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5 Signs Your Relationship Could Benefit from Couples Counseling

Many of us strive for a “happily ever after” in a loving, healthy relationship. However, every relationship has its ups and downs, and society doesn’t always prepare us for the problems that can arise. As a result, the reality is that a high number of marriages and partnerships can end in divorce with poor communication and the inability to remain on the “same page.” 

Many of these issues could be avoided and/or resolved through couples counseling or marriage therapy. In this article, we are going to list some of the reasons why partners often end up struggling in their relationships and how marriage counseling can help people overcome them.

There are a few signs and symptoms that you may need couples counseling. Here are some of the most common:

There’s frequent fighting.

Arguing sometimes is fairly normal — it is how disputes are settled, and often times arguments (when handled properly) can lead to growth in a relationship. However, if you’re fighting all the time this can lead to problems.

There’s constant bickering and nitpicking.

Bickering isn’t quite as intense as arguing, but if your average conversation is a bicker instead of an actual productive conversation, you might need couples counseling.

You have difficulty staying ‘on the same page.’ 

A lot of times you might feel like you and your partner just have totally different ways of looking at things and never want to participate in the same things or do things the same way. Sometimes this is good; when this happens over and over it can feel a bit distancing.

You’re dealing with the same issues over and over. 

Ideally, once you’ve argued about a topic, you won’t have to deal with that topic again. If you find yourself repeatedly arguing about the same thing again and again, you might need counseling.

You’re having problems in the bedroom.

Sex is a very intimate process, and it can be difficult to work out the kinks on your own. If you find that you are frequently arguing about sexual preferences or that the two of you simply aren’t having a good time in the bedroom, marriage counsellors can help with this.

Some Benefits of Couples Counseling 

Enhanced Communication

Improving communication can help you to sort out the vast majority of issues in your relationship. Arguments will become constructive conversations, and you’ll be able to discuss intimate topics with ease.

Enhanced Intimacy

If you struggle with intimacy and closeness, marriage or couples counseling can help you overcome these problems to get that spark back in your relationship.

You can overcome roadblocks. 

If you feel like the two of you are stuck at an impasse, marriage counseling can help you overcome these roadblocks. 

You can better understand feelings. 

Some people have a hard time expressing their true feelings. This usually leads to these feelings being expressed as anger, resentment, or other unwanted emotions. Couples counsellors can help you learn to express your authentic feelings so you can be more authentic.

Enhanced Self-Awareness

Marriage and couples counseling can enhance self-awareness for both partners. With increasing awareness comes an increasing understanding of what each partner needs in the relationship, and what they can offer.

Marriage counseling can be incredibly healing for couples of all different types. If you or a loved one are experiencing problems with your relationship, consider starting with marriage counseling as it can be one of the best ways to resolve this.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Yours.

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