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Sweet Second-Grader Has Saved Every Note His Mother Leaves in His Lunchbox


Did your mom or grandmother ever leave little notes in your lunch box to brighten your day? Maybe she wrote “I love you” on a napkin or drew little hearts on the actual brown bag itself, even though she knew you’d probably just throw it away after lunch. Could you imagine how she’d feel if she one day discovered that you’d actually kept every single note she’d given you? We’re guessing she’d feel a lot like Tori Miller, an Illinois mom-of-two who recently learned that her second-grade son, Oliver, saves her daily notes of encouragement.

“I put a note in my son’s lunch everyday,” Miler wrote on Reddit. “Today at parent-teacher conferences I found out that he keeps every one.”

When she visited her son’s classroom, Oliver’s teacher handed her a Ziploc bag with notes she’d written him dating all the way back to Christmas. Miller later realized her sweet son was hiding even more in his bedroom.

“Being a parent is the toughest job in the world. And when I saw that bag full of notes that I had just assumed were going in the garbage every day, more than anything I felt appreciated,” Miller told Press Association. “I felt like whatever it is that I’m doing here might actually be helping him. And that is the best feeling in the world.”

I put a note in my son’s lunch everyday. Today at parent/teacher conferences I found out that he keeps every one. from r/aww

“There were so many people praising me, which was so unexpected and amazing. Even now it makes me cry because sometimes, as a full-time parent, you need that validation,” she said.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Miller also shared the reason why she started writing notes for Oliver in the first place.

“Oliver is an emotional boy and he feels very deeply and passionately, so he can get upset fairly easily, which makes social situations sometimes difficult for him,” she said. “Naturally, I worried about him every day, all day. That’s when I decided to write the notes, so that he could feel me with him on those rough days.”

Each morning, Miller writes a sweet note for Oliver where she wishes him a “good, happy day,” and mentions something about school or his classes before writing a few encouraging words to get him through whatever the day brings him.

“I always end them with a fun fact, so that he has something to share with his peers,” she said. “He comes home and immediately wants to talk to me about the fact I wrote and how he shared (it) with his friends and teachers.”

How beautiful! Looks like this dedicated mom’s plan to make sure her son has a happy day at school is working. It seems her thoughtfulness is rubbing off, too!

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