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Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love and Friendship

Can the fire an water signs live happily ever after or will they burn out fast

Dreamy Pisces and lively Sagittarius. These signs share many traits — they’re both mutable, meaning they easily adapt to change and tend to approach life with an open and resilient mindset. In traditional astrology, they’re also both ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and excess. Yet as water signs and fire signs, respectively, they can also quickly douse each other’s energy with the wrong move. So is there Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility?

With so many factors to consider, it’s hard to predict how a relationship between these two will play out. Is your new Pisces direct report destined to become your work bestie, or your nightmare coworker? Or maybe you can’t get a read on your new Sagittarius hairdresser and need some insight to make sense of her chaotic personality. Whatever the case may be, Pisces-Sagittarius relationships are complicated — and we’re here to help make some sense of them. 

Pisces: the psychic of the zodiac

Step into the soul of a Pisces, and you might find yourself struggling to stay afloat. With a subconscious as deep as the ocean, these water signs always have one foot in reality and one foot in the realm of their dreams and intuition. This dual nature is aptly represented by their symbol: two fish, tied together but swimming in opposite directions, reminiscent of the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. 

For some Pisces, this intuitive nature manifests in intense creativity. Pisces are often artists, drawn to careers in filmmaking, writing, sculpting, painting and even creative problem-solving work like consulting and public relations. Other Pisces may experience an intense connection with “the other side” and find themself pulled to spiritual and religious roles, from running their local church’s soup kitchen to working as a medium. 

Although individual manifestations of this trait varies person to person, at the core of Piscean clairvoyance lies a sea of empathy. These water signs have an unparalleled ability to understand the feelings and emotions of those around them, making them excellent listeners and healers. They can connect with others on an often-profound level and are usually described as “empaths” or “sensitive.” To some, they may come off as dreamy or distant. But in reality, they are connected with others to a far deeper extent than many of us may realize. 

Undestanding spicy Sagittarius 

Both Pisces and Sagittarius are boundless in their desire for exploration and discovery. But where Pisces is drawn towards searching their subconscious, Sagittarius is more inclined to traverse the physical world, whether that be by moving to new places, visiting foreign countries or seeking new experiences. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is driven by optimism and curiosity, and their wanderlust and zest for novel experiences knows no bounds. 

Their home element also explains why Sagittarians often act as if there’s a literal fire beneath them, forcing them to hop from interest to interest and place to place. If you have a friend who’s constantly picking up new hobbies and initiatives — one day she’s learning how to crochet, the next she’s starting a neighborhood book club — there’s probably a good chance she’s a Sagittarius. These signs can get excited about nearly anything, which makes them correspondingly exciting to be around. But the follow-through — as in, how long each hobby will stick before it’s replaced by another — can give onlookers whiplash. 

Aside from their general zest for life, Sagittarius’s fiery tendencies are also made apparent by their tendency for blunt honesty. Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably been scorched by a Sagittarius who either didn’t know when to zip it or simply didn’t care. But despite their lack of filter, Sags are all bark and no bite. They don’t mean to be malicious with their honesty, and likely will be well on their way to cracking jokes and discussing the next topic before they even realize they misspoke. 

Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility in friendship

Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility: Young couple holding hands
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Fire and water are usually not a match made in heaven, and when Sagittarius and Pisces come together, the results are… well, a bit volatile, to say the least. It’s a toss up whether these two will click over their shared traits, or find each other mutually insufferable. We briefly touched on the fact that both of these signs are mutable (rather than fixed or cardinal), meaning they tend to be more resilient and ready for change. But mutable signs often need someone more steadfast and grounded to balance their more impulsive tendencies. When Pisces and Sagittarius can’t find that balance within their friendship, the friendship may quickly spiral or fizzle out.

On the other hand, they do share several core values, including a deeply entrenched curiosity about the world and an innate need to think deeply and explore widely. Pisces may find herself drawn to Sagittarius’ endless quest for knowledge, while Sagittarius will deeply respect Pisces’ emotional depth and natural intuition. If you’re the Sagittarius of the duo, you can count on Pisces to be both a shoulder to cry on and a source of sage advice during difficult times. If you’re the Pisces, Sagittarius’ joie de vivre can easily pull you out of even your deepest funk or darkest mood. 

Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility in love

Friendship between these two signs can be hit or miss. What about a romantic relationship?

In the best of circumstances, Pisces and Sagittarius fill a gap for each other. For Pisces, represented by two fish swimming in endless circles, that gap might be the chance to leave the feedback loop of their own thoughts and find excitement and energy from the real world. For Sagittarius, it might be unlocking a level of emotional depth they previously thought was inaccessible. 

But once these two make it past the initial impression of an alluring relationship, reality sets in — and it can be harsh. Water extinguishes fire, after all, and fire causes water to boil and evaporate into nothingness. A Pisces-Sagittarius match may feel similarly drained and smothered by each other, even if they both want to make it work. 

The best shot these two signs have at a successful long-term relationship is to lean into their naturally expansive natures and embrace the way the other person forces them to think differently. Being forced out of our comfort zones is scary, especially when it comes to seemingly inherent aspects of our personality, such as how we process emotions or what type of career plan feels most natural. But shedding that comfort zone is the name of the game for making a Pisces-Sagittarius romance work in the long run. 

The final verdict

There are certainly worse pairings in the zodiac, but as far as traditional astrology goes, Pisces and Sagittarius will never go down as a great match. They simply rub each other the wrong way too often — and you know what? That’s okay. We can’t be best friends with everyone, and that’s a good thing! It makes the friendships we do form more meaningful and impactful. 

However, just because a relationship isn’t written in the stars, doesn’t mean you should rule it out entirely, either. Take the time to get to know your peers in real life, outside of what you learn about them from their star sign. Maybe your relationship will follow the astrological playbook exactly. Or maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and end up with a friend (or partner) for life. 

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