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This Year’s Guinness World Record Holders Have to Be Seen to Be Believed

Every year, The Guinness Book of World Records is released, and it’s basically a yearbook of all the kooky, crazy, and absolutely zany record holders of the most random categories. Topics range from somewhat normal — like the fastest speed recorded on land (held by Andy Green and his Thrust SSC, which hit 763 miles per hour) — to downright insane, like the world’s largest hamburger (held by six Germans who built a 2,556-pound hamburger. And this year’s record holders don’t disappoint.

World’s Longest Fingernails

Even if you aren’t a chronic nail biter, you should be stunned to learn that the current world record holder for longest nails is Texan Ayana Williams. Her nails measure an astonishing 18 feet and 10.9 inches.

Every day she washes her nails with soap and a nail brush, but despite having to complete this seemingly boring daily task, Williams admits that her long nails don’t really affect her lifestyle. Sure, she has trouble putting on her clothes sometimes, but that’s about it.

World’s longest eyelashes

Long, thick lashes are in vogue, but all the Latisse in the world wouldn’t get you anywhere near world record holder You Jianxia of China. Her wispy lashes are a whopping 4.88 inches long! Can you imagine if she tried to curl them?

Dog With the Longest Tongue

It’s fitting that Mochi — the 8-year-old dog that holds the record for the world’s largest tongue — is also one of the world’s largest breeds: a St. Bernard. Mochi, who lives with her owner Carla Rickert in Souix Falls, South Dakota, broke the record this year with her 7.31-inch tongue. Is she a frog or a dog?

According to Rickert, Mochi’s record-breaking tongue does cause her a few issues. Mochi tends to drool more than a normal dog when she gets nervous, and she has trouble breathing sometimes. You also have to feed Mochi treats in a certain why because she has trouble licking them off the floor.

But Rickert says seeing Mochi’s name in the record books makes cleaning up all that slobber and water totally worth it. “When we open that Guinness World Records book and see Mochi’s picture in there, we’re going to be very proud,” Rickert said.

Cat With the World’s Longest Tail

Everyone thinks their animal is special, but Cygnus, a Maine Coon from Michigan, is extra special. His 17.58-inch tail sets him apart, even among Maine Coons, which can weigh-in in the 30-pound range.

Cats use their tails for balance, so perhaps in another life Cygnus was a tight-rope walker?

World’s Largest Collection of Teddy Bears

Once we hit a certain age, we tend to outgrow stuffed animals. But that wasn’t the case for South Dakotan Jackie Miley. As the world record holder for largest collection of teddy bears, Miley has amassed 8,026 bears — some of which are donated.

Miley had a rough childhood in the foster care system, and as a child she always wanted a teddy bear. “After hearing people’s stories about how their bear was comforting, I always wished for one to cling to,” she told Patch. Today, she’s owned enough bears in her lifetime to have her world record recertified five times!

World’s Tallest Cat

The internet loves big dogs, but we’d argue that big cats deserve some attention, too! Arcturus Aldebaran Powers (now, that’s a name!) is the world’s tallest domestic cat, stretching out to an eye-popping 19.05 inches. Forget hopping up on the counter like most domestic cats — this one just reaches his arm up and can touch it!

It looks like he met fellow record holder Cygnus, and they became fast friends. Just a reminder, Cygnus’ tail is almost as long as Arcturus Aldebaran Powers!

h/t Huffington Post

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