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4 Reasons You’re Tired During the Day — And How to Fix It

Struggle with daytime tiredness? Here, the surprising signs that a hidden health hassle is draining your energy, and the simple steps that can help you reclaim your all-day pep — fast!

Tired and puffy? Boost “good” gut bacteria.

If illness-causing germs grow in your intestines, crowding out your gut’s healthy bacteria, they create waste that triggers tiredness, bloat and fluid retention, says Fred Pescatore, MD, author of Boost Your Health with Bacteria ($31.94, Amazon). An easy Rx: One cup of probiotic-rich yogurt daily. University of Kansas researchers say yogurt’s healthy bacteria quickly quash disease-causing ones, helping you shed 4 pounds of trapped abdominal fluids and upping energy by as much as 50 percent in four weeks.

Tired and stuffy? Spritz your sinuses.

Your cold may actually be sinusitis, the most common chronic health problem in North America. For speedy relief, spritz sinuses with colloidal silver twice daily for a week. Australian scientists say this ancient remedy destroys up to 99 percent of sinus bacteria on contact.

Tired and achy? Try this compound.

Your body uses a compound called CoQ10 to convert food into energy and to keep you limber. Yet CoQ10 production drops by 65 percent after age 50. The good news: Taking 100 mg. to 200 mg. daily can help you feel 75 percent more peppy, plus cut aches by 67 percent in one month. Try: Life Extension Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 ( Note: Check with your doctor before supplementing.

Tired and flabby? Soak up 15 minutes of sun.

A vitamin D shortfall doubles your risk of tiredness and weak muscles, says Michael Holick, MD, author of The Vitamin D Solution ($12.86, Amazon). But 15 minutes of sun every day boosts energy by 26 percent and cuts your risk of muscle loss by 57 percent.

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