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Dr. Oz Shares His Top 4 Covid-19 Tips for Staying Healthy

As pandemic cases drop in some areas and rise in others, it can be hard to stay on top of the latest news and advice for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. To the rescue: Dr. Oz offers his COVID-19 tips that make staying healthy effortless.

Rinse Your Nose

“Nasal irrigation can reduce virus severity and maybe even prevent the transmission of COVID-19,” Dr. Oz recently said. “The nasal lining is the primary defense against the virus. And as this water washes out your sinuses and sinus passages, it actually will help keep that tissue hydrated. It can reduce inflammation.”

For best results, he suggests using a neti pot (Buy on Amazon, $12.95) filled with distilled water and non-iodized nasal cleansing salt from the pharmacy.

Load Up on Vitamin D

Up to 62 percent of women over 50 are low in vitamin D, which has been shown to help white blood cells destroy viruses, lowering the risk of respiratory infection by 64 percent and COVID complications sevenfold. “Vitamin D-3 — which you can take in pill form, 1,200 units — is probably a mainstay everybody should be taking now,” Dr. Oz has shared. “That might actually prevent some virus spread.”

Swap Shoes

Many of us change clothes after visiting the grocery store, but it’s easy to overlook one item. “Your shoes could function as a carrier of coronavirus,” Dr. Oz warned, citing a study of hospital workers that found 50 percent had the virus on their shoes.

His advice: “Wear only one pair of shoes outside of the house and take them off as soon as you get home.” Consider cleaning mesh or canvas shoes in the washing machine and wiping down other shoes with a disinfectant wipe.

Let in Fresh Air

“Opening the windows might be the best way of helping you during COVID-19, because it helps with ventilation,” Dr. Oz has explained. According to the CDC, increasing air circulation by introducing outdoor air is important because when air isn’t circulating, respiratory droplets are more likely to hang in the air, allowing COVID-19 to spread. “Open your windows if you can and allow some of that outdoor air to come in.”

Be sure to keep these Dr. Oz COVID-19 tips in mind and stay healthy!

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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