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Work From Home Banking Jobs: How You Can Earn Money No Commute or Degree Needed!

You could make $90,000 a year!


Passionate about numbers? Love helping people manage their money? The timing has never been better to land one of many work from home banking jobs. While banking jobs traditionally required an in-person presence, the pandemic shifted workplace norms in a big way, and plenty of banking roles now provide the freedom to work anywhere with a stable internet connection.

In fact, more than 66% of banks offer fully remote or hybrid positions. There’s also no shortage of opportunities: More than 2.9 million people are employed at about 193,990 financial and banking institutions nationwide. Read on to learn more about work-from-home banking roles and how you can snag one!

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What are the benefits of work-from-home banking jobs?

It’s no secret that banks are an essential part of the economy. That’s why stability is one of the biggest job perks in banking. Another is the sheer diversity of opportunities. While bank tellers may be the first to come to mind, there are plenty of other well-paid positions out there.

“These days, there are so many different kinds of work-from-home jobs available in banking. You can find customer service roles, data analysis, risk management and so much more,” says Conor Hughes, a human resources consultant who has experience working with banks and shares his expertise on SMBGuide. “Plus, special job websites like FlexJobs make it easy to search for these remote banking opportunities.”

These roles cater to skill sets and backgrounds of all kinds. For instance, you can be behind the scenes or in a more interactive role, such as customer service. Gone too are the days of “banker’s hours.” If you prefer to work nights or weekends, here’s some good news: Online banks are on the rise, and they’re looking for 24/7 remote support.

“Working from home for a bank allows you to make a real impact in an important industry while still having a flexible lifestyle,” says Hughes. “And of course, one of the coolest parts is that it provides greater freedom. Imagine being able to attend your kid’s school play or exercise during the day without the hassle of a commute or fixed office schedule. You can find a much better work-life balance.”

What kinds of banking work-from-home banking jobs are available?

work from home banking jobs: Top view close up woman accountant counting taxes, young female hands typing on laptop keyboard and calculator, calculating domestic budget, working on financial report, analyzing statistics

Hughes shares that many of the biggest banks and financial companies are actively looking for remote workers — and you’re more likely to find a work-from-home gig at a large company than a local one. No matter what role you’re seeking, good time management and communication skills are two essentials to nabbing a role, he says. Here are just a few of the different kinds of positions available.


Banks need accountants to handle things like bookkeeping, payroll, financial reports and more. While certain roles require an accounting degree, you can also get your foot in the door with experience handling financials (or as an accounting assistant). According to Zip Recruiter, the average salary for a bank accountant is $90,000 a year. What’s more, jobs in accounting and finance are third on the list for the top industries for remote workers in 2024.

Financial advisors

Financial advisors help customers achieve their financial goals through saving, investing and planning for what’s ahead. Now more than ever, financial advisors are helping people manage their money remotely. While many financial advisors have a finance degree, you can also earn your license without one (the requirements for different states and different types of financial advisors vary).

Customer service

Strong communication and problem-solving skills? Joining a support services team for a bank may be the perfect fit for you. Banks hire remote customer support to handle questions and inquiries, data entry and other administrative tasks. According to Zip Recruiter, the average salary for a bank customer service rep is $19 per hour.

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Loan officer

What’s more rewarding than helping people secure loans to achieve their goals? Whether it’s helping customers finance their education or a new house, loan officers assist with borrowing the money needed to make it happen. According to Indeed, most loan officers are paid between 0.2% and 2% of the total loan amount in commission (i.e. you would earn $3,000 from negotiating a 1% commission on a $300,000 loan).

Plus, at least 75% of the listings for loan officers on Indeed’s database are remote. While the license requirements vary state to state for loan officers, there’s no degree needed.

Payroll specialists

work from home banking jobs: Cropped shot of Asian woman sitting at dining table, handling personal finance with laptop. She is making financial plan and planning budget as she go through her financial bills, tax and expenses at home. Wealth management, banking and finance concept

This job is exactly what it sounds like: Making sure that a bank’s employees get paid! Banks and financial institutions of all kinds need payroll specialists to ensure that their staff gets compensated in a timely manner — a duty that can now easily be done from home. The average payroll specialist makes nearly $25 an hour.

Data analysis

Got an analytical eye for data gathering and identifying patterns? The demand for data analysts is soaring in all sorts of industries — banking included! Banks need data analysts to make better-informed decisions. According to Payscale, the average salary for data analysts is $67,320.

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Where to find work-from-home banking jobs

Matt Erhard, Managing Partner at the recruiting firm Summit Search Group, helps job seekers land roles in the finance and banking sectors. He recommends checking for openings with virtual banks like Ally and SoFi. “While these companies may still have roles that require being in a physical office, the majority of them hire remote talent, often with no location restrictions,” he says.

There are also plenty of reputable job platforms where you can find a banking work-from-home job, such as:

Want to search for remote positions with some of the top banks and companies directly? Check out openings at places like:

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