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10 Signs You and Your Spouse Are Truly Meant to Be

1. You almost met each other before you actually did. After years together, you discovered you were in the same place at the same time–or almost the same time–but for one reason or another your paths didn’t quite cross. That was fate! Life was just getting in the way.

2. You almost didn’t meet when you did. You really didn’t feel like going out with your girlfriends the night he first chatted you up. But something told you that you should suck it up and hit the town. That was fate trying to push life out of the way.

3. Someone in your life knew someone in his life before you met. And we’re not talking about the person who may have introduced you. Maybe your dads went to the same middle school. Or your best friend from high school is his coworker’s cousin.

4. You complete each other’s…food. He likes the potato-filled french fries. You reach for the crispier ones. He loves calamari tentacles. You can only stomach the rings. He solely eats the vanilla side of a black-and-white cookie. You’d rather gobble up the chocolate half.

5. Everyone tells you what a great couple you are. Of course you are. That’s why you found each other and are still together!

6. You think about each other at the same time. You text him when you’re apart just to say, “I love you.” He texts you back right away because you were on his mind too.

7. One of you wanted to call it off. Then something happened, be it a family emergency or some other unprompted reminder of how lucky you are to have each other, that would bring you closer than ever.

8. Your family pets were smitten at first sight. Dogs and cats can be incredible judges of character. And your or his pet welcomed the new person into the home as though he or she belonged.

9. Your needs complement each other’s. He runs warm and is always happy to give you his jacket when you’re inevitably freezing. You’re fine with a small closet for your clothes, which works out great because he’s a storage-space hog.

10. You can’t picture your lives without each other. Because you’re the types that won’t spend long solo.

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