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Your 2024 New Moon in Pisces Horoscope: What’s in Store for You Come March 10

This shift might be just the thing you need to start your spring right! 

Although March begins with blustery, even bone-chilling weather and frequently gray skies, it’s also a month that can easily have you feeling hopeful and inspired, given that it hosts the beginning of springtime. And we’re all bound to feel a bit dreamier because for the first half of the month, until March 19, the sun is moving through romantic, empathic water sign Pisces. Aspirations that arise now may not only resonate with your heart but feel like they have legs to become actionable game plans. And the first step may very well be to set a powerful intention in the days surrounding March’s creative, breakthrough-spurring new moon in Pisces.

On Sunday, March 10 at 5 a.m. ET/2 a.m. PT, this enlightening, heartfelt new moon falls in Pisces, the mutable water sign whose modern ruler is Neptune, the planet of dreams, healing and spirituality. The 2024 Pisces new moon is like fuel for your imagination and intuition and could mark the moment in which you plant seeds that you could see flourish in two weeks at the next full moon point (on March 25, 2024 when we have not only a full moon but a lunar eclipse in Aries) and in six months (when the Pisces full moon and lunar eclipse occurs on September 17, 2024). Because Pisces is associated with romance, empathy and forgoing rational thought for escapism and creativity, this can be a truly magical time of year in which you could gain greater awareness of your spiritual and emotional needs. And because the moon forms a harmonizing angle to Uranus, the planet of sudden change, prepare for lightbulb moments galore. Here, all you need to know about this lunar event so you can make the most of it. 

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What is a new moon?

The new moon occurs once — less frequently, twice — a month when the moon and the sun meet up at the exact same spot in the zodiac (for example, this month, they will meet at 20 degrees of Pisces). Because the two celestial bodies are so close, the sun’s vibrant light doesn’t reflect off of the moon at all, and from our point of view on Earth, the moon’s form appears hidden. For that reason, you can think of a new moon as a blank canvas on which you can paint your vision for the future. And you can take advantage of new moon energy by getting clear on and setting those goals for four days before and after the event occurs. 

In astrology, the moon helps inform your emotions, intuition and nurturing style as well as how you want to be nurtured. When it’s new, you could feel a magnified sense of possibility, anticipation and emotional self-awareness. New moons also present a chance to plant seeds that you can watch grow over the following two weeks (up until the next full moon) and the following six months (when we’ll experience the corresponding full moon).

What is the new moon in Pisces?

March’s new moon in Pisces sets the stage for tuning into your heart in a deep, self-compassionate way, honing your empathy, and emphasizing healing within your bonds. Pisces, the sign of the fish, is associated with the twelfth house of spirituality, which oversees the unconscious, dreams and secrets. In turn, this could be a new moon during which you turn your attention to underlying feelings or messages your intuition has been sending you that you’re not typically in touch with on a day-to-day basis. The twelfth house is also devoted to rest, so while we may be on the precipice of spring and active Aries season, this new moon could inspire you to take a step back from your usual routine to slow down and get quiet in order to connect more deeply with what your spirit and soul needs.

That said, Pisces’ strengths is the sign’s ability to read subtext and innately understand other people’s emotions. But the fish may also empathize to a fault, taking on others’ hardships and challenges as their own. For that reason, during this super-Piscean period, be sure to take a step back from emotionally charged situations to ensure you’re standing strong in how you personally feel. A crucial lesson now is that it’s possible to support loved ones and friends without over-identifying with their strife.

The 2024 new moon in Pisces could lead to thrilling epiphanies

The new moon occurs at 20 degrees of Pisces, while Uranus, the planet of sudden change, innovation and rebellion, sits at 19 degrees of Taurus, the fixed earth sign, so the two meet in a friendly sextile just ahead of the new moon. And this comes right on the heels of the sun, also in Pisces of course, doing the same thing with Uranus a day prior. These celestial meet-ups invite you to open yourself up to positive twists and turns in the road. You could find you’re feeling quicker to embrace your individuality, freedom and wild, out-there ideas that pop up out of the blue. And all of these Uranian ingredients could spotlight an exciting intention you plan to zero in on in the days surrounding this new moon.  

The 2024 new moon is fertile ground for enacting practical and imaginative plans

Since Saturn, the planet of hard work and responsibility, is sitting at 11 degrees of Pisces, it will meet up with the moon just before its new moon phase, as well, setting a serious but harmonious tone, particularly in important relationships. You could be reflecting on how you can make your dreams a bit more concrete or infuse a greater sense of security into your bonds. It’s also possible that there will be a bit of heaviness as you take stock of your responsibilities, but because the moon is moving toward a conjunction with dreamy Neptune, you could ultimately land on a feeling of idealism. This new moon reminds you that you have everything you need to forge a pragmatic and inspiring path forward — and urges you to have faith that it’s all going to work out.

Here, how the Pisces new moon will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)


New Moon in Pisces: Aries
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The new moon falls in your spirituality sector, making this an especially surreal, dream-like moment for you. While you tend to be more invested in moving the ball forward on your big picture aspirations, you’ll be reminded in the days around this new moon that sometimes, resting and recharging is the best possible fuel for making even your most ambitious goals a reality. And with the moon forming a friendly sextile to innovative Uranus in your money zone, any self-work or healing you do now could also benefit your bottomline. 

