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Joint Health

4 Simple Ways to Relieve Stiffness and Joint Pain

Dealing with constant stiffness or joint pain? Fluid retention and joint swelling become more common as we age, so you’re not alone. Read on to find out how to turn those ouches into aahs…

Wake up sore? Stretch in bed.

Morning aches are often triggered by fluids settling into joint tissues overnight since you’re not moving much. The good news: Finnish researchers say doing five minutes of gentle stretches before getting up kickstarts the flow of trapped fluids, cutting pain by up to 62 percent.

Stiff after sitting? Snack on plums.

Strained muscles surrounding your joints tighten up when you’re not in motion. To cut your healing time in half, munch on two sweet plums daily. Canadian researchers say plum compounds (phenolics) activate enzymes that reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing.

Achy while weeding? Try eggshells.

Pain that doesn’t ease during gentle motion is a red flag that the cushiony cartilage inside your joints needs some TLC. Fortunately, University of Arizona researchers say taking 500 mg. of natural eggshell membrane (NEM) daily cuts this type of pain by as much as 72 percent — and you could feel relief within four days. Jason Theodosakis, MD, author of The Arthritis Cure ($8.54, Amazon), explains that NEM nutrients calm pain nerves, plus encourage the formation of healthy, shock-absorbent joint cartilage. Note: Check with your doctor before supplementing.

Creaky at sunset? Try a posture tweak.

Small posture improvements, like tucking a rolled towel behind your lower back when you are sitting, could cut your risk of evening aches by 65 percent. Explains sports medicine physician Sara Lotfian, MD, correcting posture problems reduces all-day joint strain. 

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