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5 Weekend Work From Home Jobs — No Experience Needed!

Plus, 5 real life women explain exactly how they turned each approach into money makers


Have some free time and looking for easy ways to earn extra money on the weekends? Good news — you don’t have to have specialized experience or leave the house! Call your own shots and cash in from the comfort of your own home with these flexible weekend work from home jobs.

In the past few years, remote work options have taken off. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or explore different interests, there’s a side gig that can help you achieve it. The beauty of many app-based platforms (including the ones below) is that you can pick or choose which jobs to accept. This means if you’re looking for weekend-only work, you can easily filter requests and say ‘yes’ to the ones that work for your schedule. Some women, as you’ll see in our success stories below, even took these weekend work from home jobs and turned them into full-time careers. (Click through to see more ways to make money working from home.)

1. Weekend work from home job: Help with tasks

Smiling young woman delivering a bag of groceries to a senior woman outside of her home (weekend work from home jobs)

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that connects you to people in your area who are ready to pay for help for all sorts of gigs, from raking leaves to hanging a picture. According to the TaskRabbit website: “You can get paid to do what you love, when and where you want — all while saving the day for someone in your city.”

With 50+ categories, there’s guaranteed to be something that matches your skill set. The best part is, there are tons of “remote” tasks up for grabs, so you don’t even have to leave your house to start earning as a “Tasker.” If you have a computer, you can rake in the cash helping with virtual assistant tasks, data entry and tech support.

To sign up, make a profile on the TaskRabbit website. This involves downloading the TaskRabbit app, sharing what kind of skills you can offer, and setting your rates. Then, you’re all set to find tasks that fit your skills and schedule so that you can start earning extra money (paid via direct deposit) on the weekends!

Success story: “I earn $45,000 a year doing tasks for others!

Seri Westerbeck, taskrabbit work from home weekend job

“I worked in the media industry for 15 years, but two years ago, when my company was bought and they closed my office, I needed to find work,” says Seri Westerbeck, 49. “I saw an ad on the subway for TaskRabbit, a company that hires people to do odd jobs, and I decided to sign up.”

“Getting started couldn’t have been easier. When I applied, TaskRabbit ran a background check and asked me to describe what types of tasks I would choose to do and why. When I was a child, I helped my mom in our garden, and I enjoy trimming trees and planting flowers, so I decided to offer these types of services along with others like cleaning, organizing and catering. I attended training where I learned how to use the TaskRabbit app, take a professional headshot and land gigs. After my first week, I received a ton of positive feedback and loved the work and flexibility so much that it eventually became my full-time job. 

“Now I work six days a week and do two tasks a day. I get hired by people to stand in line for tickets, help prepare food for their kids’ birthday parties and organize their homes. I also do work in their yard — everything from planting flowers to watering plants. One client hired me to clean up a yard that hadn’t been tended to in years. I loved making it beautiful! 

“It’s refreshing to learn new tasks and meet new people; every day is different. I make $45,000 a year, which pays the bills and for tickets to events, Broadway shows and the opera.” — as told to Julie Revelant

2. Transcribe audio clips

Shot of a mature woman using a laptop at home (weekend work from home jobs)

Did you know there are plenty of transcription services out there that will pay you for your typing skills? Companies like DittoTranscripts, GMR Transcription, and 3Play Media hire remote contractors to listen to all sorts of audio clips, from corporate presentations to court records, and turn them into typed documents.

Because there’s such a wide variety of material waiting to be transcribed, you can choose what interests you and learn something new in the process. No special experience is required — just a computer and good listening skills. In general, pay is based on the audio minute. That means the faster you transcribe, the bigger the payout (not to mention more money for rush jobs). As a transcriptionist, you have the potential to earn upwards of $30 per hour, all from the comfort of your own home. As far as weekend work from home jobs go, this one takes the cake!

Success story: “I make $38,000 per year transcribing from home!

Shawna Anderson transcribing at home

“Years ago, I was looking for a flexible way to earn money as a stay-at-home mom,” says Shawna Anderson, 48. “My friend raved about being a subcontractor for a transcription company, TKP Transcription Service, so I contacted them and took a test in which I transcribed a sample of audio—and I passed on my first try!”

“TKP allows me to take on remote projects that fit with my schedule, and I learn a ton about interesting topics. With them, I transcribe everything from focus groups to books, magazine articles and more. I quickly learned that the key to success is attention to detail, and I love the challenge!

“When my aunt, a court reporter, heard how happy I was with my side gig, she asked if I might want to work with her on projects too. With my youngest child starting school, the timing was perfect, and I added depositions and court proceedings to my repertoire. I then got certified with the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers, allowing me to work as an independent contractor.

“I devote about 30 hours a week to transcribing and bring in up to $38,000 a year — money that goes to my kids’ tuitions and mission trips for church. I work at my own pace, I’m there when my kids need me and I can travel anywhere and take my work with me!”

3. Weekend work from home job: help people with their laundry

Happy senior woman loading dirty clothes in washing machine.

If you enjoy doing laundry, you’ll love the concept of Poplin (formerly known as Sudshare), a nationwide laundry service and app. The app connects you to people who need help with their laundry, and gives you total control over the jobs you accept. While you technically do have to leave your home to drop off the finished laundry, you can still do all of the “legwork” from home in your PJs on the weekends!

To become a “laundry pro,” all you have to do is fill out the online application and pass a background check. The requirements include access to a washer and dryer, a car, a basic bathroom scale (to weigh the clothing) and plastic bags. Once you’re approved, you can find local jobs on the app to make extra money on the weekends.

