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Don’t Know What To Take To Thanksgiving Dinner? Check Your Horoscope!

Plus find the perfect Thanksgiving recipes and hacks!


You’re so thankful to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner at a loved one’s house — the break from hosting and all that cooking is a relief! But she did ask you to bring one dish, and you’re starting to stress over what to make. The answer to your dilemma could be written in the stars, says Astrid Bly, a premier astrology expert with California Psychics. “Figuring out what to take to Thanksgiving dinner is as easy as tuning in to your zodiac sign!” Keep reading to dig in to Bly’s bountiful break down.

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What to take to Thanksgiving dinner if you’re an Aries: A charcuterie board

charcuterie board
Michelle Patrick/Getty Images

“The fast and efficient ram should bring the Thanksgiving appetizers to dinner this year,” says Bly. While a charcuterie board may seem daunting, you can ease the pressure by simply throwing together your favorite snacks like veggies, flavorful dips, chips or sweet and spicy nuts to provide the dinner guests with a tasty variety, she explains. “If you are feeling more creative, add a fruit salad or another fruit-filled dish to your festive lineup of appetizers to really wow the crowd.”  (Click through for more on Aries.)

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If you’re a Taurus: Take mac and cheese

“Known for being the most traditional sign of the zodiac, Taurus’ perfect contribution to the Thanksgiving table is a delicious classic like macaroni and cheese,” notes Bly. This dish is reliable and well-loved but still a lot of fun — just like the bulls of the zodiac. (Click through for more on Taurus.)

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What to take to Thanksgiving dinner if you’re a Gemini: Apple cider

apple cider to take for thanksgiving dinner
HUIZENG HU/Getty Images

With all their sparkling charm, it’s no wonder that sense of natural flair will rub off on a Gemini’s choice of Thanksgiving dish — or, in this case, drink, explains Bly. “To bring delight to the meal and add some fall flavors to the mix, the twins of the zodiac should bring a fun beverage like apple cider.” They might bring a variety of options for the crowd and may even mix up fun cocktails themselves.  (Click through for more on Gemini.)

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If you’re a Cancer: Take mashed potatoes

Cancers should opt for a dish that is warm and nurturing — just like them! Mashed potatoes are not only delicious, they’re also filling, rich and comforting. “Their hearty nature and the fact that they’re a staple from many people’s childhoods makes them a wonderful match for the caring, sentimental sign of Cancer, who will enjoy bringing a dish that adds a touch of nostalgia to the meal while still being tasty in its own right,” explains Bly. (Click through for more on Cancer.)

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What to take to Thanksgiving dinner if you’re a Leo: Pie

pumpkin Pie
Dragos Rusu / 500px/ Getty

Lions are known for their pride and confidence in everything they do, explains Bly. “They’ll whip out that award-winning pie recipe and wow the crowd with their show-stopping ending to the Thanksgiving meal.” Whether it be pumpkin, apple or maybe even pecan, their pie will be baked to perfection — and they will definitely bring some “a la mode” flair by adding ice cream or whipped cream, just for good measure!  (Click through for more on Leo.)

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If you’re a Virgo: Take sweet potato casserole 

“Virgo appreciates healthy and nurturing foods like sweet potatoes and yams but also isn’t afraid of a healthy option that also satisfies both their sweet (and savory) tooth every now and then,” says Bly. A piping hot dish of sweet potato casserole topped with perfectly golden marshmallows and brown sugar is the perfect Thanksgiving dish to fulfill everyone’s cravings! (Click through for more on Virgo.)

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What to take to Thanksgiving dinner if you’re a Libra: Biscuits/rolls

biscuits to take to thanksgiving dinner
rudisill/Getty Images

The thoughtful and kind Libra will want to bring a dish that pleases everyone, even gluten-free dinner guests, explains Bly. Bringing a variety of biscuits, rolls and gluten-free alternatives will be the perfect way to satisfy the needs of every person at the Thanksgiving table. “Besides, clever Libra knows that you can never go wrong with a classic like bread as a side!” (Click through for more on Libra.)

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If you’re a Scorpio: Take cornbread 

According to Bly, Scorpios are known for their persistence and boldness. “They are also a fixed sign, making them rather stable — though their natural element of water still inclines them toward moodiness,” she explains. As such, cornbread is the perfect dish for them to bring. Balancing some surprisingly complex flavors and possessing a very distinct texture, cornbread requires a decisive hand that Scorpios are well-equipped to provide, and they can share the fruits of their labor at the Thanksgiving table. (Click through for more on Scorpio.)

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What to take to Thanksgiving dinner if you’re a Sagittarius: Gravy

Creativ Studio Heinemann/Getty Images

Sagittarians can lay claim to one of the most important staples of the Thanksgiving meal: gravy. They won’t just use the pre-mixed either. They’ll personally make bubbling, golden brown gravy that will leave guests savoring every bite, says Bly. “If you didn’t know the centaur could be a fine chef, you won’t forget after tasting this heavenly sauce.” (Click here for more on Sagittarius.)

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If you’re a Capricorn: Take cranberry sauce

Steady Capricorn will take the responsibility of bringing one of the most coveted Thanksgiving dishes, attests Bly. The goat of the zodiac can deliver a sweet and tangy cranberry concoction with just the right combination of flavors to enhance the other dishes at the table. (Click through for more on Capricorn.)

For a basic from-scratch cranberry sauce, try an easy recipe from Woman’s World‘s Food Director Julie Miltenberger: “It takes just about 15 minutes to make cranberry sauce from scratch — you can vary the amount of depending how sweet or tart you’d like it.”

To do: Combine 1 bag (12 oz.) fresh or frozen cranberries, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water in a small pot. Bring to a simmer over medium heat and cook about 10-15 mins until berries burst and sauce thickens. Cool to room temp, then chill until serving. 

What to take to Thanksgiving dinner if you’re an Aquarius: Creamed corn

creamed corn to take to thanksgiving dinner
LauriPatterson/ Getty Images

Aquarians have their own unique outlook on the world, making them great innovators and thinkers, says Bly. “They balance a natural interest in and love for people with a thoughtful perspective.” Sweet and rich without being a dessert, creamed corn is a wonderful side dish for the water bearers of the zodiac to bring to the table. This clever sign may also add some cheese or modify an existing recipe to cater to their audience.  (Click through for more on Aquarius.)

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If you’re a Pisces: Take turkey

What to take to thanksgiving dinner: Turkey
Tetra Images/ Getty

The generous and caring Pisces is very likely to volunteer as host — which means that they usually provide the star of the show: the turkey. “But even when they don’t host, the Pisces-born are pretty good at whipping up this famous dish. Intuitive and adaptable, they’re well-equipped to accept the time-intensive task of making this main course, using their instincts to enhance their cooking and quickly changing course if things go sideways,” says Bly.

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