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12 Animal Bums That Will Have You Grinning From Cheek to Cheek

One thing we love about animals is that they’re so, well, cute — every part of them. From hairless cats who don’t need fur to give us the warm fuzzies to dik-diks that are barely a foot tall when fully grown, the animal kingdom is filled with thousands of adorable creatures. And while they’re all different — some have tails and walk on four legs while others have wings that carry them from place to place — they all have one thing in common: a pretty darn cute bum! We believe that darling derrières come in all shapes, sizes, and species. To see some of our favorites, watch the video above.

For some, it’s an animal’s eyes that are the draw (they do say the eyes are the window to the soul). But for us, it’s the squishable bottoms that totally grab our attention. Is that weird? Hear us out! Have you ever looked at your dog when he’s napping? Many times pups will go into an adorable “sploot” with their legs out behind them and their furry little booties on full display. And when they walk away, their badonkadonks do a little shimmy that will instantly make you laugh out loud.

And we’re not the only ones who find animal tushies delightful. In Japan, there are books all about hamster butts. Hamuketsu and Hamuketsu — So Cute You Could Faint are two such picture books. (“Hamuketsu” literally means “hamster bottom” in English.) If Japan — the land of all things delightful and fuzzy — gives animal tuchuses their stamp of approval, then we should too. These “groove thangs” are too amazing to ignore.

Here in the states, there is some enthusiasm for sweet animal buns. Last year, a biologist named Anne Hillborn sent the internet into a tizzy with her photos of elephant tushies. Dozens of people on Twitter responded to Hillborn’s shots with sweet photos of their own. Who knew marmots, mallards, and monkeys had such marvelous bums?

Though you probably shouldn’t get too close, you can join us as we sit back, relax, and appreciate these aww-worthy tushes.

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