At the end of each job, laundry pros weigh the clothes and earn .75 cents per pound of laundry, plus tips. If you’re providing same-day service, that fee rises to $1.50 per pound. This adds up to about $15 to $20 per hour (FYI: If the load is under 20 pounds, the client is charged the minimum rate of $20 and you’ll receive $15, regardless of the weight).

Success story: “I earn up to $900 a week doing laundry!”

Kristin Briggs, work fro home weekend jobs

45-year-old Kristin Briggs discovered Poplin when she was looking for a flexible side gig that she could do while remaining at her full-time job. When she came across the Poplin website, she was thrilled that the application process took less than 10 minutes.

“The great thing about Poplin is that I have full control over which jobs I accept. The app sends me jobs within my area, and then I choose the ones that work for my schedule. I pick up dirty laundry from clients, bring it back to my house to wash and dry, and then return the clean and folded clothes the next day,” she says.

“Typically, I work about 20 hours per week. The amount of income I earn varies depending on the demand. I’ve made up to $900 a week, which goes toward bills, spoiling my granddaughter and fun stuff. This is the perfect weekend job for me because I truly enjoy doing laundry, and most importantly, I am my own boss!”

4. Sell your gently worn clothes and accessories

A millennial woman is preparing the shipment of some of her clothes.

Poshmark, an online marketplace for new and used clothes, allows you to make a profit from decluttering your closet – all on your own time!

Anyone can sign up for free on their website and turn their pre-loved items into extra cash. Simply take photos of the clothing and/or accessories you want to sell, add a description, and voila — let the sales begin. One perk is that Poshmark takes care of credit card fees and gives you a pre-paid pre-addressed shipping label (in addition to providing customer service).

Poshmark keeps 20% of the listing price, and you keep 80% (unless the sale is $15, in which Poshmark will charge a flat rate of $2.95). While reselling is one of the greatest weekend work-from-home jobs, some women even do it full-time. An added bonus? You can feel good about giving your clothes new life! You can also resell your gently used items on platforms like Mercari, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.

Success story: “I make $3,000 per month selling my clothes on Poshmark!”

Donna Smith, work from home weekend job

56-year-old Donna Smith was hunting for affordable kids’ clothing for her crew of five when she came across the Poshmark website. It dawned on her that she could clear up her family’s closets while making money, so she created a Poshmark profile and began listing items for sale.

“I told my friends what I was doing, and a few asked me to sell things for them too. That’s when I realized I had a real business, so I started selling items I found in consignment and thrift stores, estate sales and auction sites,” she says. “I really enjoy the hunt! It’s also important to me that every item that I sell is in great condition, so I spend extra time cleaning things like the bottoms of tennis shoes—it’s amazing what a Magic Eraser and some shoe polish can do!”

“When I first started, my goal was to make enough money on Poshmark to able to cover the $1,100 monthly mortgage for my vacation cabin. My kids all have special needs of one kind or another, so the cabin is a great place for us to spend one-on-one time together, which is more difficult to do at home. To my surprise, I achieved this goal in my very first month! I now earn about $3,000 a month, which pays for otherwise out-of-reach activities with my kids. Selling on Poshmark helps me set a visible example for my children of what hard work can get you!”

5. Weekend work from home job: rent unused space on your property

Person exchanging keys with another.(weekend work from home jobs)

Got extra room in your garage or on your property? Renting it to your neighbors is a low-maintenance way to turn a profit on space that’s already going unused. An it’s one of the most effortless weekend work from jobs there is.

One popular option is Neighbor, which connects you with people in your area who are looking to store RVs, cars, boats, trailers and other household items. It’s free and easy to list your space, and it’s up to you to control who to rent to, what items are allowed, and when they can access the space. Instead of keeping a percentage of your earnings, Neighbor charges renters a fee (although there is still a small processing fee for hosts).

“As a teacher, the idea of making passive income off the extra space on my property that I don’t use was appealing. All I had to do was download the Neighbor app, take a few photos of my property, set my prices, and review the interested renters,” says Carol Ann Wood, who lives in Los Angeles, California and makes about $1,100 per month renting her property to RV owners. “This money helps to offset the cost of my mortgage and free up my finances. The best part is that I’m helping neighbors in need of storage space by renting out space that would have otherwise gone unused. I love how this is an easy way to earn extra income, without taking any time away from my full-time job!”

Another great option? Sniffspot, a platform where people can rent their yard to local dog owners looking to give their pups the space to run around and expend extra energy. Just like Neighbor, it takes just minutes to become a host, and it’s totally free to sign up. As a Sniffspot host, you have control over which requests to accept, which means you can choose to say ‘yes’ to weekend requests only.

“My husband and I decided to host in a barely used pasture on our land. Once we uploaded photos and set our calendar availability, the bookings started rolling in,” shares Dianne Neffendorf, who is based in Portland, Oregon. “Maintenance is pretty low-key and I absolutely adore watching the dogs and their humans having fun out in the fields. Best of all, I earn around $2,500 to $3,000 every month.”

Success story: “I make $1,000 a month renting my property!”

When 48-year-old Amy Toosley moved to an avocado farm with a drought in full effect, she was looking for an extra income stream to cover the cost of watering more than 1,500 avocado trees. Online research led her to Hipcamp, which is like Airbnb for campers and RVers.

“Once I saw that it’s free to sign up and it takes minutes to post a listing, I was sold,” she says. “Customers find my listings on Hipcamp and social media, and I accept bookings that work for my schedule. I only spend about an hour per month tending to the sites and helping campers get situated as needed once on the property.”

“Hosting on Hipcamp brings in about $1,000 per month, which I’m saving to invest in more amenities on the property. Sharing the beauty of my property as a serene place to stay is so fulfilling. And I adore meeting campers from all over the world!”

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