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A Black Cat Was A Sign Of Comfort For One Woman: “I Knew Everything Would Be Okay!”

'Woman's World' reader Carole Christman Koch felt peace from an unexpected sign…a black cat!

Woman’s World reader Carole Christman Koch knew a black cat wasn’t a typical sign — but angels, she learned, can fulfill any request!

Carole’s Guardian Angel story told in her own words:

About 20 years ago, my husband, Harry, was having pains on and off in his stomach. Finally, he was convinced to see a doctor.

The day of his appointment, to ease my mind, I decided to pray. “I’m concerned about Harry’s pains in his stomach. I’m asking that whatever the doctor says, even if it’s surgery, everything will turn out fine. So, I’m asking to see a black cat sometime today for my ‘yes’ answer. Thank you.”

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After breakfast, I decided to get my walk in on the main street of my hometown. While walking, I passed by a dress shop that I had always wanted to check out. I knew Harry wouldn’t be back from his doctor’s appointment for a while, so I decided to stop in.

As I browsed some of the dresses, I felt something furry at my legs. Upon looking down, a black cat was rubbing her body against my ankles! I was so happy. My prayer had been answered and I had received a “yes” answer.

black cat on the sidewalk
My Guardian AngelGetty/Nils Jacobi

Once home, I waited for my husband to return. To my surprise, he ran in the door and yelled, “The doctor wants me to go to the hospital right now. They have a surgeon on call. He thinks it’s appendicitis.”

I grabbed my coat and we left. At the hospital, he was taken into surgery.

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After a length of time, the nurse came and told me, “The surgery went well, but he developed sepsis. After coming out of anesthesia his body temperature shot up to 103. He’s covered in ice. We have him in ICU.”

As frightening as the situation was, I wasn’t as scared as I could have been. I trusted my “yes” answer from the black cat and felt in my heart that everything would be okay.

And it was.

During the night, his temperature went down. He was only in ICU one night. After a few days, he was allowed to go home. We are now in our 80s and still enjoying life!

Carole and her husband
Carole and her husband after her miraculous black cat signCarole Christman Koch

An Angel expert weighs in…

Angel expert, Sunny Dawn Johnston
Sunny Dawn Johnston

“Carole’s story is a great example of finding reassurance in the midst of uncertainty through a sign. Concerned for her husband’s health, Carole sought a specific sign—a black cat—as a symbol of a positive outcome,” says Sunny Dawn Johnson, a global authority on the angelic realm, with a portfolio of 22 books, including popular titles such as Invoking the Archangels, The Love Never Ends, and 365 Days of Angel Prayers. “When she encountered a black cat in the dress shop, it not only alleviated her worries but also strengthened her faith in the face of Harry’s subsequent emergency surgery for appendicitis, complicated by sepsis. Carole’s experience is a testament to the belief that our prayers are heard and that we are never alone in our worries.” Read more of Sunny’s insightful stories here.

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A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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