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5 Mini Self-Massages That Can Make You Slimmer in Seconds

An easy, spa-inspired way to reduce bloat in anticipation of the body-baring season? Mini massages! The motions encourage lymphatic drainage and increase circulation to flush the excess fluids and trapped toxins that create the “false fat.” And you can boost the benefits by combining the massage with pampering, bloat-targeting tools. The result: 10 pounds thinner for summer!

Slim a double chin with facial globes.

Rubbing cooled globes around the face and jaw constricts dilated blood vessels to reduce puffiness and chin bloat fast.

TRY IT: Store globes like Fourth Ray Beauty Cooling Facial Globes (Buy on ColourPop, $22) in the fridge. Once cold, hold globes at the base of the neck and move in upward strokes toward the chin for one minute. Next, run along the jaw for one minute and the face for another minute. to reduce puffiness and chin bloat fast.

Flatten the belly with a stone roller.

The “spikes” of a textured stone roller gently prod skin to get circulation and blood flow moving to draw out belly-swelling toxins and eliminate the gas that causes bloat. And the rolling motion helps move and drain stagnant fluids.

TRY IT: Rub a drop of olive oil (it reduces friction) on the belly, then make 10 brisk, horizontal strokes with a roller like the Pacifica Activation Crystal Serpentine Body Roller (Buy on Pacifica, $15.20) starting below the belly button, out toward the right side of the abdomen. Move up and massage in two-inch increments and repeat until you reach the bottom of the rib cage. Repeat on the left side.

Tone wobbly arms with a crystal tool.

Studies show that rubbing a contoured crystal massager along the upper arms increases circulation by 400 percent, so lymph fluid moves more freely. Plus, one made out of jade has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces puffiness in the arms even faster.

TRY IT: Rub body lotion on the arms, then use a gua sha tool like the Daily Concepts Daily Gua Sha Jade Tool (Buy on Birchbox, $16) in brisk, upward strokes starting near the elbow toward the shoulder for two minutes on each arm.

Erase back rolls with a body brush.

To target harder-to-reach bulges on the back, medical aesthetician Holly Cutler suggests reaching for a body brush, which boosts lymph flow to nix rolls and exfoliates skin to make the back look instantly smoother.

TRY IT: Using a dry brush like The Body Shop Cactus Long Handle Body Brush (Buy on The Body Shop, $15), make long strokes starting at the lower back and moving up toward the neck for three minutes.

Trim thighs with cups.

“Massaging” dimply skin with suction-like cups removes the built-up fluids and toxins that make cellulite look more prominent, says Cutler. Even better? The repeated lifting motions strengthen connective tissues so thighs appear smoother and smaller, stat.

TRY IT: Apply half a tablespoon of coconut oil onto the backs of both thighs. (This helps the cups slide more easily across the skin.) Next, gently move the cups in a kit like the Lure Essentials Anti Cellulite Cupping Set (Buy on Lure Essentials, $19.99) around the cellulite on each thigh for two minutes.

Shrink cankles with hot stones.

Warmed stones ease inflammation and muscle tension, while massage expels pooled fluids from knee to toe.

TRY IT: Heat stones like the Romonacr Small Massage Hot Stone Set (Buy on Amazon, $10.69), in a bowl filled with hot water for five minutes; remove and let cool for two minutes. Rub any lotion onto the legs and feet, then place a stone on each side of the ankle and move them up to the knee in long, gentle strokes. Next, take one stone and run from the heel to the back of the knee. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

Click through for more information on how to unblock your lymph system so jiggly fat, bloat and cellulite are quickly flushed out.

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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