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What Is the Richest Zodiac Sign? Survey Results and Rankings Explained by an Astrologer

Could your astrology sign be on the top of the financial list? See for yourself 

Whether you’re familiar with your whole astrological birth chart or just know your sun sign, you surely know certain key characteristics associated with your personal astrology. You may have even wondered if your zodiac sign is destined for richness and financial greatness.

For example, if you’re a Gemini, ruled by the messenger planet Mercury, you’re undoubtedly a super-communicator. Born when the sun was in fixed fire sign Leo, ruled by the confident sun? You adore soaking up the spotlight. But what does your natal astrology have to say about your potential for achieving a high net worth? To learn the zodiac signs most likely to be rich, a new survey, conducted by online gambling company JeffBet, may have all the answers.

Using Forbes’ Richest World’ Billionaires List, JeffBet identified the birthdays and sun signs of the world’s richest people. They considered how many times each zodiac sign appeared on this list, then created a ranking of the signs — from highest to lowest net worth — based on each sign’s collective average net worth.

Here, the richest zodiac signs, according to JeffBet, alongside my take as a professional astrologer.

What are the richest zodiac signs? 

Taurus comes in as number 1! People born when the sun was moving through stability-seeking fixed earth sign Taurus — approximately April 20 to May 20 — appeared to have the highest average net worth, according to the JeffBet survey findings. The Taureans on the list had an average net worth of $6.35 billion, and collectively, their net worth added up to approximately $1.2 trillion. 

The second richest sun sign was the imaginative mutable water sign Pisces, which spans from approximately February 19 to March 20. There were 196 of them on the Forbes’ list, and the average net worth of people born under the sign of the Fish was $6.06 billion. Combined total net worth of all Pisceans on the list? $1.18 trillion.  

And coming in third was another water sign: Cancer, the security-conscious cardinal water sign, which the sun moves through from approximately June 22 to July 22. Cancerian billionaires had an average net worth of $5.88 billion and a total net worth of approximately $1.11 trillion. 

The fourth and fifth spots were snagged by Aries, the dynamic cardinal fire sign and Libra, the balance-loving cardinal air sign. 

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Here’s a breakdown of all 12 sun signs’ rankings on the billionaire list, courtesy JeffBet:

  1. Taurus (Average Net Worth: $6,353,439,153)
  2. Pisces (Average Net Worth: $6,063,265,306)
  3. Cancer (Average Net Worth: $5,881,578,947)
  4. Aries (Average Net Worth: $5,839,285,714)
  5. Libra (Average Net Worth: $5,577,990,431)
  6. Leo (Average Net Worth: $5,544,642,857)
  7. Virgo (Average Net Worth: $5,266,822,430)
  8. Scorpio (Average Net Worth: $5,196,045,19)
  9. Gemini (Average Net Worth: $5,157,731,959)
  10. Aquarius (Average Net Worth: $4,522,089,552)
  11. Sagittarius (Average Net Worth: $4,040,223,464)
  12. Capricorn (Average Net Worth: $3,091,803,279)

The explanation behind zodiac signs most likely to be rich

Considering the survey’s findings from an astrological perspective, it’s no surprise that Taureans nabbed top ranking among the list of billionaires. The second sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Bull, is ruled by Venus, the planet of not only beauty and romance but money, security, self-worth and value. In turn, Taureans adore — and will put in the work to enjoy — the finer things in life. The sign is also associated with the Second House of Income, which oversees spending, earning, self-worth, material possessions and contentment. And the fixed nature of Taurus (which they share with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) offers people born under the sign the ability to be truly resolute when putting their nose to the grindstone to achieve their goals. 

It’s slightly more curious that Pisceans made the #2 spot on the list, given that many people born under the mutable water sign are drawn to pursuing art, healing or spiritual endeavors, which are, historically, less likely to pull in a sizable income. However, Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Fish, is traditionally ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, while its modern ruler is Neptune, the planet of dreams. People born when the sun is moving through Pisces have incredibly active imaginations and, driven by their innate creativity and huge, empathic hearts, won’t shy away from reaching for the stars.

Fellow water sign Cancer, which made the #3 slot, is ruled by the moon, which oversees emotions and intuition as well as sense of security and how you nurture and how you want to be nurtured. In turn, those born under the sign symbolized by the Crab can be quite financially savvy, often capable of pinpointing a deal and highly discriminating when making money moves. The sign is also associated with the Fourth House of Home Life, so Cancers are driven to earn more to live comfortably and support their loved ones. And it also bears noting that Cancer is one of the cardinal bunch (the others are Aries, Libra and Capricorn) — signs who are natural visionaries and love to take the initiative, which are certainly two traits that can fuel billionaire status. 

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The number four spot goes to another cardinal sign, in fact, Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by go-getter Mars, the planet of action, energy and motivation. It makes perfect sense that the sign of the Ram would be in top #5 of this list, as people born when the sun is in Aries are innately wired to hit the gas on their aspirations and come out on top. Even when they’re not involved in an endeavor that could be classified as a competition, Aries wants to win, and this deep-seated inner fire could absolutely equip someone to hit billionaire status. 

And coming in fifth is Libra, the cardinal air sign symbolized by the Scales and ruled by Venus, like Taurus. Given their Venusian influence, the seventh sign of the zodiac also loves indulging in beautiful, luxurious experiences. Associated with the Seventh House of Partnership, they’re adept at pairing up with others to achieve their goals. Quite often, achieving financial success is the result of networking and creating alliances with people who help you move the ball forward on your vision, and that is definitely a strength for people born when the sun is in the sign of the Scales. They’re also naturally diplomatic, a characteristic that can expedite business dealings. 

Given that three of the four cardinal signs were represented in the top five, it’s eyebrow-raising that the remaining cardinal sign — Capricorn — fell at the very bottom of JeffBet’s ranking. Ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster planet, the cardinal earth sign is extremely industrious, stopping at nothing to put their nose to the grindstone. And associated with the Tenth House of Career, Capricorns, symbolized by the Sea Goat, are driven to achieve recognition for their hard work. It may be that they fall at the bottom of the list because they are so slow and steady in their approach to earning. Saturn’s influence means they’re capable of building their wealth over many years versus pushing to hit the jackpot early on.  

The bottom line on the richest zodiac signs

No matter where your sun sign falls in the JeffBet list, it’s worth noting that your potential for achieving whatever it is you aspire to is tied to far more than the sign the sun was moving through when you were born.

To get a truly textured full picture of how you can make your mark, you’ll want to dive a bit deeper into your birth chart and check out details like your midheaven (MC), which illustrates what professional success looks like for you — and how you can make it happen, or your Mars placement, which colors your inner drive. At the same time, given the bevy of talents you might possess and multitude of paths you could be destined to go down, it can also pay to remember that financial wealth is only one definition of “rich.” 

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