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Your 2024 Venus in Cancer Horoscope: What’s in Store for You From June 16 to July 11

Discover what this planetary shift means for your sign


From relationships to your values, how you earn money to the way in which you engage with art and beauty, the creative, pleasurable side of life from June 16 to July 11 is about to take on a sentimental, heartfelt new tone, thanks to Venus moving into Cancer, the cardinal water sign. Since May 23, the planet of romance has been moving through Gemini, the buzzy, information-gathering mutable air sign, bringing a more curious, bubbly, communicative tone to the aspects of life that Venus oversees. You might’ve noticed that you were craving — and able to create — opportunities to bond with friends and loved ones in a more cerebral way, through animated conversation or by making lively social plans. But as of 2:20 a.m. ET on Monday, June 17/11:20 p.m. on Sunday, June 16, the planet named for the Goddess of Love will move into more family-oriented, emotional, security-seeking waters, which could see you feeling more sensitive, self-protective and nurturing in your relationships.

Here, all you need to know in order to make the most of Venus in Cancer 2024.

What’s the meaning of Venus in Cancer?

In astrology, Venus oversees relationships, beauty, pleasure, values and money and annually, in June and/or July, the planet makes its way through Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac symbolized by the Crab. To understand how Cancer expresses itself, consider the fact that it is ruled by the moon, the luminary that functions as something of an emotional compass, coloring our emotions, intuition, instincts, how we nurture and want to be nurtured as well as what brings us security. In turn, Cancer’s nature is emotionally intelligent and present, caring, compassionate, thoughtful, sentimental, sensitive and, sure, at times, moody. Because they’re so deeply feeling, their emotions can’t help but color their perspective at times and when they’re moving through an especially challenging situation, they might get a bit snappy or retreat into their shell. But, like their fellow cardinal signs, Cancer is a big picture thinker, so they won’t dwell for too long in the weeds. Their default mode is to give to and care for their nearest and dearest in a truly selfless, loving way, intent on doing whatever they can to boost their loved ones’ sense of safety. People born under the sign of the Crab are also known for being nostalgic fans of keeping sweet little mementos that often fuel walks down memory lane. 

That said, when Venus is in Cancer, you may be more likely to prioritize time with family members and your closest friends, sharing traditions and recreating beloved memories, whether that’s indulging in a favorite summer treat or visiting a time-honored vacation spot. And no matter what your love language is, you might want to enjoy more snuggle time, offer up words of affirmation and simply do more of whatever it is that helps you to bond, connect and feel extra close to the people you cherish most. You could find more pleasure in remembering and reminiscing about various heartwarming moments from the past, maybe telling stories about days gone by or curating the perfect photo book to gift a loved one. And when it comes to earning and income-related experiences, you’ll be particularly laser-focused on making sure that all your financial ducks are in a row, that you’re on track with your budget and that you’re making what you deserve when you bring your skills to the table — all for the sake of maintaining and bolstering your own and your family’s sense of security. 

What can you expect during Venus in Cancer 2024

Although Venus moves through Cancer annually, all of the planets move at different rates through the zodiac, so the relationship-oriented planet’s meet-ups with other celestial bodies changes from year to year. A few highlights: In 2024, just after Venus slips into Cancer, Mercury does as well, which means the two will pair up in a conjunction on Monday, June 17, which sets the stage for harmonious communication with friends, family members or colleagues. It’ll be easier than usual to trade big picture ideas, get on the same page and even feel more artistic. 

On Saturday, June 29, Venus will form a positive sextile to go-getter Mars in fixed earth sign Taurus, which can fuel lots of opportunities for flirtation, feeling comfier and more beautiful in your own skin and enjoying naturally flowing chemistry with others.

Then, on Tuesday, July 2, Venus meets Saturn, the planet of responsibility and boundaries, in a sweet trine, because Saturn will be moving retrograde through Pisces, the mutable water sign. This is a fantastic planetary meeting if you’ve been wanting to commit to a creative project, relationship-related game plan or moneymaking endeavor. And because this trine occurs in water signs, your intuition and imagination could dovetail beautifully with concrete action steps. 

And just before Venus moves into Leo, on Thursday, July 11, the planet of romance will form a lovely trine to mystical Neptune, also in fellow water sign Pisces, laying the groundwork for lots of fantasizing, daydreaming and reveling in artistic activities, ideally alongside a dear friend or loved one. 

Here, how Venus in Cancer 2024 will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)

What Aries can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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After spending time in your communication sector, amplifying your curiosity and desire to connect with friends and colleagues, Venus now moves into your home zone, which offers a homier, cozier vibe. You’ll crave more serene bonding time with loved ones, ideally spent on the couch binging your favorite shows, throwing a ball in your backyard or sharing your favorite meal. And if there’s a home decoration-related undertaking or creative project you’ve been wanting to tackle, you can more readily join forces with loved ones to make it happen.

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What Taurus can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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Following its time in your income sector, where it boosted your ability to work even more cooperatively with friends and colleagues to hit your moneymaking goals, Venus is now moving into your communication zone. You’ll want to plan more get-togethers with friends, spend time with colleagues off the clock and get immersed in lively banter. You may find quite a bit of success while brainstorming and learning new skills now. And this can also be an ideal time for enjoying short-distance trips (think: a weekend getaway to a favorite spot with your two best friends).

