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This Popular Herb Could Lower Inflammation, Reduce the Risk of Cancer, and Prevent Brain Aging

Rosemary is a delicious herb that adds a woodsy kick to any dish. But in addition to taking your cuisine to the next level, it’s also got a number of incredible health benefits that may do everything from boosting your cognitive function to stopping signs of inflammation in their tracks. What’s not to love?

What is rosemary?

Rosemary is a plant that’s closely related to other herbs like oregano, thyme, and basil. It’s rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals that attack and damage cells to accelerate the aging process.

It’s also been linked to several aspects of overall brain health, including improving memory and concentration, bettering brain cell protection, and preventing signs of neurological aging. Early studies show evidence that it may even help ward off signs of Alzheimer’s, though more research needs to be conducted.

On top of that, the herb contains a powerful compound called carnosic acid, which scientists have found can slow the growth of cancer cells and even stop tumor formation in the first place.

Are there any side effects to eating it?

Most people sprinkle rosemary on or in their food or have concentrated amounts in aromatherapy products or teas (more on that below!), so there are typically no symptoms for those who eat it or use it in smaller amounts. If you have gigantic quantities of it, however, you may experience vomiting and spasms.

Rosemary is also known to promote menstrual flow, so women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant should avoid consuming large amounts.

What are the different forms you can take?

On top of buying fresh or dried rosemary at the grocery store (or growing your own!) to put on meat, in breads, soups, and more, you can find rosemary essential oils (Buy on Amazon, $7.99) to inhale or put on the skin (along with a carrier oil). Rosemary tea is also a popular way to consume it (Buy on Amazon, $8.73).

And if you want a little DIY project, you can even make your own rosemary soap to try out! It’ll smell incredible.

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