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4 Insider Tricks That Make It Easy to Save Big on Spring Travel in 2024

Learn how to find bargains on hotels, flights, car rentals and more.

Ready to enjoy the warmer weather with a spring getaway? There’s nothing quite like a vacation to relax, reset and recharge you — that is, until you tally up the cost. That’s why we turned to the travel pros to get their latest advice on how to find the lowest prices and the best bargains. So before you book your trip, keep scrolling for the expert-approved insider secrets that will help you save big on spring travel.

1. Snag the lowest airfare

Taking a plane to your destination and want to be sure you’re getting the lowest ticket price? Start by planning to fly on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. A review of 5 years of domestic airfare prices by Google Flights reveals that these weekdays are a whopping 20% cheaper than flying on a weekend. “Flight pricing is all about supply and demand,” explains Kyle Potter, executive editor of the travel and flight deal website Since more families go on vacation at the end of the week, airlines need to cut prices on earlier weekdays to fill seats.

Here’s another easy way to save even more: Once you find a great fare, book it, then take a day to look around for an even better deal. Thanks to federal rules, airlines must give you either 24 hours to cancel a flight or allow you to put a 24-hour “hold” on fares when you book at least 7 days in advance of your departure. This gives you plenty of time to lock in a low price while shopping around for an even lower one. Notes Potter: “So long as you cancel within 24 hours of booking, you can get a full refund. Not just an airline credit, but your money back.”

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2. Save on spring travel by enjoying hotel luxuries for less

save on spring travel: Mature woman at a spa

If your idea of the perfect getaway includes enjoying resort-style amenities (like a heated pool, spa, sauna and beach access), but the high price of staying at a luxury resort is out of the question, you don’t have to sacrifice your fun!

Just book a room at a cheaper no-frills hotel that’s near a resort that has the kinds of recreational options you want, then purchase a day pass to it from, advises Jen Ruiz, author of The Solo Female Travel Book and travel blogger at “You can get access to luxurious properties for as low as $25 a day,” she says. This way, you can take advantage of the resort’s amenities during the day for hundreds of dollars less than it would cost to stay there overnight.

Tip: To find the best price on the hotel where you’ll be sleeping, visit Google Hotels, advises Potter. “It not only pulls up a map that you can filter to find the hotel you really want, but it also pulls in prices from virtually every booking site you can think of (and some you may have never even heard of) to point you toward the cheapest place to book.”

3. Cut the cost of car rental

The price of renting a car has been climbing in recent years, costing on average of $49 to $78 a day just for an economy class car without any extras (like rental car insurance and a GPS). To trim your rental car bill, you probably already know it’s wise to check out current deals on rental car company websites (such as

What you may not have realized? You can cut up to 30% off your rental car price just by taking advantage of memberships you already have! Most major car rental companies partner with a wide array of groups (such as AAA, university alumni and professional associations, volunteer organizations and workplaces), issuing them unique discount codes that their members can use to get a price break when renting a vehicle.

What’s more, you may be able to stack a membership discount on top of a car rental promotion for bonus savings! To find out if a group you belong to offers a rental car discount, search their list of benefits or call their benefits manager. Aren’t in any groups? Then cash in on your age! Some rental car companies offer discounts for folks 50 and over. For example, Hertz gives you up to 20% off base rates.

Also smart: “Ask if you’re renting by the day or by 24-hour increments,” advises Ruiz. If it’s by every 24 hours, be sure to return the rental car by the time you picked it up. This way, you’ll avoid having to pay for an extra day you didn’t use.

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4. Save on spring travel with cruise bargains        

If you’ve ever dreamed of sailing away on a relaxing cruise, now’s the time to do it if you want to save a bundle. Fewer vacationers book cruises during the “shoulder” season of spring than during winter and summer, forcing cruise lines to lower their prices to fill cabins. Many will even throw in extra discounts (like free Wi-Fi and excursions) or give complimentary passage for additional travelers who join you. W

orry it’s too late to get on a ship for a spring getaway? Great news: Most cruise lines have last-minute cabins available and give even bigger discounts for folks who take them off their hands! To find these bargains, visit Or visit the website of your favorite cruise line and look for a link to their last-minute offers.

Bonus tip: Watch for price creep

Treated yourself to an expensive hotel room, airplane seat or souvenir? Watch out: Research in the Journal of Travel Research shows that spending more cash on one aspect of a vacation leads to splurging on other parts you didn’t plan to. That’s because the higher price tag makes other high costs seem reasonable. Fortunately, remembering your budget before making another purchase keeps overspending in check.

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