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5 DIY Citrus Beauty Treatments That Will Cure Your Summer Skin Woes

DIY blends to smooth rough heels, fade age spots and more.


Harness the skin and hair-beautifying powers of the citrus fruits with these pampering, spa-like treatments. The best part? You can whip them up in your kitchen!

Age spots? Erase them with a lemon ‘paste’.

The citric acid in lemon acts like a mild bleach to break down the excess melanin (skin’s pigment) that causes the brown spots, says New York City dermatologist Debra Jaliman, M.D. And mixing with lactic acid-rich yogurt sloughs off dry, discolored skin cells to speed the skin-lightening results.

  • TRY IT! Combine 1⁄2 Tbs. of lemon juice and 1 Tbs. of yogurt. Dab onto dark spots and let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Bacne? Nix it with a lime mist.

Antibacterial properties in lime clear up bacne fast. And using with astringent witch hazel limits oil production to prevent new breakouts.

  • TRY IT! Add 1 cup of witch hazel and 2 Tbs. of lime juice to a spray bottle. Store in the fridge and mist on blemishes nightly; rinse in the morning.

Rough heels? Smooth them with a lemon-lime footbath.

“Both lemon and lime contain alpha hydroxy acids that help remove the rough, built-up dry layers of skin along heels,” says Dr. Jaliman. Adding the fruits into warm water (it softens rigid heel skin) helps get feet smooth and sandal-ready even faster.

  • TRY IT! Place one sliced lemon and one sliced lime in a large basin filled with warm water. Soak feet for 15 minutes, then rinse and pat dry.

Dull complexion? Brighten it with a lemon lotion.

“Lemon’s vitamin C is a natural skin-brightener that removes dead cells and speeds skin renewal to reveal a healthy and luminous layer of skin,” says Dr. Jaliman. Pairing it with hydrating coconut oil helps the complexion appear youthful and glowing, stat.

  • TRY IT! Mix 1 Tbs. of coconut oil and 2 tsp. of lemon juice. Rub on the face; rinse after 10 minutes.

Thinning hair? Thicken it with a lime scalp massage.

Lime’s compounds unclog follicles and increase scalp circulation, encouraging new hair growth and reducing shedding. Combining with hydrating olive oil and exfoliating sea salt boosts the benefits.

  • TRY IT! Mix 2 tsp. of lime juice, 1⁄2 Tbs. of olive oil and 1 Tbs. of sea salt. Rub on scalp for 1 minute. Let sit for 10 minutes; rinse.

This story originally appeared in our print magazine.

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