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6 Natural Remedies for Menopause Symptoms That Are Surprisingly Easy

Finally! Relief from pesky meno-bothers once and for all.


Wouldn’t it be great to sail through the last of these steamy summer days without hot flashes, brain fog, joint pain or other menopause symptoms? The good news: You can! — thanks to these natural remedies.

Stay pain-free with a morning reach.

Pesky aches flaring up? Blame a menopausal dip in estrogen and progesterone, hormones that keep pain threshold high. Luckily, starting each day with stretches eases pain by up to 80 percent, suggests research in the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal. Study co-author Mike Nicholas, Ph.D., says morning stretches energize nerves that release painkilling endorphins. Just reach above your head and point your toes before getting out of bed.

Stay focused with ‘oldies’.

For at least 50 percent of us, brain fog and memory lapses threaten to hamper summer fun. That’s because estrogen shortfalls hinder the brain’s production of focus-enhancing beta waves. Feeling muddled? Listening to your favorite golden oldies for just 10 minutes kick-starts beta wave release, say Michigan State University scientists, sharpening focus faster and more effectively than coffee can.

Stay slim and fit with BBQ chicken.

Melting a menopot and staying strong is easier than you think. Research in Menopause suggests simply adding 2 oz. of protein (such as eggs, meat, poultry or fish) to each meal boosts muscle strength and can help you shed 16 pounds in four months. Study co-author Mara Spritzer, M.D., says protein fuels the growth of healthy muscle tissue and switches on fat-burning genes.

Get your estrogen from a plant.

Sipping red clover tea, a plant estrogen, cuts menopausal anxiety by up to 77 percent, say Australian scientists.

Stay cool with ancient herbs.

Who wants to deal with a hot flash on a sticky day? Not you! To the rescue: a blend of ancient herbs that act as natural estrogens (a combo called EstroG-100). In a study in Phytotherapy Research, this mixture cut hot flashes and night sweats by 61 percent in seven days. One to try: Naomi Harmony Menopause Relief (

Upgrade your H2O.

Estrogen dips curb saliva production, leading to dry mouth. For fast relief, add a pinch of Himalayan salt to a glass of water. It contains 84 minerals and trace elements that moisturize mucous membranes and help them absorb fluids.

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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