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How to Save Money on Essential Oils the Right Way

From freshening the air to helping you relax, essential oils can turn a good day into a great one. But there’s one downside to these lovely scents — they’re expensive. Luckily, there are a few savvy ways to save money on essential oils without skimping on quality.

First things first: You should never buy an essential oil just because it’s less expensive than the ones you’re used to seeing. A surprisingly cheap price on essential oils can be a major red flag. For instance, some inexpensive essential oils claiming to be “lavender” don’t actually come from that plant at all — and thus don’t offer the same relaxation benefits.

The price tag of legit essential oils may make you wince, but it’s there for good reason. An enormous amount of resources and work go into transforming plants into the bottled oils you see on the shelves. Just one pound of lavender essential oil calls for 220 pounds of lavender flowers. Essential oils are usually obtained through mechanical pressing or distillation, making it possible to squeeze a whole lot of scent into a tiny bottle. (This also explains why essential oils are so darn potent before they’re diluted.) It really is a whole process!

But paying for essential oils doesn’t have to take a huge bite out of your wallet, just check out our five money-saving tips below. 

Try a value pack.

A single bottle of essential oil could cost about $10 to $30 (or even higher in some cases), but value packs with quality products can give you more bang for your buck. Some popular options include the PURA D’OR 10-Oil Set ($19.99, Amazon) and the Cliganic 8-Oil Set ($14.99, Amazon). The best part? Most of these packs come with an interesting variety of oils, so you get to try out a bunch of different scents rather than just committing yourself to one.

Consider a rewards program.

If you use essential oils often, you should find out if your favorite brands have rewards programs. Young Living, dŌterra, and Plant Therapy are just a few companies that offer great money-saving benefits to loyal customers. If there are perks like discounted shipping or store credit, why not take advantage?

Make your oils last as long as you can.

While you should always dilute your essential oils in water or a carrier oil, you might want to consider limiting the amount of drops you use. Even using just a couple drops less can make a difference, especially if you’re just diffusing. And when you start running low on your oil? Try using the last couple of drops for this brilliant vacuum cleaner hack that’ll have your whole house smelling fresher than ever. A little truly does go a long way!

Be choosy about the oils you purchase.

Think about what you’re trying to accomplish with essential oils and why. If you’re trying to catch more zzz’s, you might want to focus on the best essential oils for sleep. Or maybe you’d benefit more by turning your attention to the best essential oils for heartburn relief. Whatever your main goals are, stay focused on those and resist temptation to buy any essential oil impulsively.

Don’t be tempted to get too many accessories.

Nothing is wrong with buying a trusty diffuser or an empty spray bottle for your essential oil solutions. But if you’re on a budget, there’s no need to purchase the “latest and greatest” trendy gadgets out there. From DIY cleaning solutions to soothing massage blends, you can do a whole lot more with essential oils and simple items you already have at home than you think. 

It’s all about getting creative — and creativity never smelled so good!

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