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New Moon in Pisces: Taurus
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The new moon activates your networking zone, motivating you to dive into a group project, spend more time with friends, or join an organization with a mission that aligns with how you see yourself in the world. You’ll be craving a greater sense of connection to like-minded people, and taking advantage of any opportunity to collaborate could satiate that craving. Remaining more open to lightbulb moments — courtesy of the moon’s dance with Uranus in your sign — can also come in handy as sharing your brilliant ideas with co-workers could lead to a round of applause.  

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New Moon in Pisces: Gemini
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This new moon falls in your public image and career sector making it one of the most powerful all year for you to make strides on big picture aspirations and any desire to make your mark and earn recognition for a job well done. If you’ve been wanting to go to bat for a promotion or to pitch a big picture project, consider making your move in the days around this new moon. And with game-changer Uranus in your spirituality zone, giving your intuition as much air time as your buzzing mind can lead to even greater success. 

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New Moon in Pisces: Cancer
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The new moon falls in your adventure sector, spurring your appetite for moving beyond your everyday routine and having an eye-opening experience. You could find you want to sign up for an online class, work with a mentor, hone a skill set by downloading a new app, or even plan a summer trip. Even a small step toward spreading your wings can be truly liberating now. And with the moon’s sextile to game-changer Uranus in your networking zone, trading notes with friends or co-workers could fuel even more exciting plans.  

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Full Moon in Virgo: Leo
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The new moon is happening in your emotional bonds zone, making this a moment in which intimacy and joint resources are a major focus. You could be inspired to have deep, meaningful conversations with a loved one about shared goals, perhaps related to your relationship or money. Feeling like you have a concrete foundation and bolstered security could also empower you to make a bold move to further your professional aspirations, thanks to the moon’s sextile to electrifying Uranus in your career zone. 

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New Moon in Pisces: Virgo
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With the new moon falling in your partnership zone, you’ll be reflecting on your one-on-one connections and eager to share your dreams with a dear friend, loved one or co-worker. Though you might feel certain that a tried-and-true approach will spell a shared win, be open to lightbulb moments or sudden shifts, as a result of the moon’s sextile to game-changer Uranus in your adventure zone. Getting out of your comfort zone could be what ultimately paves the way to a successful outcome.

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New Moon in Pisces: Libra
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The new moon activates your wellness sector, making this a lovely moment to evaluate and reimagine your day-to-day schedule. It could be that streamlining your to-dos or adding in more restorative activities (like yoga or deep breathing) offers a well-deserved sense of balance. And with the moon forming a friendly angle to innovative Uranus in your emotional bonds zone, leaning on a loved one and bouncing ideas off of one another could have you feeling truly supported as you finesse your everyday hustle. 

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New Moon in Pisces: Scorpio
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This new moon occurs in your romance and self-expression zone, urging you to tap into your creative, playful and spontaneous side. In fact, hitting pause on work and allowing yourself more breathing room to follow your heart now could create space for you to connect with friends and loved ones in a truly lovely and even magical way. And thanks to the moon’s sextile to rebellious Uranus in your partnership zone, shaking up your usual routine can bolster your bonds with your nearest and dearest.  

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New Moon in Pisces: Sagittarius
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This new moon is happening in your home zone, inviting you to set a heartfelt intention related to your domestic life, whether that’s beginning a new tradition with a loved one, kicking off a home redecoration project or having an important conversation with a family member that sets you down a healing path. No matter what you want to achieve, you’ll do well to pay attention to your inner world and tend to your emotional needs, which, given the moon’s sextile to game-changer Uranus in your wellness zone, could serve to bolster your well-being, too. 

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New Moon in Pisces: Capricorn
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The new moon activates your communication sector, which makes this a very buzzy time period in which you’re sure to be firing on all cylinders mentally and socially. Spending more time with friends or co-workers can lead to lively, inspiring conversations and potentially even collaborative projects. And with the moon forming a friendly sextile to rebellious Uranus in your romance and self-expression zone, an artistic impulse could pop up out of the blue. Exploring your thoughts and feelings through a creative outlet can prove truly fulfilling. 

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New Moon in Pisces: Aquarius
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With the new moon in your money zone, this is one of the best times of the year to set a financial goal. Your tendency might be to come at it from a rational point of view, but allow yourself the space to tap into your intuition and heart. It could be that a particular opportunity isn’t exactly in line with your values, and you’d do well to work on manifesting a different avenue that is. With the moon’s sextile to innovative Uranus in your home zone, paying close attention to your emotions and sense of security is even more of a must. 

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New Moon in Pisces: Capricorn
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This is your annual new moon, Pisces, and with the lunar event falling in your sign, you have a once-a-year opportunity to set an intention related to a passion project. You’ll be especially aware of how you’re presenting yourself out in the world and inspired to take your “personal brand” to the next level, whether that’s a spring wardrobe refresh or website makeover. You’re more in touch with your intuition than ever now, which can be an incredible asset on your journey to making your dream a reality. And with the moon’s sextile to Uranus in your communication zone, sharing your thoughts with friends and colleagues has you feeling even more inspired.

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