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Pain Management

The Berry Supplement That Finally Cured One Woman’s Chronic Pain

This worked better than pain meds.

Teresa Sicks winced in agony as she lifted her groceries from the trunk of her car. For more than four decades, she had suffered with chronic, excruciating back pain. At 28, she underwent surgery to repair herniated discs, but she continued to have pain from bulging discs and developed severe arthritis.

Teresa tried to keep the pain at bay with a myriad of over-the-counter and prescription anti-inflammatory medications. She also experimented with many natural remedies like lavender essential oils, CBD, and topical creams, but relief was fleeting. An anti-inflammatory medicine worked best, but about a year ago, she had to stop taking it because it had caused her to develop ulcers. With no other options in sight, she was looking at more surgery to provide stability and relieve pressure on the nerves in her spine. The thought of going under the knife again frightened her. But what choice do I have?

The Solution That Worked Better Than Meds

One day, Teresa’s sister, who had been researching alternative treatments for chronic pain, suggested Teresa try taking supplements made with aronia berries — a small, dark fruit that grows on shrubs and resembles blueberries. Her sister explained that she read that these berries are a rich source of polyphenols and anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Though skeptical, Teresa was desperate for relief. “I’ll give it a try,” she told her sister. Teresa learned that there were supplements which contained aronia berries supplements (Buy on Amazon, $25.99) are available in both chewable and liquid form and cost as little as $5 to $20 for a month’s supply. Teresa opted for a liquid supplement and began drinking 450 mg. twice daily. After just three weeks, she was amazed by how dramatically her pain had lessened. I think I finally found my magic elixir, she rejoiced.

With each passing week, Teresa’s pain improved. Much of her work as an interior designer requires Teresa to be on her feet, and soon she was able to get through her days without wincing and gasping in agony.

Today, Teresa, 66, is thrilled to not only feel great, but her doctor told her, “I can’t say never, but you won’t be needing surgery for the foreseeable future.”

“These berries are better than pain meds!” Teresa beams. “They’re a lot more affordable and natural. I couldn’t be happier!

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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