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What Gemini can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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After spending time in your sign, which made you something of a magnet for pleasure and supported your ability to be more playful with your personal style, beauty-loving Venus shifts into your money zone, which can turn your focus to financial security. You want to find new ways to step up your cash flow and bring your skills to the table. You’ll do best to steer toward moneymaking strategies that align with your values and to find new ways to connect and collaborate with friends and colleagues who get your vision and can help you move the ball forward now.

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What Cancer can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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Romantic Venus was in your spirituality zone for the last few weeks, encouraging you to be even more private and self-protective than usual and emphasizing meditative self-care. But now that it’s moving into your sign, you’ll be stepping into the spotlight and magnetizing your desires without really even trying that hard! Your ability to impress colleagues and higher-ups with your unique perspective soars, so this could be a wonderful time to present an artistic pitch or to make your case for stepping into a more creatively fulfilling position. This is also a fantastic transit for experimenting with your personal style. 

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What Leo can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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With Venus in your networking zone these past few weeks, shedding light on your platonic bonds and easing your ability to build connections within your community, you might feel the tide turning more than usual as it moves into your spirituality zone. Now, you’ll be more focused on self-care, inner healing and bolstering your self-love, perhaps through mind-body practices like meditation or deep breathing. When it comes to spending time with loved ones, you’ll prefer to make lower-key plans that center your mental and emotional well-being, like taking nature walks or checking out a yin yoga class. 

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What Virgo can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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Venus in your career zone since late May has helped you to step even more confidently into the spotlight on the job, centering your professional aspirations. Now, as it shifts into your networking zone, you’ll want to hold any newfound leadership skills in mind as you exercise your cooperative muscles and become even more of a team player. You’ll find you have momentum when joining up with friends or colleagues, making new connections and meeting your long-term goals by working collaboratively. And detailing a long-term vision to your social circle can help make it real.

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What Libra can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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Venus, your ruling planet, was in your adventure sector previously, so you might have channeled restlessness into horizon-broadening experiences. The knowledge you soaked up and skills you honed could come in handy as Venus now moves into your career zone, making you even more charming and magnetic than usual as you pursue your professional ambitions. Higher-ups will be more likely to encourage you to step into a leadership role and you’ll find you can more readily make an applause-worthy impression on others. You’ll feel like you’re getting even more comfortable with your own sense of authority.

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What Scorpio can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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With the planet of romance moving out of your emotional bonds zone — where you were able to bolster intimacy with loved ones — and into your adventure sector, you’ll want to spread your wings and shake up your mundane schedule. This could mean traveling with loved ones, making new friends or simply frequenting places that are as eye-opening as they are unfamiliar, like a botanical garden or art museum you’ve never visited. Wherever your gut leads you, you’ll want to share these thrilling, meaningful and educational experiences with your nearest and dearest, which can only serve to bolster bonds all around.

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What Sagittarius can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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Venus in your partnership zone for the last few weeks has turned your focus to connecting with friends, loved ones or colleagues one-on-one. And you’ve likely found it easier to negotiate or mediate tough situations. Now, with the planet of romance in your intimacy sector, you’ll want to deepen your connections with your closest loved ones. You can have heart-to-hearts that boost mutual understanding and open up about your needs and desires — particularly the ones that pop up between the sheets. And because this sector also oversees joint resources, talking through your financial goals with a loved one can lead to successful results. 

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What Capricorn can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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Venus moves out of your wellness and daily routine zone, where it’s brought a more social, relationship-oriented vibe to your everyday hustle and into your partnership sector, where it can help you align with others in your circle to move the ball forward on shared aspirations. Consider this the ideal transit for partnering with a colleague to jointly propose a new strategy for an ongoing issue on the job or linking up with a sibling to talk through the best way forward on caring for an older loved one. You’ll find you can be more diplomatic and productive in talks like these. And this period also lends itself to spending more quality time with your dearest friend or significant other.

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What Aquarius can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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Venus in your self-expression zone over the last few weeks was an opportunity to capitalize on your most creative, romantic instincts and now, as Venus makes its way through your wellness sector, you’ll find thinking out of the box — as you’re apt to do — allows you to check even more to-dos off your list. Specifically, you could find that asking a friend or loved one to accompany you to the grocery store or your favorite Pilates class makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Venus in this zone can also support your ability to socialize even more with colleagues, which could lead to productive collaboration. 

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What Pisces can expect from Venus in Cancer 2024

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Venus moved through your home zone previously, nurturing your inner homebody and now, it’ll make its way through your romance sector, which can feel downright magical. You’ll be feeling extra playful, joyfuland eager to share what’s in your heart with your nearest and dearest. Chances are, you’ve been itching to hit pause on work and find more room in your hectic schedule for more spontaneous fun and good news — that’s easier to come by, too! And don’t hesitate to channel your feelings into your favorite artistic outlet now, either, as the results are sure to impress. 

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