut feeling without spending too much time thinking it through.

Aquarius itself, as a sign ruled by Uranus, is already associated with innovation and striking out against convention, but you add this square to the game-changing planet to the mix, and you can easily identify a bright, shiny, out-of-the-box approach to achieving your aspirations. At the same time, both Aquarius and Taurus are two of the fixed signs, meaning that both are innately resolute but also obstinate. In turn, around the days of this new moon, you may notice a tendency — in yourself or others — to engage in stubborn, black-and-white thinking. The fix: doing your best to be adaptable and open to unexpected twists and turns. 

The 2024 new moon in Aquarius: Boosts your confidence 

Just after the moon squares off against Uranus, Mercury, the planet of communication, traveling through Aquarius will square off against Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, in Taurus, which powers optimistic thinking and interactions. If you’ve come up with a winning strategy that you simply can’t wait to kick off in order to hit your new moon goal, Mercury’s connection to lucky Jupiter can set the stage for you to make a presentation or send in a proposal to get the ball rolling. You’ll feel fired up as your self-assurance soars. 

And as the new moon energy dissipates, Mars, the planet of action and energy, pairs up with Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, in Aquarius on Wednesday, February 14. This planetary meet-up amplifies any desire to make your mark and make your most ambitious dreams a reality. Given just how intense the Aquarian energy is now, the more you can embrace marching to the beat of your own drum, the greater and more fulfilling the upshot. 

Here, how the Aquarius new moon will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)

New moon in Aquarius 2024: Aries

Aries: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The new moon activates your networking and groups sector, firing up your desire to pursue an ambitious aspiration alongside co-workers or friends. Working together as a team has you feeling even more seen and connected — and can lay the groundwork for a financial win. When your ruler, go-getter Mars, pairs up with powerful Pluto there a few days later, you’ll be even more assured that you’re on the best path. 

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Taurus: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With the new moon falling in your career zone, you’re ready to go to bat for more recognition from higher-ups or people you respect and admire. If you’ve been wanting to advance your position on the job or take on more responsibility on a long-term project, you can get clear on your vision and take steps in that direction now. And with the moon squaring Uranus in your sign, gasp-worthy game plan shifts could pop out of nowhere.

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New moon in Aquarius 2024: Gemini

Gemini: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This new moon highlights your adventure sector, allowing you to tune into your gut and to embrace spontaneity even more than usual. The path you’ve been on or the routine you’ve been sticking to simply isn’t cutting it now, and you’ll be able to pinpoint a horizon-broadening new approach by listening to your intuition and opening yourself up to a leap of faith. And with the moon squaring Uranus in your spirituality zone, vivid, intense dreams could also lead the way.  

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Cancer: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With the new moon in your emotional bonds zone, you have a clear runway for opening up to a loved one about deep-rooted feelings that you have yet to give voice to. Embracing vulnerability now can be hugely empowering, and as the moon, your ruler, squares off against Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs, in your long-term wishes sector, you could find that building intimacy offers a newfound sense of optimism. You know you have the support to move toward your greatest aspiration. 

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New moon in Aquarius 2024: Leo

Leo: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The new moon falls in your partnership zone which means your focus will be on advancing an aspiration you share with a dear friend, loved one, significant other, or business partner. You’ll do well to lean on one another as you navigate both joyful moments and challenges. And as the moon squares off against game-changer Uranus in your public image sector, the bold moves you make now could also lead to out-of-the-blue round of applause or offer to step into a position of leadership. 

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Virgo: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The new moon falls in your wellness zone — the sector that is actually associated with Virgo, and therefore, is quite familiar to you — encouraging you to explore and kick off new daily routines that support your overall well-being. Perhaps it’s time to commit to a five-minute meditation practice or experiment with quick, filling dinner recipes. And thanks to the moon’s square to rebellious Uranus in your adventure zone, any opportunity to learn something new and get out of your comfort zone along the way is a win. 

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New moon in Aquarius 2024: Libra

Libra: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

Falling in your romance and self-expression zone, this new moon activates your playful, spontaneous, and fun-loving side. Hitting pause on work in order to follow your heart is a must now, as it can lay the groundwork for you to grow even closer to loved ones and friends. And because the moon forms a tense but productive square to electrifying Uranus in your intimacy zone, sharing emotions with someone you trust has you feeling understood and appreciated for who you are.

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Scorpio: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With the new moon in your home zone, your focus is currently on deep-rooted emotions, family members and domestic life. Activities that you share with loved ones could translate to a heartfelt new tradition, or you could begin a home redecoration project you’ve been looking forward to. At the same time, because the moon squares off against Uranus, the planet of change, in your partnership zone, you could also have an epiphany about the dynamics of your relationship with a loved one, friend or co-worker.

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New moon in Aquarius 2024: Sagittarius

Sagittarius: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This new moon falls in your communication zone, making this a very social, buzzy moment in which you’ll be inspired to brainstorm ideas alongside colleagues. Or you could be focused on learning and trading information with friends related to your goals. And because the moon squares off against Uranus, the planet of change, in your daily routine sector, you may also be leaning on friends to help you think about ways in which shaking up your day-to-day hustle could bolster your well-being. 

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Capricorn: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With the new moon highlighting your money sector, this moment is fertile ground for launching a new approach to earning, investing, saving or otherwise thinking about your income. It could be that the way in which you’ve been bringing in cash simply isn’t aligned with your values anymore and it’s time to shift gears. To that end, you absolutely have the wind in your sails as a result of game-changing Uranus in your self-expression zone inspiring you to be true to yourself and research how you can pursue a path that’s even more in line with your sense of self. 

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New moon in Aquarius 2024: Aquarius

Aquarius: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This is your annual new moon, Aquarius, which means the world is truly your oyster! No matter what you want to achieve, this is your moment for homing in on your ideal outcome and then planting seeds to make that your reality. With so much idiosyncratic Aquarian energy abounding now, be sure to own and celebrate your unique point of view and shamelessly strike out against convention as you pursue your intention. With the moon squaring off against electrifying Uranus in your home zone, just be sure to check in with your heart — and possibly consult loved ones — before making any bold moves. 

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Pisces: new moon in aquarius 2024
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The new moon activates your spirituality zone — the sector that is associated with Pisces, in fact, so this is a familiar area of life for you. In turn, your dreams could be more vivid and offer valuable intuitive information that can steer you toward the best intention to set now. Just know that it is not only advisable but wise to spend more time resting versus hitting the ground running, as this moment was wired for self-reflection and recharging that will serve you well in the long-haul. And with the moon squaring off against game-changer Uranus in your communication zone, talking through your ideas with a friend or loved one could prove inspiring.

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