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3 Massage Techniques to Combat Aching Feet and Help You Sleep

Foot pain is something many of us deal with, and it can really get in the way of having a deep, restful sleep. Whether you spend a lot of time walking in heels or have flat feet, here are a few easy self-massage techniques that’ll sooth your aching arches. 

Having suffered from some severe foot pain myself, I can tell you that these tricks work. They also prevent longer-lasting foot problems like achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and even bone spurs. With so many nerve endings in our feet, a foot massage is a great way to relax the nervous system. After a little rub, you’ll be soothed and ready for a cozy night’s sleep. And since these techniques don’t require any fancy equipment and only take a few minutes, you can do them right in bed before you slumber. Ah, sweet relief. 

3 Self-Massage Techniques for Foot Pain

1. T-Stroke 

To practice the t-stroke massage, take your foot in towards your hip so that you can hold it comfortably. Interlace your fingers and grasp the top of your foot with both hands. Take your thumbs on the bottom of your foot, and breathe deeply as you slide them up the sole from the heel to the toes, and then out to the sides in a T-shape motion. Spend more time rubbing and applying pressure where you feel tension or sensitivity, then repeat on the other side.

2. Kneading

Grasping your foot in your hands, use your thumbs to knead any areas of the foot using light pressure and moving the thumb in a circular motion. Focus on the ankle, the sole and ball of the foot, and the areas beneath and between the toes.

3. Roll it out

This is a personal favorite of mine! Using a tennis ball or a softer massage ball like this one from Gaiam ($8.39, Amazon), stand or sit and place it on the ground under your foot. Roll the ball up and down your foot from heel to toe, slowing down and applying more pressure when you reach tender areas. Be sure to also roll the ball side to side on the middle and ball of your foot, and along the toes. You can even release the ankle by rolling the ball along the underside of it with your hand, and rotating your foot in circular motions while the ball rests under the ankle. 

We hope that you will give these techniques a try and they bring some relief to your tired, achey soles. Wishing you sound sleep and happy feet!

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