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Wondering If Your Kitty Misses You? It Depends on Their ‘Cattitude,’ Experts Say


Ever wondered, “Does my cat miss me when I’m away?” If so, you’re certainly not the only one. As all feline fans know, our kitties can be a little funny sometimes when it comes to showing affection toward us, even after we’ve been away for awhile at work or even on a long vacation. But according to cat experts, if your cat acts a bit strange — well, stranger than usual — when you return from a trip, that might be their way of showing they care.

Tim Link, a pet expert and animal communicator, writes in Catster that cats can indeed have separation anxiety issues when they’re away from their humans for a long time. But as you’ve probably already noticed, your cat is not going to leap up to you and shower you with kisses when you return (leave that reaction to the doggos). 

“I’ve had many clients contact me after returning from a vacation or holiday trip only to find that their cats aren’t as friendly as they were before they left,” Link writes. “Or, their cats have made quite the mess of the house while they were away.”

Link has also experienced his own cats acting differently after he went on a trip. Even though they are semi-feral and spend much time outdoors, his pet sitter noticed them getting anxious after a few days had passed. She also observed one cat that never leaves the garage or driveway of Link’s house suddenly going on a little unexpected trip of her own. And once Link returned, that same cat was not as eager to receive pets from him as she was before he left. 

He writes, “I believe she missed me while I was gone and also was sending a little message. If you humans can go on vacation, then so can I!”

Liz Stelow, DVM, who is the chief of animal behavior services at the University of California, Davis, told The Dodo that there are clear signs that suggest our cats do miss us. That said, it’s worth mentioning that some cats deal with being away from their humans far better than others. 

“One study showed that some cats show signs of separation anxiety when left; these cats were most likely to urinate outside their litter boxes or be destructive,” Stelow said. However, she noted that there is debate among experts regarding exactly how much they mind us being away, especially because some research has shown cats responding similarly to strangers as they do their owners. 

At the end of the day, one of the things we adore about cats is how mysterious they are. While we might not ever be sure exactly what our kitties are thinking, it just makes it even sweeter when they show us love in ways only cats can.

There’s nothing wrong with a little “cattitude” in the meantime!

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