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Flimsy Bra Straps? Here’s How To Tighten Them and Make Your Bras Last Longer

Extend the life of your go-to bra.


A good bra is a woman’s best friend — it offers support, comfort, and freedom. Bra straps, however, lose their sturdiness and elasticity with age. We accelerate this process when we repeatedly yank them up after falling down, and when we overstretch them in order to adjust their length while wearing them (flipping the bra around so that its cups are in the back while you tug and pull on the straps in front).

Fortunately, extending the life of your favorite bras is simple — so much so that it brings the phrase “hidden in plain sight” to mind. In short, it’s tightening your bra straps before you put the bra on. Here’s what you should be doing.

How To Tighten Bra Straps

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than loose bra straps sliding down your shoulders all day. When this happens, you might first think that you’re wearing the wrong size bra. To confirm that’s not the issue, check that 1) the bra’s band fits snugly (without digging into your skin); and 2) your breasts fit correctly in the cups with nothing pushing out of the cup’s edges (too small), and no large gap between the top edge of the cup and your skin (too big). If both of these are true, congrats! You’ve confirmed you’re wearing the right bra size — and that the straps are, in fact, the issue.

To tighten them, shift the bra clip to increase the strap’s length and fasten it. Use these four steps from Allena Rissa of if you notice your bra straps need to be tightened:

  1. Place the bra on a flat surface with the cups lying down and straighten out the straps.
  2. Depending on your bra, you may need to gently pull upwards or downwards to shift the bra clip for a secure fit. While adjusting the bra clip, be sure to increase the length of the strap. Repeat this step on the other side.
  3. Make sure both clips are symmetrical to prevent the bra from looking lopsided as you’re wearing it. With part of the strap resembling a loop, even out the strap so it’s tightened. Repeat with the other strap.
  4. Put the bra on to ensure the straps aren’t too tight or loose. If necessary, repeat steps one through three until you reach your ideal fit.

And voilà! Your once-droopy bra straps will now stay in place all day. Watch Rissa explain more of the best practices for adjusting loose bra straps in the video below.

Bra Bliss

Thanks to these tips, you can put your bra strap woes to rest. Now, you won’t have to struggle with getting them to stay put before leaving the house. Looking for more bra tips? Check out our stories on washing bras without ruining their shape and the best bras for mature women!

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